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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 140


Chapter 140 - The Day When He Dominated Should Be The Day Of His Wedding

He couldn't keep his strength after those heaven's retribution. Otherwise it would have been too easy. It was the rule of the heavens. Nobody could be an exception.

For the first heaven's retribution, he had become disabled every time it began. However, as he kept improving his cultivation level, he steadily recovered.

Yet for the last time, things had suddenly become horrible to him.

When he started over again, he got blind and his legs and arms were all disabled. He had been struggling for more than 30 years after that. Finally, his arms recovered, as well as his eyes.

His legs, however, stayed disabled. He was like a natural-born cripple!

Because of that, he lost the ability to utilize the might of his cultivation level that could shock the whole world!

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er followed Master Bai into the cruel cycle. Every time when the reformation began, it meant that they had to start over again.

That didn't annoy them though. Although they would lose their cultivation levels, they could become young and pretty again. Every time, it began at a point in their life where their appearance was at its most beautiful state... That was something much enjoyable for women, no matter how much they had to suffer from it...

Besides, they were not the main characters in this cycle and the heaven's retribution, so they recovered rather quickly. Because they started their cultivation over and over again, they had a complete grasp on the knowledge and concepts of their martial arts. It made them firmly rooted.

In fact, it didn't seem to have any bad influence for them.

Yet for Master Bai, every second was like a painful year that he spent suffering from the heaven's retribution!

Nine times!

Nine times in total!

He had been tortured over and over again. The only thing that kept supporting him was the Heavenly Mystery!

Yet when he was so close to success, the accident happened. The Heavenly Mystery had come, yet he missed it.

That was why the House Of The Chaotic Storms planned this operation...

The House Of The Chaotic Storms should be long gone. Yet because of this accident, it appeared again. It was about to rouse a disaster again. It was going to bring the disaster to life, to the world, to everybody again!

And all this was for merely one person, one thing, one wish!

’’Master...’’ Wan-Er looked at Master Bai with soft eyes, ’’You... suffered too much.’’

Master Bai was calm. He was lost in thought and murmured, ’’170 years ago, the Xiao Monarch entered each of the four Saint Domains... The Heavenly Mystery befell 168 years ago... When the Xiao Monarch was traveling the four domains, I had searched the domains. There was no trace of the Heavenly Mystery...

That isn't right. There is a two years cap...’’

He murmured, ’’Yet I was suffering the most powerful heaven's retribution 170 years ago. My Jing and Mai were all broken at that time. Maybe I missed something back there.’’

He rubbed his forehead with distress.

Wan-Er asked softly, ’’Master, do you mind if I ask what the Heavenly Mystery looks like?’’

Master Bai frowned and looked at Wan-Er's pretty face.

Wan-Er was frightened, so she lowered her head, ’’I just... I just want to...’’

Master Bai smiled blandly. He rubbed her hair gently and said, ’’Of course I know. Wan-Er will never betray me... You just want to help me more and bring me more chances.’’

He sighed and spoke, ’’Wan-Er... You know what. In fact, I only know that it is something in a regular size. Yet I don't know how it exactly looks like...

I have checked everything about the Heavenly Mystery in the Supreme Cyan Cloud. I have even checked everything in the Supreme Sky Palace. I got nothing.’’

He spoke in a deep voice, ’’The only recordation is in a historic myth. The man who created this universe left his words about it.’’

He closed his eyes and spoke gently, ’’... It takes all the glory of creating and all power of the universe to get through the supreme path for the ultimate treasure. Whoever is lucky to have it will become the dominator of the firmament, the only king in the universe! That is... the peerless lord in the world and foremost spirit in chaos!’’

Wan-Er opened her mouth, and then she murmured, ’’The dominator of the firmament... The only king in the universe... That is a big tone...’’

’’No! You are wrong!’’ Master Bai said, ’’It is not!’’

He smiled bitterly and said, ’’If I got it and used it properly... I could really reach beyond the Supreme Cyan Cloud and become... the dominator of the firmament! And the Supreme Cyan Cloud would become only a drop in the ocean.’’

His voice became distressful.

It seemed he was not resigned to what had happened to him. The anger bursted in his heart and rushed out to his head.

[Why? I have sacrificed so much! Yet when it appeared in the world, the Heavenly Mystery was actually gone? I have suffered for nearly ten thousand years and it was all wasted?

Did I just stupidly contribute to someone else's success?!

I can't stand it! I don't fxxking want this!]

These words had been haunting Master Bai for a long time.

He wanted to yell at the sky loudly many times, yet he could only close his mouth and suppress his emotions deep into his heart.

His face turned red because of the emotions he couldn't let out.

It took him only an instant to fully suppress the raging emotion back to the bottom of his heart. He became quiet and calm again.

Yet his hair became dishevelled. There were a few hairs floating beside his face. Under the shadows of the bamboos, the floating hair had added some sort of enchantment to his handsome face.

Wan-Er looked at Master Bai's side face sentimentally. She was suddenly stunned.

Master Bai turned his head, looking at the dark bamboo forest and said gently, ’’How many years have passed... Wan-Er, you and Xiu-Er have followed me through so many heaven's retributions and vital dangers... Do you regret it?’’

Wan-Er answered sentimentally, ’’Me and Xiu-Er, we never regret it. As long as we can stay beside you, my master, it is already god's blessing. Even if we need to suffer more, we will enjoy the time with you. I am enjoying. I believe Xiu-Er is too.’’

Master Bai sighed and said, ’’I never have thought that... the phoenix egg and the sparrow egg I brought out when I left my family alone would become my most reliable supports in my life... My most thoughtful ones.’’

Wan-Er lowered her head bashfully and her eyes were full of infatuation. She murmured, ’’You made up my life.’’

’’Wan Of The Clouds, Xiu Of The Heavens...’’ Mater Bai spoke gently, ’’Wan-Er... if I can succeed this time... When I get the Heavenly Mystery and become the dominator... I wonder if you and Xiu-Er are willing to marry me together?’’

Wan-Er's body was shaking. Her pretty eyes were full of tears all of a sudden.

She looked at Master Bai's face as though all that happened was only a dream. She held her face and cried!

That was something... they had been waiting for too long!

She had never thought that she could become Master Bai's wife one day. She had just wished to stay with him, no matter who he was going to marry in the future...

She wanted to stay with him, even if she couldn't have a rightful title. It would be the happiest thing in her life to stay with him.

That was simply all she wanted!

Yet what Master Bai said was like a thunder striking into her heart!

It aroused the eagerness that was hidden deep inside her heart that she never dared to speak!

She was afraid that if she showed that secret eagerness for it, she would have lost everything she could shared with him!

But as of this moment, it actually... turned out that what she wanted so badly was really going to happen!

’’Master... Oh, master...’’ Wan-Er couldn't stop herself and fell into her master's chest. She held him tight and murmured, ’’I am so happy... Hearing what you just said, I am already satisfied with what I have in this life. I am willing to die for it...’’

Her warm tears had soaked Master Bai's clothes within seconds.

’’But, me and Xiu-Er... We are not qualified...’’ Wan-Er choked with sobs, ’’You are better marrying a princess of the Sky Palace... How could Xiu-Er and I shamelessly expect to marry you...’’

Master Bai held her soft body slowly and said clearly, ’’Even a princess of the Sky Palace can't be a match to my Wan-Er and Xiu-Er... You are the ones who have been with me all along. When I get the Heavenly Mystery and become the dominator of the firmament, I will marry you!

This is the only promise I want to make to you... during the 7000 years since the day you two transformed into humans!’’

His eyes were full of gentleness and he said, ’’Wan-Er, you know... I am lonely all these years.’’

’’I know. I know!’’ Wan-Er was weeping. She was so surprised and happy that her heart was about to explode. She was holding Master Bai tightly. She nodded. She breathed out a wonderful scent through her red lips and it made Master Bai feel heated. The next moment, she desperately kissed Master Bai on his mouth with her pretty soft lips.

It took them so long.

Master Bai rubbed Wan-Er's smooth hair and spoke deeply, ’’When my legs recovered and my cultivation capability returned a bit... Wan-Er, you an Xiu-Er should come and sleep with me. The ardor of people. The wonderful sensory pleasures. We are going to experience them after all.’’


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