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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 139


Chapter 139 - The Secret Of The Chaotic Storm

Master Bai seemed to be stunned. He raised his head slowly and looked at Wan-Er seriously. He said, ’’Really? You know we can't joke about this problem!’’

Wan-Er recalled the feeling again. She felt like Ye Xiao's filthy eyes were right in front of her again. After a while, she said affirmatively, ’’I am sure! Master, I suddenly felt like my body was naked at that moment. I had to operate my martial art to get rid of that feeling. That was a disgusting feeling that made me feel really uncomfortable.’’

Master Bai answered with disappointment, ’’Oh.’’

He was sure the Xiao Monarch would never show that kind of look.

In fact, since he got to know that the young lord in the House of Ye was named 'Ye Xiao', he couldn't help come up with a conjecture.

It came from nowhere. It was just a feeling, an instinct.

He just kept the conjecture to himself and tried his best to prove it!

He felt that this Ye Xiao in the Chen-Xing City was the reincarnation of the Xiao Monarch!

However, this Ye Xiao had lived for sixteen years while the Xiao Monarch of the Qing-Yun Realm had just fallen four months earlier.

It didn't make sense on the time!

Yet Master Bai didn't give up his conjecture!

In fact, Master Bai's concern to Ye Xiao was the same with Ye Xiao to him. They were both because of the unreasonable instincts!

And about the Heavenly Mystery...

[Only when Yin and Yang reverse can the true power of the Heavenly Mystery be activated.

How do Yin and Yang reverse? Is it simply the exchange of Yin and Yang? The exchange of ice and fire? Reversion of the sky and earth? The recycling of cold and heat?]

Nobody really knew the answer.

Those were all the reversion of Yin and Yang at some points. They were just in different forms!

[The reversion of life and death!] Master Bai thought.

’’Well... Should I go on with the records of the Xiao Monarch?’’ Wan-Er asked.

’’Read it!’’ Master Bai took in a deep breath. His eyes were full of confidence again!

[Maybe... he was just trying to get away from my eyes?]

’’The Xiao Monarch was named Ye Xiao. He started his cultivation with the Raging Yang Art, which is one kind of the Pure Yang Martial Arts. He had to keep himself a virgin all his life. If he lost his virginity, he would lose his cultivation...’’

Wan-Er told the story, and Master Bai closed his eyes again.

’’The Xiao Monarch's master was merely at the Grade of Mengyuan. When he tried to snatch the Raging Yang Art, he got himself seriously injured. He eventually got it though. After that, he passed the martial art to a little beggar, Ye Xiao. After a few months, he passed away because of the unhealed wound.

That means the Xiao Monarch never had anyone to teach him with his cultivation. He had been struggling in his life. He had been a waiter, a thief, a robber... He had done all bad things. Yet he had become a cultivator of the Grade of Lingyuan from an ordinary person before he reached the age of 25. He was quite talented...

After he reached the Grade of Lingyuan, he started to travel around in the Qing-Yun Realm. During the following decades, he was boosted to the Grade of Mengyuan. After he reached the Grade of Mengyuan, he started to tyrannize around. To put it simply, he began the legend of the Xiao Monarch...

When he was just in the Grade of Mengyuan, he became the opponent of the Sky Wolf Group. It lasted ten years. He was merely in the Grade of Mengyuan, yet he actually destroyed the Sky Wolf Group! Destroying the Sky Wolf Group was surely nothing in our sights, yet for a man in the Grade of Mengyuan, it was like a miracle!

During that ten years, Ye Xiao had grown much stronger. He reached the ninth level of the Grade of Mengyuan.’’ Wan-Er continued gently, ’’As far as I know, in the recent 1000 years, among all the self-governed cultivators, he had the fastest rate of cultivation!’’

Master Bai nodded and agreed.

It was remarkable that the Xiao Monarch improved so fast. Even those men who were from the super clans and super sects holding a great amount of resources couldn't catch up with him!

’’During the next period of time, the Xiao Monarch became a trouble to all the forces in the Qing-Yun Realm. He was snatching the cultivation resources left and right, and he would come and go without leaving any traces. All those forces were greatly enraged, but they couldn't do anything about it. The battle that gained the Xiao Monarch enormous fame during this period was when the Heavenly Dream Historic Site was firstly discovered. All the superior cultivators went to fight for the treasures there. It was a clash between cultivators of the Grade of Daoyuan. However, the Xiao Monarch, who was still in the Grade of Mengyuan that time, eventually seized the greatest profit.’’

’’The next three years, he kept being hunted by different forces. When he showed up in public again, he was already a cultivator at the Grade of Daoyuan!

...When he was at the seventh level of the Grade of Daoyuan, he gained the title, 'Xiao Monarch'. He was acknowledged as an 'iron board' in the Qing-Yun Realm!

In fact, the rising of the Xiao Monarch was truly a path of miracle and a path of adversity. He was always risking his life.’’

Wan-Er sighed, ’’He was indeed a desperado! He was an outlaw that did whatever he wished!’’

’’Well it wasn't just a path of miracle though!’’ Master Bai opened his eyes and said, ’’It should be a path of certainty! It is rather important for a cultivator to concentrate... However, one's potential is always activated at the moment when he is facing death... That is the most reliable and valuable way of progress.’’

’’Two men who are both at the ninth level of the Grade of Daoyuan stand together. The one who has been through countless of life-and-death battles could easily slaughter the the other one who was just raised by the endless resources in a great sect!

That will simply be a complete and utter massacre!

That is why the life-and-death experience is so important!

It should be those men, who the Xiao Monarch battled those years, that had actually helped him find his path of certainty!’’

Master Bai kept his eyes half-closed. He sighed and said, ’’Check this. To which of these Saint Domains had the Xiao Monarch been?’’

Wan-Er answered, ’’Yes. Please name them.’’

’’The Death Domain. The Vessel Domain. The Evil Domain. The Fallen Domain.’’ Master Bai listed.

[When I activated the extreme power of the sky and finally drew down the Heavenly Mystery, it was located in one of these four Saint Domains! It was certain!

Yet I have searched these four Saint Domain and found nothing!

That is so weird!]

’’170 years ago, the Xiao Monarch had entered the Vessel Domain. And then he was chased, so he got into the Fallen Domain. After that, he was injured and entered the Death Domain. And then he found the Archean Spiritual Milk in the Evil Domain. He used the Milk to recover. The Milk had an enormous benefit to his cultivation... When he was back from the Saint Domains, he started his revenge. He kept chasing those who had chased him in the Qing-Yun Realm. He didn't stop until he killed them all... Traveling around the four Saint Domains, it took him... two years!’’

When Wan-Er was reading the story about Ye Xiao, she felt speechless.

She had an obvious feeling all the time.

[What kind of monster is this? He was always fighting. There is nowhere he didn't fight in. He was simply a mad fighter... with splendid good luck.]

Master Bai was also speechless.

There were only four discovered domains bordering on the Qing-Yun Realm. Yet Ye Xiao was able to travel around them all in two years. That truly meant something...

[That... brings headache!]

He looked down at his legs and a vicious aura was emanated from his body as a cold glint flashed in his eyes. He murmured, ’’Did the Xiao Monarch... really die?’’

Wan-Er looked at his legs and didn't know how to respond.

[The death of the Xiao Monarch is true, yet master is still thinking about this.]

Wan-Er knew what her master was thinking.

She knew how much he had sacrifice for the Heavenly Mystery!

It was all about tears and blood...

If all his efforts turned out to be helping others, even if her master could bear it, she would kill herself because of grievance.

Nine times of reformation, nine times of recast, nine times of chaotic storms, nine times of escaping from death, nine billion men's soul as oblation!

It was just a normal parallel phrases.

Yet Wan-Er knew how horrific it was about.

She and Xiu-Er began to follow Master Bai after the sixth time, yet it was already more than enough for them to get to know it.

It took too much time to complete the nine times of reformation. Every time when they made a kingdom overturned, it was like a curse they placed on themselves!

Every time when billions of lives were taken... the sin they made had become a debt to them!

They killed people and overturned a kingdom against the heaven's will!

People died! It was against the rule of the heavens.

It was going to bring retribution for sure!

Each time when he overturned a kingdom, he would suffer from the heaven's retribution;every time when he took billions lives, he would suffer yet another kind of heaven's retribution.

Those retributions had made Master Bai suffer a lot.

He had his way to deal with it though. Yet he still needed to do it again after so much suffering... and it was always tougher than last time!


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