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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 138


Chapter 138 - The Heavenly Mystery!

Wan-Er was a bit depressed as sullenly lowered her head.

[Master is a good guy. He is smart, well educated, but why is he... so dull about human kindness? Many years have passed, yet he actually never...]

Master Bai stayed silent for a while and said, ’’Su Ding-Guo is about to leave. Look at his army. He is indeed an excellent general.’’

Wan-Er said, ’’The army is in great prosperity. He is indeed an outstanding War God. The king of the Kingdom of Chen is a wise king. Kingdom of Chen is at the summit of its power. I think it is going to be much more difficult than last time if you want to overturn it again.’’

Master Bai thought for a while and spoke gently, ’’All my opponents before were in the summit of their power...’’

Wan-Er sighed and spoke in a low voice, ’’If we didn't get involved, Su Ding-Guo will surely win the battle as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.’’

Master Bai smiled coldly and spoke blandly, ’’Is it all well arranged?’’

’’All done. Please don't worry.’’ Wan-Er answered gently.

Master Bai nodded and stayed quiet.

’’That guy, Red In The Sky... Is he still missing?’’ He frowned and spoke blandly, ’’He shouldn't have just died like this in the Land of Han-Yang with his outstanding cultivation capability...’’

Wan-Er nodded, ’’I have a feeling that he is purposely hiding from us. Maybe there is something wrong that he is forced to stay away from our sights. I am checking on it though.’’

’’If he is here... Things will be much easier.’’ Master Bai's eyes flashed with blood color and he said blandly, ’’I have this feeling that I am being betrayed...’’

Wan-Er was shocked.

She knew that her master never felt wrong.

So the guy, Red In The Sky, had betrayed them?

’’Hmm. Tell me everything about Ye Xiao.’’ Master Bai said blandly, ’’I want to hear it. I don't want to miss anything.’’

’’Ye Xiao?’’ Wan-Er was surprised.

[I have just finished telling everything about Ye Xiao. Why does he still want to hear it again? Besides the war in the south, things about the Red In The Sky were all big issues. Why is he so focused on Ye Xiao?

Is Ye Xiao more important than the war or Red In The Sky to him?]

’’Oh. I mean Ye Xiao the Xiao Monarch.’’

Master Bai spoke gently while his fingers kept flicking on his leg.

Wan-Er took a tumble immediately and said, ’’Yes.’’ She felt that her master was talking about the Ye Xiao in the capital though.

Otherwise, he wouldn't suddenly want to hear the story about the Xiao Monarch.

She knew her feeling was right.

The foppish young lad had an important place in her master's heart.

But why?

Wan-Er looked at Master Bai with confusion.

Master Bai clapped his knee and said with concern, ’’I always feel... that this foppish lad Ye Xiao is weird... That Xiao Monarch died in a strange situation. In fact, I reckon there may be connections between these two 'Ye Xiao'. Could they be...’’

Wan-Er said, ’’I am not judging your opinion, but the Xiao Monarch was hunted by the three factions. Under that circumstance, his soul could never have a chance to get away. You have thought about this endless times. I don't think we need to do it again...’’

Master Bai spoke gently, ’’Heh, heh. I am doing it again. I just can't be sure about it, especially after meeting with this Ye Xiao...’’

Suddenly, a cyan light flashed in his eyes. He spoke softly, ’’The Ye Xiao in the General's House is cultivating martial arts with cold attribute... That is apparently rather different from the Xiao Monarch. If he was the Xiao Monarch, he would have that 'thing' and he should have a warm breath.’’

Wan-Er nodded.

In fact, she was confused. [Master is always decisive. Why does he kept sticking on this subject? This Ye Xiao is a completely different person from the Xiao Monarch. There are countless people who coincidently have the same names...

It is not a wise thing to care so much about it though.]

’’It has taken nine times of reformation, nine times of recast, nine times of chaotic storms, nine times of escaping from death, nine billion men's soul as oblation for the Heavenly Mystery to come to the world... Yet it just disappeared right at the moment it came to the world...’’

Master Bai frowned. His face turned pale and he murmured, ’’I have spent so much on this. Yet look what I get. How can I accept this?’’

Wan-Er got serious too.

They looked at each other and both saw the regret in their eyes. However, the only thing Master Bai felt was regret, while Wan-Er was obviously upset.

The story had been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of thousands years. It was said that there was a profound mystery outside the universe.

That was a thing that nobody had ever seen.

As time passed by, it became a wonderful myth.

It was called the 'Heavenly Mystery'.

Nobody knew what it was, how it looked, or where it stayed.

Yet everyone knew that who ever seized it would become the Dominator of the Firmament.

That's an attractive status.

However, it had merely been a myth. Nobody had even heard about its appearance.

Master Bai coincidently got a relict slice and entered a mysterious space. That was where he learned his massively powerful capabilities.

He got to know some truth about the Heavenly Mystery there.

And he got to know how he could bring it down to the world.

Since then, he had kept trying everything he could for this issue. He got down to this mortal world from the higher realm. He got through so many troubles and sufferings. He produced chaotic storms. He overturned kingdoms and sacrificed the lives of everything and everybody above this land. He kept breaking the laws of the nature and tried to bring that thing down.

Dozens of years ago, the efforts he had made during thousands of years finally proved effective. At that day, the stars in the sky were trembling, and time was in a mess. The world was in chaotic storms, and bloods were splashing towards the sky. At that moment, that thing befell.

Yet right at the moment when it befell, it just disappeared leaving no traces behind.

Master Bai didn't get to know what the Heavenly Mystery was and how it looked. He could only be sure that he had successfully brought it down to the world. Yet he knew nothing about where it was after that.

This time, he wanted to sacrifice the kingdom and the lives of countless men to try to bring it out once again.

In fact, he was not sure whether it would succeed or not this time though. He just had no idea what was the right way, so he had to do whatever possibility exist. He would be happy if it worked, and if he would be able to discover where it stayed.

At the same time, he was extremely worried that somebody had seized it earlier.

’’How many years of suffering and sacrifice... might have actually become helping other people.’’ Master Bai's eyes looked casual. He stared at the bamboo forest and murmured.

Suddenly, his eyes were full of viciousness.

[I will never let that happen!]

’’Here are all the records about the Xiao Monarch.’’ Wan-Er said.

’’Read. Hmm. Wait.’’ Master Bai was actually hesitating. He stayed silent for a while and then said, ’’Wan-Er. Wait... Well... Do you think it is possible that this Ye Xiao was faking the way he looked at you with dirty intentions?’’

Wan-Er was stunned.

[Why do you want me to be so concerned about this foppish fool? I am really so speechless about this. What you suggested was surely impossible.

How... How do I answer this?]

Master Bai was lost in thoughts. He spoke gently, ’’When a guy sees a girl. He will just have a few reactions. First, he can't wait to keep looking at the girl. That's reasonable affection. Second, he may get lost in it. He will look back to the girl even he has walked out a long distance. He is probably thinking about something dirty... Third, he looks at the girl like he wants to rip off the girl's clothes immediately. He has the eyes of wolves.

That's why people called this kind of men, Se Lang (Lang means wolf). [1]

Hearing this, Wan-Er had already blushed. She affectedly said, ’’Master~’’

Master Bai smiled and said, ’’I am not done yet. There is a fourth kind. It is the super Se Lang. Well... How can I describe that eyes properly... Well, in his eyes, he was already on top of the girl's body and fxxking her...’’

’’There is one more though. He will act like he is noble when he sees a beauty. He will walk pass that girl with an indifferent face. But in fact, he is trying to make the girl look at him. If the girl didn't see him, he will glance at the girl secretly. This kind are mostly scholars. They obviously want 'it', yet doesn't dare to show their desires...’’

Master Bai looked at Wan-Er smilingly, ’’Which one do you think Ye Xiao was to you?’’

Wan-Er was flustered, yet she knew it was an important question. She had to think carefully before she answered it, so she took a long while to think. And then she said, ’’Ye Xiao must be that kind... which cared a little about you, but... but still...’’

She gritted her teeth and said, ’’Still couldn't wait to rip my clothes off... It was full of carnality.’’


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