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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 137


Chapter 137 - Secret About Ye Nan-Tian

Wan-Er nodded and spoke actively, ’’When Ye Xiao was nine years old, he showed his naughty personality for the first time. He whipped a maid in his family and made her crippled. Since then, all the servants in his house were replaced by retired soldiers. When he was eleven, he rode on a horse on the street and stepped on someone's leg. He broke that poor man's leg and didn't feel guilty at all. Instead, he kept cursing that poor guy... When he was thirteen, he started to molest women. When he was fourteen, he seized a girl. His father couldn't stand it this time, so he beat him and sent the girl back home.

Since then, he just got worse and worse. He molested girls more and more frequently. Ye Nan-Tian was out of home all the time and had no time to discipline Ye Xiao. So he asked his sworn brother, Song Jue, to be the steward of his house...

When Ye Xiao was sixteen, that was four months ago, he drank with some foppish young lords in the brothel. He passed out because he was too drunk... After that night, he seemed to change a lot. He didn't go out that often... Well, hmm, he had been to the House of Zuo once. Coincidently, the House of Zuo was robbed that day... Ning Bi-Luo started his bad luck that day... The whole thing is still not very clear now though.

And after that...’’

Wan-Er kept speaking. She had actually told everything Ye Xiao had experienced, no matter how small it was.

At the end, she said, ’’... Tonight before he met you, he was drinking in the Palace of Hua-Yang. It is said that the Prince Hua-Yang, who had always been unsatisfied with Ye Xiao, suddenly became happy with him... And then he left the palace and met you...’’

The entire story about Ye Xiao was finished now.

Master Bai closed his eyes. He didn't respond right away.

After a while, he said, ’’How much did he drink in the palace?’’

Wan-Er answered, ’’Three small cups, four small bowls, six big bottles... About 11 kilograms...’’

Master Bai frowned and said, ’’Well he is quite good at it.’’

Wan-Er said, ’’I am not sure. He has a certain cultivation capability. Normal people would have been extremely drunk with all those drinks, but it is all right for cultivators with certain cultivation capability though.’’

Master Bai said blandly, ’’Oh. Then, how much did he drink when he was drunk from the brothel?’’

Wan-Er was surprised. She suddenly lost her words.

’’Didn't I make it clear? If he could drink that much liquor this time and be fine after that, why did he get drunk so easily last time? He was just drinking with some foppish young lads. How much could he drink with them?’’ Master Bai spoke calmly, ’’Why would he pass out the last time?’’

Wan-Er was embarrassed and she spoke humbly, ’’I don't know.’’

’’There is more, Wan-Er. How is this Ye Xiao's cultivation?’’ Master Bai asked.

’’He must be no higher than the ninth level of the Grade of Renyuan. He is nothing.’’ Wan-Er spoke disdainfully.

’’Heh, heh. So he is only at the ninth level of the Grade of Renyuan? It seems normal cultivators are merely able to get this at most, including you. In fact, according to my observation, he is at least at the third level of the Grade of Diyuan.’’ Master Bai smiled.

Wan-Er was surprised again, ’’How? Does he have some special tricks to hide his real cultivation level? Did he actually fool me?’’

’’A man who can hide his real cultivation status from you... Anyway, let's skip this part.’’ Master Bai spoke blandly, ’’Why is he doing this then?’’

’’He is merely at the Grade of Diyuan. He is just better than an ant...’’ Wan-Er was disdainful, ’’Even though he has hidden his cultivation, so what.’’

Master Bai said blandly, ’’Wan-Er, you have become reckless these days... He is not a strong cultivator to you. But that's because you are in a rather higher stage. It means nothing to you how much he hides his cultivation level. So you don't care... If he encountered someone who is at the same range with him, he will get a huge advantage. I can be sure, even those who are one level higher than him will easily get killed by him. And he can stay unharmed after it.

So, regardless of the cultivation, this guy is very foxy and adept. He must be a fearsome man.’’

Master Bai spoke in a deep voice.

’’Maybe.’’ Wan-Er felt disdainful inside, yet she still went along with him.

’’I am worrying now, because of this man.’’ Master Bai spoke gently, ’’Go check a few things for me later.’’

’’Yes, master.’’

’’First, who were those lads who drank with Ye Xiao when he passed out? I need their names, their backgrounds, everything... And I need the detail about what happened that night there. I need to know why Ye Xiao would pass out. Was he faking? If he did passed out, I want to know how bad it was.’’

’’Second. Check on how Ning Bi-Luo got to that bad situation that day. I need to know why. And why did the Boundless Saint Master attacked the House of Zuo that day... And why did he stop after that... There must be a story behind all this. I need to know every detail of it.’’

’’Third... Gu Jin-Long of the Sunlight Sect was seen in the Chen-Xing City recently. He seems to be staying here. Why did such a man come to the mortal world? Gu Jin-Long is vicious and skillful. He must be here for something rather valuable.’’

’’According to our records, although he always comes to the Land of Han-Yang periodically, he stays just a short time. Even after the Ling-Bao Hall became his source of profits and personal force, he never had stayed this long... You should check on it. This man has the power to rewrite the structure of the current situation here. We have to give an eye on him.’’

After assigning these three jobs, he raised his head and thought about it again. He said, ’’Why would Ye Nan-Tian come to this land at the first place? I remember you have some records about it.’’

Wan-Er spoke calmly, ’’Ye Nan-Tian is the rightful heir of the Ye Clan in the Qing-Yun Realm. However, he was in love with a girl in the Qiong-Hua Palace... That made the Qiong-Hua Moon King furious, so he gave an order to wipe out the Ye Clan.’’

’’The Qiong-Hua girl left her husband and her newly born child in order to save their lives and the whole clan's existence. She returned to the palace and keeled for forgiveness.’’

’’The Qiong-Hua Moon King showed mercy eventually. He had a conditions though. He thought Ye Nan-Tian should be banished to the mortal world.’’

Hearing this, Master Bai said blandly, ’’I remember this. But, I remember the punishment was not permanent.’’

Wan-Er answered, ’’You are right. Many people in the palace tried to persuade the Moon King. Ye Nan-Tian and the Qiong-Hua girl were truly in love. So the Moon King showed mercy and just let Ye Nan-Tian leave the Qing-Yun Realm. He made Ye Nan-Tian promise that until he reached the Grade of Daoyuan, he would stay away from the Qiong-Hua girl. When he did it, he could return and be with the girl again.’’

Master Bai sneered.

’’Ye Nan-Tian was merely at the Grade of Meng-Yuan. He was badly injured in the fight against the cultivators from the Qiong-Hua Palace and suffered a one-grade retrograde. When he arrived here, he was merely at the ninth level of the Grade of Lingyuan.

From ninth level of the Grade of Lingyuan to the Grade of Daoyuan, even a super talented cultivator in a super wealthy clan would hardly be able to do this with his entire life. Now we are talking about the barren Land of Han-Yang, right? There are no resources, no assistances, nothing. I reckon Ye Nan-Tian could never make it in his life... That was just the same with a permanent banishment though.’’

’’When the girl returned to the palace, she was punished to stay in the bottom of the palace under the ground. She could never get out unless she could reach the Grade of Daoyuan. That is the whole story about Ye Nan-Tian...’’

Wan-Er sighed, ’’This pair of lovers can barely meet each other again, I am afraid.’’

Master Bai listened quietly and asked, ’’What about the latter part of the Ye Clan?’’

Wan-Er said, ’’The Ye Clan is a super clan in the Qing-Yun Realm, however, it was far weaker than the Qiong-Hua Palace though. There were a few men in the Ye Clan who died at the beginning. But that's all. Ye Nan-Tian took responsibility on his own. The Ye Clan decided to sacrifice him to save the whole clan. During these years, the Ye Clan had a new heir. Ye Nan-Tian has lost his rights now. He is merely an abandoned son. No one cares about him anymore.’’

’’Heh, heh...’’ Master While sneered and said blandly, ’’Interesting things in the world.’’

Wan-Er felt pity and she said, ’’If you could say something for the couple, maybe they could have...’’

The love story of Ye Nan-Tian was truly something that made this girl regretful.

It always made girls weep when couples were forcibly separated.

Master Bai said blandly, ’’Me? Say something?’’

He was lost in thoughts and shook his head. He said, ’’Heh, heh...’’


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