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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 136


Chapter 136 - One Sight Dreaming

The man in white smiled gently, ’’Absolutely. Brother Ye, farewell.’’

’’Take care.’’ Ye Xiao stood on the street, looking at this man who had the same name with him, leaving slowly on the wheelchair. A weird feeling was aroused in his heart again.

Professedly, he was looking at the butt of the man's wife though.

He looked like he wanted to rip off her clothes immediately.

The girl under the white silk was suppressing the hatred inside her heart. She was holding herself not to get back and smash the foppish prick. She stepped forward and pushed the wheelchair.

Finally, they were gone on the next street.

Ye Xiao eventually felt relieved. He felt some cold sweat floating down on his back.

[Who is this man in white?

He had actually brought me such an uncomfortable feeling!]

Ye Xiao couldn't understand.

Yet he knew one thing. The man and the two women who were pushing the wheelchair and had been silent all along were absolutely superior cultivators in the Grade of Tianyuan!

Both of them!

After they disappeared, Ye Xiao didn't dare to follow them.

Because he knew that if he started to stalk them, they would notice at once and instantly kill him!

Besides, the phrase the man said had alerted him!

It was the 'Ye Xiao' who said that.

'Laughing under the firmament. Laughing at the whole martial world.'

There was only one person who deserved this line and always kept it as a sign!

It was the Xiao Monarch!

Ye Xiao!

When he heard the phrase, all the hair on his body were lifted at once!

Who on earth was this man? Why did he know that phrase?

Why did he said that to Ye Xiao?!

[This 'Ye Xiao'... couldn't be his real name!] Ye Xiao thought, [He was obviously mocking me... Damn it. I have no idea who he is at all...]

When he was back to his room, he found something astonishing. During such a short time, he actually forgot what that man in white looked like at all!

Ye Xiao always had a good memory that he even thought to be the best in the world. He was gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory!

However, he had just seen that guy's face and now he actually couldn't remember it. That was weird!

That was ridiculous!

Ye Xiao tried so hard to recall it, yet no matter how hard he tried, the image turned blurry. He couldn't recall even a bit of that guy's face. Even the faces of the three other people were becoming blurry too.

’’That is weird!’’ Ye Xiao had heard about this kind of thing before, yet he had never experienced it;nor people who caused it!

Ye Xiao was alerted. It was impossible. People's memory might fade away while time passed. Sometimes, people would forget things that they had just seen. Yet after looking carefully on something, people would never forget any of it during such a short time!

Besides, there was one stranger thing. The women in cyan were behind the wheelchair all the time. Ye Xiao had noticed their strength, but he hadn't paid much attention on their faces. In fact, he had looked at the man in white for quite some time. The strange thing was that the image of the man in white was the first that faded away in his memory. That was contrary to common sense.

There must be something wrong with it!

Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts and then he had an idea. He thought that he must have been be struck by some special trick. It made a short period of his memory disappear.

That was something impossible in the Land of Han-Yang, yet it was not rare in the Qing-Yun Realm.

Initially, Ye Xiao didn't thought about it. He had never learned anything about it, and he had never been struck by it before. That was why it took him a while to figure it out!

’’That was the... One Sight Dreaming in the myth?’’ Ye Xiao murmured.

One Sight Dreaming meant after people saw something, they would suddenly feel that they had just woken up from dreaming. It made people forget things.

That was some rather evil martial art.

So who were those people? Why did they know such a martial art? Were they natives of the Land of Han-Yang or were they from a higher realm?

What were they planning at this important moment of the Kingdom of Chen? What were they after?

Ye Xiao somehow felt that this meeting was rather important for himself though!

That was his instinct.

He didn't want to lose the memory that might impact the result of the war, but he didn't know anything that could deal with it. He was helpless at the moment and he was lost in thoughts. He operated the East-rising Purple Qi immediately.

He surely wasn't able to solve the problem. The only thing he could depend on was the No.1 martial art in the world, the East-rising Purple Qi.

In fact, Ye Xiao knew that since he was weak, even though the martial art was powerful, he couldn't be sure that it could save his memory from the effect of the weird trick.

He kept operating it for ninety-nine rounds and then he confirmed that the East-rising Purple Qi was not almighty. The images were still blurred. They didn't come back to him. However, it wasn't totally useless though. The images stopped becoming more blurred.

It finally stopped.

However, it was impossible to recall their looks. He could still remember the conversations they had. That was enough for him though!

Ye Xiao was sure that even though he had forgotten the face of that man, once he saw him again, he would recognize him through his voice.

’’That's scary!’’ Ye Xiao took in a deep breath.

When he was lying in bed after he was home, he was thinking about another possibility. [If I attacked that 'Ye Xiao' like I was making a joke, what would have happened?]

That man had given Ye Xiao a rather weird impression.

He must be dangerous, yet he didn't give Ye Xiao even a bit of hatred or hostility.

It seemed whenever Ye Xiao saw that man, he would feel pleased. He was a bit pleased even thinking about him.

Although Ye Xiao didn't have a clear image of him and knew that it was most possible that the man was an enemy, he just couldn't hate him. He would like to even spend more time with that man.

That was like some natural-born attraction of personality.

[Who on earth is this guy? Where is he from?]

Ye Xiao frowned. He tried so hard pondering about, yet still failed to come up with a clue.

He just had this feeling.

[This guy... must be my biggest enemy!]

It was an unreasonable thought that just popped up inside his mind.

However, Ye Xiao trusted that thought or instinct.


On the other side, after seeing Ye Xiao, that man kept his eyes closed as he sat on the wheelchair. Not until they turned around the corner, did the man finally spoke, ’’Go.’’

The two women in cyan lifted the wheelchair immediately. The girl in white moved ahead. - Poof! - They just disappeared.

After a while, it was a place inside the city.

The four of them showed up again like ghosts in the bamboo forest surrounded by those mountains.

And then they moved slowly into the bamboo forest.

The man in white didn't say anything.

While they entered the bamboo forest, the two men in cyan bowed and then disappeared at once.

The girl in white moved to the back of the wheelchair and pushed it forward slowly. The man started to talk, ’’Wan-Er, what do you think?’’

Wan-Er frowned and said, ’’This Ye Xiao... is very annoying!

She thought of how Ye Xiao stared at her from bottom to top. That was the look of a brazen prick! Even though it looked like Ye Xiao was trying hard to restrain himself...

That was enough to make Wan-Er feel disgraced and annoyed.

This man in white was Master Bai.

He heard what Wan-Er said and stayed silent for a while. And then he said, ’’Tell me about this Ye Xiao.’’

Wan-Er thought for a while and started to speak, ’’Ye Xiao is 16 years and 7 months old. His father is Ye Nan-Tian, the Northern General. Ye Xiao has been invalid since he was born. His father has suffered a lot to help him live normally like other kids... When Ye Xiao was three years old, he could merely walk. When he was five, he started to talk. He was quite a hot headed kid.

However, when he was seven years old, Ye Nan-Tian got some mysterious medical materials that made the kid physically recover. His mentality became above the normal kids too. He started to grow like his peers, and he was just a bit physically weak. He became very smart and he started to have an extraordinary retentive memory.’’

Master Bai said blandly, ’’And extraordinary retentive memory. A recovered body. Just a bit weak... It must be the Creation Fruit...’’

He tapped his knee with his fingers. It seemed to be his signature move. He spoke gently, ’’The Creation Fruit... How did Ye Nan-Tian get it?’’

He looked at the sky and murmured, ’’Is Ye Nan-Tian's cultivation abandoned for real?’’

He stayed silent for a while and then said, ’’Go on.’’

Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

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