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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 135


Chapter 135 - The Man On The Wheelchair

’’Keep quiet!’’ Prince Hua-Yang spoke seriously with a low voice, ’’Don't show anything!’’

The princess' face turned pale at once. She covered her mouth immediately, yet the tears she couldn't stop silently flowed on her cheeks.

She looked up at Prince Hua-Yang's face. Her face was full of apprehension and reluctance.

’’Are they the main force of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng?’’ Ye Xiao tentatively asked, ’’And there is another kingdom helping them, isn't it? Yet... Even so, this battle should be an easy win for us. Why are you so nervous? You are already thinking about failure!’’

Prince Hua-Yang sighed and spoke blandly, ’’Yes. We will most certainly win.’’

And he actually just walked back into the house and said nothing else.

Ye Xiao looked at his back and said quietly, ’’Well then... Did the House Of The Chaotic Storm decided to make a move?’’

Prince Hua-Yang stopped and then quickly paced into the hall. He spoke blandly, ’’When things happen, your house will be the safest place. It is our last shelter! Ye Nan-Tian's strength is more than enough to keep you safe, even if the whole world is against you!

I can see that Xiao Xiao had improved a lot. He is no longer that little stupid foppish lad. I am happy. From now on, Yue-Er has a man to rely on. I can drop down my concerns about it now.

It is late. Tomorrow is the day we leave for the battle! Ye Xiao, you should go now.’’

Prince Hua-Yang asked Ye Xiao to leave.

His big figure had disappeared in the hall.

His voice still resounded though, ’’The House Of Chaotic Storm, I finally can fight against you properly! I would like to see how you make the chaotic storms work with me against it!’’

Ye Xiao stood still for a while before leaving.

He didn't know that after he left, Prince Hua-Yang and Princess Hua-Yang with their three sons and daughter, Su Ye-Yue, just sat in the house for a long while silently.

At the end, Prince Hua-Yang just said one thing, ’’If I die in the battle, no matter in what happened, don't even think about revenge!’’


When Ye Xiao got out of the palace, it was already midnight.

On both sides of the street, there were soldiers standing there like sculptures.

He was walking. Although he was already an experienced cultivator, when he was surrounded by all these friendly soldiers, he actually felt safe.

’’Homeland... Home and country...’’

He murmured.

In his previous life, he didn't really understand anything about homeland, simply because he was an orphan. He had no home. Besides, the Qing-Yun Realm was a realm that only cultivation matters. There were only factions, sects and clans. There was no country. That's why he couldn't acknowledge anything as homeland.

At the moment, this world was quite important in his heart. It was a strange feeling to him.

There were so many men willing to die for this world!

When he was nearing his house, he heard the sound of wheels moving on the ground.

It seemed there was a carriage coming over, yet it wasn't certainly the sound of a carriage.

Ye Xiao stepped aside and kept his eyes half-closed observing the corner of the road.

The sound was turning clearer. After a while, there was a wheelchair showing up. There were two people dressed in cyan who were pushing the wheelchair. There was a girl with a wonderful body beside them. Her face was covered by white silk.

On the wheelchair, there was a man in white.

A young man in white clothes!

The man in white was handsome. His eyes were like stars and her eyebrows were like swords. If he could stand up, he must be a young spark!

However, he was actually disabled!

The wheelchair was moving towards Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao felt relieved immediately. He thought himself about to be mad. Since Gu Jin-Long died, there basically weren't anybody who could easily hurt him anymore...

He sneered at himself and walked ahead again. When he was passing by the wheelchair, he saw that the man in white was looking at him.

They looked at each other.

The wheelchair suddenly stopped.

The man in white looked at Ye Xiao gently and actually spoke first, ’’It is already deep in the night. Brother, you walk alone. You must be in a good mood.’’

Ye Xiao felt that his eyes were crystal clear. They were even full of sincerity. That's all. Apparently, this man in white was extraordinary, yet he was still a mortal person. He was absolutely not a man in the cultivation world.

Ye Xiao smiled gently, ’’My house is nearby. I am just hanging out around for a while. But you, you are on a wheelchair. You should take care of yourself.’’

The man in white looked at Ye Xiao and said, ’’Thank you. But I have been crippled since I was a child. I am never going to be recover anymore. I come out late at night everyday, because I don't want to see anybody or be seen by anybody. That's all.’’

Ye Xiao nodded.

[I wouldn't want to be seen if I were a crippled man with a handsome face.]

’’May I have your name please?’’ The man in white asked.

’’Ye.’’ Ye Xiao answered.

’’That's quite a coincidence. My given name is Ye too.’’ The man in white smiled gently and his eyes blinked.

’’Hmm. Like the Ye of Shu-Ye (树叶) [1]?’’ Ye Xiao was interested.

He wanted to leave right away though, but the man in white gave him a feeling that he didn't want to leave. It was a weird feeling like something was going to happen.

The man in white was so polite and elegant. Ye Xiao had a good impression of him.

’’No, it is the Ye for Ye-Se (夜色)[2]. It pronounces the same with yours though. That's a shame.’’ The man in white smiled, ’’May I ask your name... Is it 'Xiao'(笑)?

Ye Xiao looked at him and said, ’’Yes, it is. Do you know me?’’

The man in white laughed happily and said, ’’Not really. Yet I have heard a lot about you. Because my name was the same with yours. I have always been interested in meeting you in person. I want to see how do you look like. Now I finally met you, yet I didn't know that we will meet at this midnight.’’

And then he smiled with his eyes half-closed and said, ’’Lord Ye, tonight is the night of my name.’’

Ye Xiao frowned. He felt that this guy was not an ordinary figure. It seemed that this guy was thinking about something, yet Ye Xiao couldn't comprehend anything just from looking at his face.

The words 'tonight is the night of my name' seemed to mean something though.

Ye Xiao was thinking and he said with a low voice, ’’Your night?’’

’’Yes indeed.’’ This Ye guy confirmed. His pale hand was tapping on his knee.

’’May I have your name please?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

’’My name is Ye Xiao too.’’ The man in white spoke gently, ’’Xiao... for Jiu Xiao Yun Wai. (九霄云外) [3]’’

Ye Xiao suddenly felt uncomfortable. He turned indifferent immediately and spoke blandly, ’’Brother Ye, you have a good name.’’

’’Brother Ye, your name is better!’’ The man in white spoke with his eyes blinking with some weird expressions, ’’Xiao (笑) is the best word in the world!’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’Oh? Why?’’

The man in white spoke gently, ’’Laughing under the firmament. Laughing at the whole martial world. Life needs Xiao. Heroes need no tears.’’ He smiled softly, looked at Ye Xiao's face and said gently, ’’Laugh upon the seas and the mountains;laugh above the land;laugh at all the heroes in the world!’’

Laugh at all the heroes in the world!

The last few words made Ye Xiao's heart beat heavily. He laughed and asked, ’’I feel that my name is really a good one now. You are out on the street late at night. I don't think you have anything urgent at home. How about you and me, we go to the Spring Breeze House for a couple of drinks? It is on me.’’

The man in white shook his head slightly and said dispiritedly, ’’My legs... I really shouldn't drink any liquor. I am afraid I have to refuse your kindness... It is late now. Let me pick another day to visit you.’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’Why another day? Why not just come to my place tonight and let's talk through the night?’’

The man shook his head bitterly, ’’I really want to... But I have someone watching over me...’’ He pointed at the girl beside him and said, ’’Well. My wife is worried that something wrong would happen to me at night. So she insists to come with me. Since she is here, I really can't go anywhere as I wish.’’

Ye Xiao kept inviting, ’’It doesn't matter. Ask the lady to come with us. My house is not a big one, but there are still several spare rooms.’’

When he was speaking, he glanced at the girl's face. He intentionally showed erotic expressions in his eyes.

That was a look that full of urgent libido. It was flagrant but he acted like he was trying to cover it.

It made people feel that he was planning on something evil so he invited them to his house. He must be attracted by the man's wife.

The girl in white silk humphed and spoke between the teeth, ’’It truly is late. We should go home. Otherwise your mother will get angry again.’’

The man in white smiled bitterly and said, ’’See. She stopped us. Lord Ye, we will meet again soon.’’

’’Alright then. Let's pick another day.’’ Ye Xiao seemed to feel pity. He stared at the girl's face again and spoke like he didn't want her to leave, ’’Brother Ye, don't forget to come play with me someday. Make sure you bring your lady. If she doesn't come, I will be rather disappointed... Hahaha. You will always be warmly welcomed...’’


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