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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 130


Chapter 130 - Brothers, Drink The Liquor Of The Warpath!

Zuo Wu-Ji twisted his lips and got out of the main hall embarrassedly.

He was extremely submissive though!

In fact, he didn't dare not to be submissive!

He knew that these men were all those who was about to enter the war. If he stayed any longer messing up with them, it would be an easy and unaccountable thing for these men to beat him up and even make him a cripple...

They might hesitate to beat him up in the usual days, after all, he was the young lord of the House of the Minister, and they might give him a slight respect for it. However, since now was a time of war, he had suddenly become an insignificant fart to them;in fact, they saw him as even worse than a fart!

These murderous men feared nothing at this moment!


A long and loud clarion suddenly resounded through the night sky!

Everything became silent at the same time!

The next moment, thousands of clarions sounded everywhere loudly and abidingly at the same time!

The ponderous war drums began to sound too.

The drums carried the rhythm like the god of thunder befell, leaving a tremendous pressured inside everyone's heart!

And then the unique and resonant voice of Prince Hua-Yang resounded along the wind in the air spreading away in the night!

’’Tonight! With my brothers! We will drink the liquor of the warpath together!’’

All the camps were silent!

Yet every man's face turned red all of a sudden because of excitement!

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of men! Drink before the warpath!’’

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of life and death! Alive or dead, drink it up!’’

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of willingness! No grudge on the battlefield!’’

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of trusts! We look after brother's parents!’’

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of parents! Don't weep, dads and moms!’’

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of wives! The old and the children are under their care!’’

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of enemies! There is no mercy in the battlefield!’’

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of homeland! Let our blood boil for it!

’’Liquor of the warpath is the liquor of men! Warriors love the taste of it!’’ [1]

The voice of Prince Hua-Yang was loud and sonorous, resounding in the night sky!

Even the stars in the sky seemed to be shaking because of its fierceness!

Hundreds of thousands of warriors were all standing straight up!

Their eyes were all filled with a ferocious glow!

The same words reverberated in everyone's hearts!

’’Liquor of the warpath!’’

That was the meaning of it!

’’Liquor~ of~ the warpath!’’

Prince Hua-Yang suddenly shouted loudly again!

After that, the shouts of the hundreds of thousands of warriors bursted out in the silence of the night!

’’... The liquor of victory!!!’’

All the soldiers shouted at the same time at the top of their lungs!

At the moment, the whole capital was covered by the dust that was aroused by the huge clamor!

Ye Xiao was shocked. He felt like there was something cold fleeting on his back. His blood was boiling and he couldn't stop it!

That was pageantry!

That was men!

That was soldiers!

That was war!

The resounding and loud voice of Prince Hua-Yang appeared again, ’’Today~ we drink up the liquor~ of the warpath!’’

’’We march forward and never look back!’’

All the soldiers shouted together!

’’They day when we come back with victory!’’ Prince Hua-Yang shouted to the sky.

’’We drink the liquor on the victory banquet!’’

The soldiers shouted together!


Prince Hua-Yang shouted, ’’Brothers! Raise your cup! Let's drink them up! For the blood we will splash together!’’

All around the palace, everyone raised his drink at the same time and knocked it over!

Everybody's face turned red!

Everybody's blood was boiling with excitement!

’’My drink is bottom-up! You?’’ Prince Hua-Yang stood up and yelled.

’’We have drank up!’’ All the soldiers shouted.

’’Drink your fills!’’ Prince Hua-Yang laughed.

And then his voice resounded loudly, ’’Men should drink up his liquor of the warpath. Men should cut off the enemies' heads in the long battlefield. Men should die with a smile on his face while fighting in the battle. Live or die, men should never let the drink down!’’ [2]

It was the Palace of Hua-Yang!

It was the military camp!

It was like raging flames had suddenly exploded!

’’Brothers! Bottoms up!’’


After drinking with all his brothers, Prince Hua-Yang got down from his seat and entered the main hall!

Everyone was looking at him with profound respect! They had a fever for him! They were as though looking at the god of battlefield befalling!

Even Ye Xiao felt extremely respectful to him!

He realized that Prince Hua-Yang truly deserved the title, War God of The Kingdom!

Just his rallying was already the most powerful he had ever seen!

It was only about drinking the liquor, and it wasn't even the formal departure ceremony. He had already made his men agglomerate like an iron plate!

They were like an invincible stream surging forward!

Who else in the world could do the same?

Just the loyalty he received was something that could rarely be gained in the world!

Ye Xiao could imagine that when Prince Hua-Yang was leading these warriors who were in such a fever in the battle, it would most definitely be a marvelous scene!

It would be a merciless massacre, wouldn't it?

What a great general!

What a strong army!

How could they possibly lose the war?

In front of everybody, Prince Hua-Yang walked to the table. His face was cold and vigorous like iron. His eyes were sharp as he glanced around every general's face.

’’Brothers!’’ He raised his drink.

’’Great general!’’

They stood up at the same time, ’’Success and glory!’’

’’Thank you, my brothers! I hope that we will come back with victory and glory as your kind wishes! We will slaughter every man in the enemies' troops with no mercy!’’ Prince Hua-Yang drank up the liquor.

’’Prince the mighty!’’ They shouted in chorus.

The sound they made nearly broke the roof.

Prince Hua-Yang laughed and then sat down to his seat. The atmosphere suddenly turned 'alive' after what he did.

Like it suddenly exploded. - Boom! -


’’Drink it up!’’

’’Stay or get drunk!’’

’’Die drinking!’’

’’Whoever doesn't get drunk is a pxxsy!’’


In the main hall, it was like lighting up a whole bucket of fuel.

The atmosphere suddenly 'fired up' crazily.

The smell of liquor was everywhere. The forthrightness of men was shown thoroughly at this moment!

These experienced soldiers yelled and laughed. After a while, there were already nearly twenty empty liquor buckets broken on the floor! The food was remained untouched, yet everyone had already drank up four bowls of liquor.

The ones who were not very good at drinking had already become dizzy. They secretly operated their martial art under the table...

The ones who were crazy about drinking held their bowls with liquor moving around and yelling.

It was a tidy and orderly group of serious men earlier, yet at this moment, that was all changed.

When these men got together at the table, they would never care about seniors and juniors. They just had fun and drank.

They were well aware that the situation was bad in the south! The enemy that made the Southern General helpless was not something easy to deal with! It must be an extremely formidable adversary!

Once they got there, they would be in hell and they would very likely die!

This time, no one could assure that they could survive the fight. Maybe many of them would never show up again!

Since so, they just had fun and drank in their last gathering!

They didn't talk about it, yet they had prepared to accept it. And they kept making their brothers drink!

Everyone was thinking the same thing, [Even if I can't come back this time, I have had a good drink with my brothers today! We must drink our fills! Drink till we puke!]

[Even if we puke, we will still continue drinking!]

[When we win the battle and return, there must be many drinks awaiting us! But if we cannot return anymore, the last revelry should be this one!]

They were making enormous noises at the moment. It was like an extremely busy market. There were fine liquors everywhere though.


’’Hey Qiao! Come over! Come over here! Screw you, man. You broke my shoulder last time. Now drink it up and we are even!’’

’’Even my ass! You kicked me in the crotch, remember? I kept holding my crotch in my bed for half a month. You nearly made my wife a widow, you scumbag! I am the generous one who didn't bother about it!’’


’’Hey Song Lao-Qi! You prick! You stole my gold for gambling... I formally inform you that I don't give a fxxk now. Don't hide from me now! By the way, did you win or lose though...’’

’’Nonsense... I never stole your gold! I just took two pieces of jades from you last time. It took me a long time to make up my mind to take those, and unluckily, I took two pieces of shit jades. And I have nearly lost everything that night. That was the bad luck your stupid jades brought to me...’’

’’What?! You fxcking stupid shit! It was you! You nasty shit! It was you who took my jades! I was wondering how they disappeared all of a sudden! You better give them back to me...’’

’’Oyee! Oyee! You just said you don't care now. A gentleman only talks... I am absolutely unable to give them back to you. Not even if you beat me up to death... Those two shitty jades were long gone...’’


’’Zhao Lao-Da! You bastard! I am going to curse you badly today!’’

’’Go ahead! You can't kill me by cursing anyway. When you finish, everything between us should be over. Do you understand?!’’


’’Tan Shi-Yi! You fxcking beat me and I lied in my bed for a long time just because you want the job of mine! You actually brought that many people to fight against me! Listen carefully now, your group fight against my group, or my group fight you...’’

’’Humph! You? What kind of good men could you possibly bring? You can merely bring some useless losers. You are lucky I have been assigned far away from you... Otherwise, I would beat you up and make you a cripple! You have nothing but a dirty mouth! I will take whatever I deserve from you!’’

’’Fxck you!’’

’’Fxck you and your whole clan!’’

’’Oh yeah? Show me what you got then! Drink till one of us puke out and get down!’’

’’Do you really think I would be scared? You are going to be the one who will puke!’’


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