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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 127


Chapter 127 - A Wonder Of All Ages

Everybody wanted to see such a historic wonder after all.

When something marvelous happened, whoever arrived earlier had a bigger chance. Everyone had the same view. Nobody wanted to be left behind.

In the Royal Palace, an officer reported to the king, ’’Your highness. There is a marvelous scene that suddenly happened. It is a hot summer at the moment, yet outside the capital, there appears an ice mountain which freezes the land over a hundred miles away. The ice is so cold that it will never melt. That's a wonderful scene. It must be a good sign. It means the gods are blessing our kingdom... I think...’’

All the men in the Royal Palace kept praising the king.

’’It must be the reward from the gods for our beloved king who is always hardworking and cares for his people... He is the one true king of all ages...’’

’’Long live the king!’’

’’What a wise king!’’

’’The king... will unite the whole land and rule forever...’’

The king had been curious about the strange ice mountain. After the officers described it as a good sign given by the gods, he became thrilled. He immediately gave an order that to prepare and bring him towards the ice mountain. He wanted to see the god's blessing with his own eyes.

Thus, the whole Royal Palace was busy everywhere.

As the king was going to leave the Royal Palace, everyone in the palace should surely be working on it.

Within the coming short period of time, papers from all over the kingdom flew over to the king like a big crowd of ravens...

All of a sudden, there were praises everywhere...

Ye Xiao didn't expect that the trap that he had set to take care of his enemy had actually brought about a marvelous sign to the Kingdom of Chen.

The ice mountain didn't melt even a bit even though the weather was so hot.

The mountain would stay forever.

It would become a wonder of the whole Land of Han-Yang.

The ice mountain was formed because the gelid qi that was emitted by the agitated Cosmic Hades blended with the mountain. The Cosmic Hades became agitated because of the spiritual jades it absorbed. That gelid qi was in an extent that was already out of the limit of the Land of Han-Yang, so it wouldn't be influenced by the weather in the Land of Han-Yang. Thus, summer or winter, the ice mountain would remain forever.

Luckily, although the gelid qi was an extremely cold energy, it didn't spread with no limitation. As the Cosmic Hades calmed down, it stopped spreading. If there were enough spiritual jades to keep it agitated, the gelid qi would definitely become a disaster for the Land of Han-Yang.

If the gelid qi spread out widely and became a disaster, Ye Xiao would surely try whatever he could to solve it. The gelid qi emitted by the Cosmic Hades was something above the capability of the men in the Land of Han-Yang. However, it was a different situation to Ye Xiao since he had the East-rising Purple Qi. He had been using it to absorb the gelid qi several times, so he was quite experienced with it now.

The Cosmic Hades had absorbed a huge amount of spiritual powerful from the spiritual jades. Although it had emitted an enormous amount of gelid qi, if Ye Xiao wanted to expel all of it, he could finish it in about three years.

However, Ye Xiao didn't want to.

It was already too shocking to create such a huge ice mountain. If he made it disappear... If he got caught working on it, that was not a good thing for him.

Ye Xiao sighed with praise for the wonderful view and then prepared to return home. This time, he was truly exhausted. When he got halfway down the mountain, he met lots of people walking in lines from all directions...

’’Oh my god! Why are there so many people...’’ Ye Xiao was scared.

Some of those men realized that they were heading to an ice mountain, so they couldn't get there without their upper garments.

So they either went back home to get some clothes or bought some clothes nearby.

Some businessmen surely seized the chance to take out all the overstock clothes from last winter... and sold them on the way... Actually, it was a very effective decision and their clothes were sold out quickly.

Ye Xiao was stunned by what he had seen.

Apparently, he had underestimated the curiosity of mankind...

It had only been six hours since the Cosmic Hades emitted the gelid qi...

In such a short time, there actually appeared such a great change in the city.

He looked back to the ice mountain. The whole place was snow white.

[I think I am too eye-catching with my black clothes.]

It was better earlier than later to get away from all of this. Ye Xiao immediately sat on the ice floor and stretched his leg...

- Shoot shoot shoot... -

He actually got down the mountain fast by sliding...

He didn't feel anything strange about it though, except a little pain on his butt...

Those who were closer to Ye Xiao acted like they found a new land and shouted, ’’Wow look! There is a man sliding down from the mountain...’’

Ye Xiao cursed, ’’You have some bloody sharp fxxking eyes, prick!’’

He had to change position, so he rolled over and let his face touch the floor.

And then he heard someone saying, ’’Wow he is unbelievable! He actually slides with his face down... He was sliding with his butt on the floor earlier. The clothes is broken on his butt... Now with his face down, his butt is out. What a pale and tight butt it is...’’

’’Damn it!’’ Ye Xiao was embarrassed. He was speechless about all this. [This fxxking fool really has some extremely sharp eyes.

The marvelous ice mountain is right in front of you and why do you keep noticing me?

Besides... My butt is out, so be it... Why do you need to comment about it...]

He murmured in mind.

[People all have butts and they look the same. The difference lies between the faces. As long as I keep my face covered, nobody will recognize me. I doubt you could recognize me with my butt... No matter how sharp your eyes are...]

He bore the embarrassment and kept sliding down.

While he was about to reach the bottom of the mountain, a tree covered by ice suddenly appeared in front of him... getting right between his legs...

With his face to the floor, Ye Xiao didn't notice it at all... He just slid...


- Puff.-

The tree had an extremely close contact with his crotch... They crashed fiercely...

- Pah. -

The tree actually broke...

’’Ow, Ohhhh... My...’’ His face suddenly twisted. He was now suffering a pain he could describe as something worse-than-death... He was still sliding down though.

- Puff. -

He hit on another tree again. The tree didn't break this time, yet he was rebounded. After several rebounds, he finally got to the valley.

He huddled up his body and twisted his face like a prawn. His hands kept rubbing his crotch... And he ran away from that place being tormented by pain.

While he was moving, he kept gasping.

[Damn it... That was a tough hit...]

People kept coming over from all directions. Ye Xiao wouldn't want to expose himself for sure...

If he was seen and recognized, he would have to spend the rest of his life being laughed at, rather than laughing...

So he kept moving with his face covered by his hands. On his way, he actually grabbed a robe.

Well, it was robbing indeed, but it was also a proper explanation that he was borrowing it though...

It was a robe seller who was bargaining with his costumer. They were both getting emotional.

’’I mean, you are too evil-minded, aren't you? Not to mention it is summer now, even if it is winter, this robe should be sold on three silver chips. Now you actually want 45... Do you even have conscience? The gods are watching you!’’

’’Humph! I sell it and you buy it. We get a deal, so be it. I never cheat... Winter is winter indeed, while summer is summer. A robe that should be sold in winter now is sold in summer. That is how much it should take you. You are damn right about the gods. They are watching. It isn't your call to say whether it is a fair price or not. The gods made such a place with such a temperature. That means it is the gods' will then. To obey the gods will, do you understand...’’

’’You... You... You are disgraceful... How can you be so shameless...’’

The customer was just a normal man. He was limited in experience and short for arguing. How could he possibly argue against the experienced business man?

The customer had been exasperated, but suddenly, he felt a wind blew around him and the robe seller got struck on his face. - Pah! - The seller's body rolled in the air for several rounds until he fell down back to the floor.

The robe in his hand was already gone.

A voice was coming to him, ’’You stupid fool! I didn't make the ice mountain for you to make your fortune! If you dare to do this again, I will take you miserable life away!’’

The voice came far away from there, but it was so clearly heard.

The man who spoke was invisible though.

Ye Xiao was rather embarrassed at the moment. His was nearly naked, so he felt the urge to find something to cover his body. The bad robe seller was unlucky. That hit on his face was made by Ye Xiao because he didn't like what he did to his customer. In fact, he was quite gentle already because he just wanted to give that man a lesson. If he truly wanted to punish the man hard, that hit on the face would have broken the man's head already...

The man was scared and stunned. After a while, he kneeled down and kowtowed, ’’I was wrong. I was wrong. Please forgive me, god...’’

When he returned to his business, the prices of his robes had become fair. For the rest of his life, he would never dare to raise the prices again.

Because of that, his robes were sold out the fastest. He also got a title of Good and Kind Seller of the year. His business became bigger and bigger. After a few years, he had earned billions. After that, he had put the word 'integrity' in his heart as the motto of him.

In his spare times, he always murmured about the amazing experience with god. He kept telling people that what he had now was all granted by god. If the god didn't give him a strike on the face, he wouldn't have realized the motto he should have in business.

Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

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