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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 126


Chapter 126 - Getting Rich This Time!

The egg was unbelievable indeed, yet it was still an egg for now. It certainly couldn't answer Ye Xiao.

’’You are just an egg. You are not something else... Why are you so hard?’’

’’You are just an egg. How come you can suck a superior cultivator's soul? Why?’’

’’What gave birth to you?’’

Ye Xiao was so confused and curious!

[Even the legendary dragon egg... doesn't have this kind of power, does it?]

The egg stayed in Ye Xiao's hand quietly. The strange patterns on its surface was twinkling as if it was teasing Ye Xiao.

'Stupid little fool. Talking to an egg...

And actually asking questions to it... Is he kicked on the head by a donkey or something?'

The egg didn't have any response so Ye Xiao eventually returned it to the Spaces. He also returned the Cosmic Hades.

The next moment, he started to search the mashed meat in front of him.

Of course he wasn't a pervert who would prepare to make some human meat buns or grind the remaining bones to dust.

No matter what, this pile of mashed meat was no longer Gu Jin-Long. It meant nothing!

After a while, Ye Xiao found out a vintage style ring from inside that mashed meat. He put it in his hand and then put it into the Spaces.

He operated the East-rising Purple Qi to incinerate the remanent soul fragments of Gu Jin-Long.

Gu Jin-Long was dead, so his spiritual mind had vanished. The restriction spell on the ring was now like a joke to Ye Xiao.

The Xiao Monarch had at least ten ways to break the restriction spell and open the ring.

’’I have to check my spoils of war since the prick is dead now.’’ Ye Xiao was thrilled.

[Gu Jin-Long must have collected lots of treasures.]

’’This is the first huge windfall profit. I guess for a long time, this should be the only resource I can get that belongs to the Qing-Yun Realm.’’

He murmured, ’’It won't be easy to get things like this from now on... Unless I can return to the Qing-Yun Realm.’’

After a while, Ye Xiao took out a vintage style space ring from the Spaces. It had belonged to Gu Jin-Long, but now it belonged to Ye Xiao.

’’Oh, the ring is actually made from the Heart of Stars... He came from a big sect indeed.’’ Ye Xiao praised. The Heart of Stars was the best material to make the space ring. The ring that Ye Xiao used in his previous life was also made from the Heart of Stars.

There was an image of a sword carved on the ring. The sword went around the ring and there were a few words on it, 'I am the dragon of all ages!' [1]

Looking at the phrase, Ye Xiao puckered his lips and murmured, ’’You are the dragon of all ages, yet you became ghost when you met me!’’

He casually wiped the ring, and the restriction spell on that ring disappeared. He opened the ring and checked inside its content... then he nearly passed out!


He didn't expected that Gu Jin-Long was that rich. He was extremely shocked by how rich the guy was.

The Xiao Monarch had always been mighty, but he had always been poor. Every time he got some cultivation materials, he just couldn't wait to use them all... He never had anything in store.

Now in Gu Jin-Long's ring, there were actually so many materials that piled up like a small mountain!

Ye Xiao nearly passed out because of excitement. [I can't imagine just how much time I could save because of these things...]

Besides, all the things were sorted out and displayed clearly. Gu Jin-Long was apparently a cautious guy.

’’This guy must have brought all his collections with him... That's reasonable. A man like him wouldn't stop worrying no matter where he put his treasures. He would only feel good if all these things are in his hand!’’ Ye Xiao laughed, ’’But they all fell in my hand now...’’

He started to check those things with his eyes full of greed.

There were a huge amount of low-quality spiritual jades, over ten thousand pieces, all in ivory color. There were tens of thousands of medium-quality spiritual jades, all in white color. There were also thousands of high-quality spiritual jades, all in light golden color.

Most surprisingly, there were actually two pieces of purple spiritual jades which were at the size of a man's palm. Ye Xiao had never seen such kind of spiritual jade even in his previous life.

’’Could these be the supreme spiritual jade that only exists in the myth?’’

Ye Xiao held them in hand and felt a dense stream of pure spiritual power coming over him. All of a sudden, he felt unable to breath because he was surrounded by the pure spiritual power!

How dense the spiritual qi was!

Ye Xiao was surprised, ’’These are definitely the supreme spiritual jades. That's quite a dense stream of spiritual qi...’’

He checked on the spiritual jades and then continued to check on the other things.

On his left, there were medical materials piled up tidily. Every one of them was in high quality. Most importantly... all these medical materials were sorted by prescriptions. The materials that were in the same prescription were tied up together. There were bundles of them being together...

’’That's really thoughtful. Gu Jin-Long truly deserved some praise for this!’’ He grinned, and then found that there were some other things in the space ring. There were some strange metals, rare dan beads, and even... martial art books...

Ye Xiao went through all of them and grinned from ear to ear.

’’I am going to be rich! I am going to be truly wealthy this time!’’

Moreover, there were actually many other space rings inside this space ring. They must have been robbed by Gu Jin-Long from some poor men...

Looking at all these, Ye Xiao was surprised again. Inside those space rings, there must be many things, even though their contents wouldn't be as abundant as the space ring of Gu Jin-Long! Whoever had a space ring in the Qing-Yun Realm was never some ordinary man. Besides, Gu Jin-Long put all these rings inside his own ring, which meant that there must be something good in those rings!

Ye Xiao was overjoyed!

He was going to be crazily rich this time.

However, he suddenly thought of something. He clapped his head and spoke with disappointment, ’’Oh! I really was a fool...’’

Looking at these rings, he realized that it was such a waste that he never had collected any rings in his previous life, even though he had killed so many people back then. After he killed somebody, he would always just turn to leave.

’’How come I didn't do it this way?’’ Ye Xiao was annoyed, ’’I wasn't that stupid, was I?’’

Yet he forgot about one thing. In his entire precious life, he was being hunted for eighty percent of his life time... Even when he killed someone, how could he possibly had time to take the ring? He had to run for life...

In fact, he wasn't that hurried. At least he had taken the Purple Lotus Decree Master's ring... He was very pleased about it though, wasn't he? Now he actually was moaning about it. He must be too happy now...

’’I have thought about getting real rich today when I got out of home! Hahahahaha...’’ Ye Xiao murmured with pleasure and then stood up.

When he was about to leave, he realized that the whole mountain was covered by ice!

If he wanted to get out, he had to get through a layer of ice that was over ten meters thick.

It wasn't such a difficulty for Ye Xiao at the moment. He operated the East-rising Purple Qi and used its pure Yang Energy. After a while, he had already got off the cave and the ice there was melted. He got down and reached the ground that was also covered in ice.

Looking at the scene, he gasped in admiration, ’’This is so beautiful!’’

There was an ice mountain in his sight under the sunlight. It was like an enormous-sized diamond shining in colorful and vivid glows!

The lights were like rainbows hanging in the sky!

At the same time, it breezed. Ye Xiao's sleeve fluttered. He was breathing in the fresh air and suddenly felt like he was in another world! He couldn't even believe what he had experienced back in the cave just now!

He actually killed an invincible enemy while he was at the Grade of Diyuan!

He had kill Gu Jin-Long, who was at the third level of the Grade of Daoyuan!

That was truly an amazing and magnificent feat!

It was a miracle that no one would believe!

No matter what kind of scheme or method he used, the man who should be regarded as powerful as gods eventually died in Ye Xiao's hand!

That was the first powerful enemy Ye Xiao had killed in his present life!

And the first old enemy that he had in his previous life!

Ye Xiao slaughtered his strong enemy and stood upon the ice mountain, praising and looking at the amazing scene before him. Yet he didn't know that in the whole Chen-Xing City, people were all in a fever at the moment.

A historical sight suddenly showed up in the Chen-Xing City!

It was an amazing scene that had never been recorded in the history!

About three kilometers away from the capital, an ice mountain suddenly appeared, even though it was a hot summer at the moment and people would sweat without even moving a bit!

Within only six hours, a big ice mountain suddenly showed up!

The ice covered up a thousand miles!

Countless light streams were in different colors shining all over.

The entire city was brightened up by a mixture of different lights.

When Ye Xiao was working so hard on killing some scumbag, this amazing scene had shocked everyone in the capital already!

That was too amazing and too obvious to cover!

The summer was never hot again. The temperature suddenly dropped down.

That was something everyone could clearly sense. It was abnormal. People were all confused about it. They didn't know what was happening.

While the temperature was dropping down, even though people all felt comfortable during the start, they suddenly felt that the coldness had become terribly freezing!

It became so cold within seconds. That was unacceptable.

It was summer at the moment. No one would ignore such a weird change.

They kept guessing. [Could there be some huge grievance that made the gods bring the snow to us in the summer? Otherwise, why did the weather suddenly change?!]

Soon, people eventually discovered the culprit behind the change of temperature;it was because of the ice mountain outside the city!

The news suddenly shocked everyone in the capital. Everyone knew about it within an instant!

It was a piece of strange shocking news that everyone knew!

When Ye Xiao finished Gu Jin-Long, there were already many people and forces coming over.


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