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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 125


Chapter 125 - The Soul Perished Because Of An Egg!

Ye Xiao smiled blandly, ’’Heh, heh. I don't really need any special reason to kill you. Gu Jin-Long, now your mind is separated from your physical body. You are just a state of soul. You are never going to get back to the Qing-Yun Realm like this anyway. You can only try to find a fresh dead body who is dead for no more than four hours, so that you can possess it. If you are lucky enough, you will find it. Otherwise, you are going to vanish from the world.’’

’’In fact, even if you find it, it is very possible that it won't be suitable for you to cultivate again.’’

Ye Xiao smiled blandly, ’’Of course. You can get away from me as quickly as you can to find a body to possess. I know I am not able to stop you. However, I have plenty of ways to take care of you anyway. I am going to arrange people of the government to do a nationwide search. Once there was something strange like the dead becomes alive again, I will be informed and I will go deal with it. I will keep doing whatever it needs until I make sure you vanish among the living. When you get a new body to live again, you are just an ant to me, an ant which I can kill as easily as flicking a finger. Heh heh.’’

He stared at Gu Jin-Long with sharp eyes, ’’So, you are never going to make it.’’

Gu Jin-Long shouted, ’’Why? Why do you know so much about soul transition and soul possession... Tell me. I just want to know why you so want me dead? Why do you have to kill me? There is no reason for you to kill me. I can only benefit you. I have no negative effect to you. Why? And... Who do you think you are? What makes you so sure that those men of the government would listen to you?’’

And then in the sight of Gu Jin-Long's scared eyes, Feng Zhi-Ling's face was slowly changing and twisting.

After a short while, a pretty young man weirdly appeared in front of Gu Jin-Long. Ye Xiao said blandly, ’’I am the young lord of the House of The General. I am the Northern General's only son... So tell me, why do you think I can't make the government listen to me?’’

Gu Jin-Long's face looked like he was haunted by ghosts, ’’The young lord of the House of The General?’’

[It is reasonable that the young lord of the House of The General can control the military force of the capital.]

At this moment, Gu Jin-Long felt cold.

Ye Xiao smiled coldly and spoke blandly, ’’My name is Ye Xiao. I wonder... whether you recognize this name or not?’’

Gu Jin-Long was extremely astonished. His soul was trembling a bit and his face was so twisted that it could barely be recognized. He was freaked out and screamed, ’’Ye Xiao! You are Ye Xiao?! You actually are?’’

Ye Xiao smiled with his head awry, ’’What? You seem to have a very deep impression for the name Ye Xiao?’’

Gu Jin-Long showed a full face of fear that he couldn't suppress. He was like hearing some historic demon's name. He trembled and said, ’’You, you, you...’’

He seemed to figure out something now. He was so scared that his soul was nearly vanishing because of it.

The two words 'Ye Xiao' were the biggest nightmare deep in his heart.

Every time when he thought of it, he felt terrified.

Only by hearing this name, it reminded him the day when the Xiao Monarch fought against the three factions alone.

The Xiao Monarch fought alone with one sword and the men he killed that day could pile up a mountain. The world came to darkness because of it.

Countless men from the three factions who were far better and much stronger than Gu Jin-Long died one after another under the Xiao Monarch. The screams they made when they were about to die had been shocking Gu Jin-Long's heart all the time.

All the superior cultivators of the three factions got together to hunt Ye Xiao down. It was a 30 thousand miles long hunting.

They would never stop until the Xiao Monarch died.

The men of the three factions splashed their fresh blood all the way down. The 30 thousand miles path was built up by countless dead bodies of the superior cultivators from the three factions.

At the end of the day, they eventually killed the demon. The Xiao Monarch was vanished, both his life or his soul.

However, that battle had severely weakened the three factions, and the three factions banded together after that day.

When people thought of that day now, they still felt terrified. When they dreamt about it at night, they sweated.

Even the reclusive senior superior cultivators in the three factions kept feeling regretful that they hadn't join the battle that day. Now their sects were weakened to a stage that was more than a thousand years ago...

At this moment, Gu Jin-Long actually heard about this horrifying name again.

Ye Xiao.

Hearing the cold voice of this Ye Xiao, looking at his pretty face, Gu Jin-Long seemed to see the Xiao Monarch sneering at him right now.

The last time he saw that sneer was when he did a fatal attack to the Xiao Monarch while he was exhausted.

At that time, the Xiao Monarch was almost at his end, yet he sneeringly spoke to Gu Jin-Long while Gu Jin-Long was stepping back, ’’Gu Jin-Long, one day, you will know how the smile of the Xiao Monarch looks like.’’

Those words became a nightmare that haunted Gu Jin-Long throughout his life.

After he made sure that the Xiao Monarch was dead, he finally got back to himself a bit.

[No matter how horrible he was, now he is a dead man. How could a dead man do anything to me anyway?] That was what he thought.

However, he would have never expected to hear about the name that he feared the most in his life... today.

’’Are you... You... Are you...’’ Gu Jin-Long was trembling. He looked at Ye Xiao in a blue funk.

’’What are you talking about?’’ Ye Xiao spoke blandly, ’’Are you really that surprised? Have you forgotten my words? I will let you know how the smile of the Xiao Monarch looks like. Remember?’’

When he finished this, Gu Jin-Long screamed out and shouted in terror.

’’Ahhh!’’ Gu Jin-Long was freaked out, ’’It's you! It really is! You... You... You are alive... You are actually alive...’’

Ye Xiao sneered, ’’Before you all die out? No way. I don't want to die before you guys.’’

Gu Jin-Long was screaming. He rushed out of the cave immediately.

He just fled away like hell.

Now he knew who was standing in front of him. It was the legend of a generation, the Xiao Monarch. Gu Jin-Long had lost the last strand of his fighting will now.

To stay alive was the priority he held in mind at the moment.

Under the horror, he even forgot that Ye Xiao didn't have the capability to kill a soul at the moment.

Ye Xiao looked at the soul getting away. He didn't stop him.

He knew that he was incapable to do so yet. He had to wait till Gu Jin-Long found a body to possess. And then he would kill Gu Jin-Long when he lived again. That was the only way he could make Gu Jin-Long completely vanish.

However, something suddenly happened...

The soul... Gu Jin-Long screamed out of nothing.

There was a sense of desperation in that scream.

While he was about to get out of the ice-covered cave, an enormous sucking power suddenly hit him.

In fact, Ye Xiao was stunned at the same time.

It wasn't because of the scream;it was because...

The egg that was taken out to smash Gu Jin-Long and stained with blood was becoming clean and clear again. It twinkled again with a certain glow...

Moreover... the egg was actually floating in the air on its own.

It was just floating there.

Meanwhile, it created an extremely strong sucking power.

That power was different with the one from the Cosmic Hades earlier. It didn't work on the living persons like Ye Xiao, but it worked effectively on souls like Gu Jin-Long.

Gu Jin-Long was struggling and screaming in horror. He was being dragged bit by bit. He completely had no power to resist it.

And then he was dragged to the front of the egg.

The ivory strange egg suddenly emitted some dim white glow. The glow covered the whole of Gu Jin-Long's soul.

The next moment, Gu Jin-Long's face showed an extreme fear and desperation. He kept screaming, ’’Help... Please let me go... Help me... Help me please... Lord Monarch... Lord Monarch, please I am begging you... Help me... I will be your servant for the rest of my life and all my lives to come... Please help me... Ahhhh...’’

’’I swear to god with my soul... Lord Monarch...’’

Gu Jin-Long kept begging to Ye Xiao. It was a disgusting scene...

However, Ye Xiao had no idea what exactly happened just now... He couldn't hear a word from Gu Jin-Long after all...

Even if he knew, he wouldn't want a servant like Gu Jin-Long. He just watched it with a baffled expression...

Under the cover of the dim white glow, Gu Jin-Long's soul started to melt...

The body, the arms and legs, the facial features...

His soul was melting in the white mist.

Gradually, Gu Jin-Long's voice became weaker and weaker until it finally stopped.

In the air, there was only the dim mist flowing.

’’That must be the soul of Gu Jin-Long transitioning into pure energy...’’ Realizing this, Ye Xiao couldn't help sucking in a deep breath.

[The weird egg is actually so cruel and fierce? So fiendish?]

After a while, the egg shook. Suddenly, a gale came and the energy that was formed by the melted soul of Gu Jin-Long moved around the egg.

Within only seconds, the energy disappeared.

The soul of a superior cultivator of Grade of Daoyuan was actually melted and absorbed by an egg.

No trace was left.

Ye Xiao felt cold in the back because of fear.

In just a few minutes, Gu Jin-Long had totally vanished in the world.

Even the soul was completely gone.

The soul had vanished and would cease to exist forever.

The egg slowly got down to the floor shaking. The glow around it started to become dim before it finally stopped. The strange pattern on its surface was sharply increased and became clearer.

Ye Xiao was totally astonished. He came over to the egg and stared at it, murmuring, ’’You... What kind of monster are you?’’

[I don't understand... Gu Jin-Long was actually killed because of an egg... And then his soul was completely melted and absorbed by the egg...]


Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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