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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 124


Chapter 124 - Smash You With An Egg!

[I never thought of breaking my promise at all. I am serious about helping him grow up strong...

As long as he works hard enough, I can even help him become the dominator of this world! I am with great sincerity...

Basically. it should be a better thing for him that I am alive!

No matter what, he has no reasonable motivation to kill me, but he still did it!

That's not wise at all!

This is so weird.

There must be something hidden behind all this. I have to figure it out. When I got to know everything about this, I am going to torture him his whole life!]

Gu Jin-Long was furious and disgraced. He had offered a lot with sincerity, yet he was cheated. He felt extremely angry about this!

He felt like he had always been a fool!

He realized that Feng Zhi-Ling kept on leading him by the nose as he planned to kill him. He was right about it though. That was what Ye Xiao kept doing all these days.

Anyway, Gu Jin-Long wouldn't allow this Feng Zhi-Ling to live well any longer.

[By the way... How come he just disappeared just now?

That was some incredible move. I cannot move indeed, but I am still able to sense everything through my spiritual mind. However, I didn't even notice when and how he disappeared. How did he do that?!

Where could he go in this cave?]

Thinking about that, he suddenly realized something.

It was something obvious, but he didn't think of it because he was anxious!

It was in a gelid condition here in the cave!

The temperature was so low that even cultivators at the Grade of Tianyuan wouldn't be able to stay here for long! Yet Feng Zhi-Ling was able to stay and move casually inside the cave, even though he was apparently lower than the Grade of Tianyuan. He was actually more casual than Gu Jin-Long in such a gelid environment...

[That is the gelid qi from the Cosmic Hades! There is something strong!

If I am not that well cultivated, I couldn't keep myself safe under such an environment, and thinking about, I would have been a dead man already! That would help Feng Zhi-Ling a lot! The problem is how does Feng Zhi-Ling stay safe with his weak capability?]

While he was lost in thoughts, a figure flashed in his sight. Feng Zhi-Ling was back in front of him again!

’’Hey, hey... I am about to be free.’’ Gu Jin-Long looked at Ye Xiao happily and spoke cruelly, ’’Wait and see! Feng! I will get to your house! Your family... haha... all the people in your family, I will cut off the arms and legs of the men among them and make them beg for death. They will live the rest of their lives like worms. The women will be much luckier, I have to say. Hey, hey. I will kill those ugly ones immediately and sell those pretty ones to the brothel. I will make them serve for free there... Feng Zhi-Ling, I will torment you for the rest of your life... Hahahaha...’’

Ye Xiao sneered, ’’You? Maybe next life!’’

He shouted loudly, ’’Even if I am going to die! I will draw you to death with me! Feel my last strike, you asshole!’’

He raised the egg in his hand and fiercely hit on Gu Jin-Long's head. - Bang! -

Ye Xiao was hopeless now. This was the last thing he could try.

He couldn't kill Gu Jin-Long even though he had planned such a great scheme. He was disappointed and hopeless.

He had to try this one!

It was some kind of suicide attack anyway. It wasn't an action to kill his boredom!

This egg was the key section in the Space. He knew it long ago!

He could see that to hit Gu Jin-Long with this egg, it might break the egg. Once the egg was broken, the Space might explode with it... However, if he needed to sacrifice the Space to kill Gu Jin-Long, he would do it!

[Die together then! It is better than him killing me!

Even if I am going to die, I am not going to let him live!]

The egg was smashed on Gu Jin-Long's head rapidly.

Gu Jin-Long laughed wildly and said, ’’Really? Again? Don't you feel tired? Hahaha... AHHHHHH!!!’’

He suddenly screamed!

That was shocking and surprising!

Ye Xiao was stunned! He was astonished! He didn't expect this at all!

Gu Jin-Long's tough head actually... cracked under the egg! The blood was splashing away! Something red and white kept coming out from his head!

It was like some soya sauce splashed on a tofu...

Such a solid head actually got broken by an egg!

The whole skull was broken!

Gu Jin-Long's head stayed unharmed after being hit by all kinds of weapons!

Yet now it was broken by an egg!

That was a new explanation of the idiom, 'throw an egg against a rock'.[1]

We all know it is silly to try to smash a rock with an egg, however, Ye Xiao was like throwing an egg against a rock this time... Yet in fact... The rock was cracked! The egg was unharmed...

Gu Jin-Long was screaming like hell this time.

[What the hell is this?]

Ye Xiao was stunned!

He just wanted to try whatever he could try because he was hopeless earlier. He thought that the best outcome would be mutual death. However... he didn't expect to cause such a great damage to Gu Jin-Long.

Ye Xiao came back to himself right away. It was useless to think of something unrealistic anyway. He wanted to finish the man in front of him first!

Since the egg worked, he decided to keep using it! He kept attacking, hitting and smashing with the egg!

’’Smash you to death! Die! Die! Die under my egg! You mother fxcking evil son of a bxtch...’’ Ye Xiao didn't hesitate. While he was cursing, he raised the egg and hit it down again and again. Gu Jin-Long was still stuck on the stone even though his shoulders could finally move. He was unconscious because of the sudden attack. His head was broken and his body was cramped. He was screaming at the beginning, and then his screams stopped...

Ye Xiao had hit him hundreds of times in such a short time!

For him, not a second should be wasted. A tiny bit later, maybe the result would be different!

Ye Xiao hit Gu Jin-Long with the egg, from his head to his chest, and then it kept going down. He was aiming at some vital parts at the beginning, but after a few seconds, he just kept hitting no matter where it was. At the end, he kept on hitting whereever he could!

When he stopped, Gu Jin-Long had finally become a pile of mashed meat!

The whole thing came to an end now!

Strangely, the superior cultivator of the Grade of Daoyuan had actually been smashed to death by an egg...

He was truly killed by an egg. Ye Xiao was not responsible for all this;it was the egg. He was just helping the egg by swinging his arm. That's all!

The egg should hold the most of the glory in this battle!

[I truly don't know how to kill this bastard if it was not because of this wonderful egg!]

’’Oh my... You truly are a nice egg...’’ Ye Xiao looked at the egg and felt both surprise and happiness. It was the feeling of escaping from the clutches of death.

When he was totally hopeless, the egg showed him hope...

On the other side, the Cosmic Hades had stopped releasing the gelid qi.

It returned quiet.

Ye Xiao sat on the floor and gasped!

He still couldn't understand how everything came to this.

[All those sharp weapons couldn't hurt him... Stones couldn't hurt him...

Yet an egg did...


The smashed meat in front of me is real. That couldn't be false.]

Ye Xiao took a long breath out and felt exhausted all of a sudden.

It was the most tiring kill he had done in his lives. It was the most difficult and tiring one!

To kill a villain, Ye Xiao nearly got exhausted to death!

Even when he had smashed the man to death, he didn't understand why he could do so with an egg...

At the moment, from the smashed body of Gu Jin-Long, there suddenly came a stream of white mist. The mist kept rising and formed a man's shape in the air.

The face was clear on it.

It was Gu Jin-Long!

Ye Xiao was shocked and then he realized something. He actually forgot that people of the Grade of Diyuan were already able to cultivate souls! As long as the soul didn't perish or decompose, it would stay for a certain period of time. During the time, if it could find a suitable body to possess, the man could live again.

The stronger the man was, the longer his soul could stay. For the Xiao Monarch, if his soul was still unharmed, he could stay for several months. Gu Jin-Long was only at the third level of the Grade of Daoyuan, so his soul could only exist seven days.

No matter how strong the man was, when he possessed a new body, he had to start from zero.

Ye Xiao knew about all this clearly. He knew that he was unable to deal with the soul. However, even if Gu Jin-Long luckily found a body to possess, he wouldn't be a threat to Ye Xiao at least for the next twenty years. Instead, Gu Jin-Long would need to be cautious not to be caught by Ye Xiao, because he would just be an ordinary Gu Jin-Long who could easily be killed by Ye Xiao...

So, Ye Xiao didn't care about the soul. He just looked at him indifferently.

Gu Jin-Long's soul stared at Ye Xiao fiercely and actually started to talk.

’’Why?’’ Gu Jin-Long was floating in the air. He didn't leave immediately.

He was confused and looked at Ye Xiao, ’’Why did you kill me? I trusted you so much and I was willing to help you! I gave you all those resources and I would give you more to help you become the grandmaster of dan-making, even the dominator of this world. With my support, you could reach that goal by only spending some time. But you ended it yourself...’’


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