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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 123


Chapter 123 - Why?

It worked?!

No, it didn't really. Although Gu Jin-Long's eyelid was hit, it was rebounding heavily. The Demonic Needle had obviously made Gu Jin-Long feel some vital danger.

However, even if Demonic Needle was so sharp, it failed to puncture his eyes.

Ye Xiao operated his martial arts in full effort. He focused all his powers on the point of that black needle and pushed it real hard. Both of them were screaming with anger.

Gu Jin-Long was cursing. He shouted, moaned, endured, resisted...

After a while, Ye Xiao sighed and stepped back disappointedly.

However, it wasn't that bad. On Gu Jin-Long's eyelid, there was a slight mark of blood. It didn't get through and failed to stab the eyeball though.

The Demonic Needle didn't shatter like the other weapons. It was completely unharmed as if it was still brand new.

At the moment, Gu Jin-Long was coughing heavily. He still felt the fear and shouted angrily, ’’I am going to kill you! I will kill you! I will definitely kill you...’’

He clearly felt that the needle had threatened his eyeball. What happened just now had made him feel that his eyeball was like a rubber ball being pushed hard. If Ye Xiao had pushed it heavier, maybe it would really explode.

That was a close one for Gu Jin-Long indeed!

He gasped.

He felt lucky.

[Thank god this prick is truly weak. I don't think he has reached the Grade of Tianyuan.

Otherwise I am very possibly going to die here today in an ant's hand.]

It failed to deal with his eyes, so Ye Xiao started thinking about somewhere else. He grabbed Gu Jin-Long's p*nis. He cut it, chopped it, stabbed it, punched it. Every move had made Gu Jin-Long scream like he was being ripped. However, none of them had truly damaged him!

Gu Jin-Long was full of deadly hatred because of the torture.

He had felt rather scared indeed, yet as time went by and as he survived everything Ye Xiao tried, he became fearless. He realized that this Feng Zhi-Ling was totally unable to hurt him, so he cursed in a louder and louder voice, ’’... When I get out of this... I am going to kill your master... and you entire family... I will kill everyone in your clan... I... I swear to gods...’’

Ye Xiao was furious hearing that. He took back the needle and grabbed a big stone beside him. He fiercely hit Gu Jin-Long's head with that stone!

- Bang! -

The stone was smashed!

Gu Jin-Long was covered with dust all of a sudden. He shook his head and shouted furiously again, ’’Feng Zhi-Ling, wait and see... You little dirty stupid cunt...’’

Ye Xiao was truly furious this time!

’’You are nothing but a dead meat on my board! I am going to smash you, you little shit!’’

If he couldn't kill Gu Jin-Long now, he will be the dead one when Gu Jin-Long got rid of his restriction.

Ye Xiao was a bit anxious.

- Boom boom boom...-

He had no other plans now, so he grabbed whatever he could to hit Gu Jin-Long. Apparently, there were mostly stones around him. Within a while, about four hundred pieces of big stones had been smashed on Gu Jin-Long's head!

The whole place was full of dust flying in the air!

Gu Jin-Long was totally buried inside the pile of broken stones. His head was still out of those stones. He sneered, ’’Idiot. You are wasting your time. You can't kill me. I suggest that you should escape somewhere else and kill yourself. That is the best option for you... Just imagine. Once I get out of here, and you are still alive, you will never be able to kill yourself then! I will keep you alive and suffer! I will make you beg for death every single second for the rest of your life!’’

He laughed and continued, ’’Let me tell you some good news. The bloody attracting power of this stupid stone is disappearing... I can feel it. The power is weakening... Do you know what this means? Hahaha... Feng Zhi-Ling, your turn is over! You are about to embrace the last happy days of your life now! Are you excited about it? Or are you scared instead? Hahahaha...’’

’’You set up such a trap. That is truly something amazing. To be honest, this is the first time I become so fxxked up. When I was facing the Xiao Monarch, who was the strongest man in the Qing-Yun Realm, I was quite enjoying it. I played him within my control. Today, I was actually fxxked up in an ant's hand. That means your hand! I am so terribly sorry about all this. But you can't kill me with you pathetic power! If you are a little bit stronger than this, maybe you might have already done it! However, the gods are on my side! You are just a stupid ignorant ugly toad...’’

Ye Xiao was indifferently staring at the scumbag in front of him. In his heart, he was actually very anxious.

Like Gu Jin-Long said, the Cosmic Hades' was about to lose its grip on Gu Jin-Long...

Yet he was still unable to figure out how to kill Gu Jin-Long.

Everything he had done were about to be wasted.

[How can I kill this monster?

With such a condition, if I actually got killed by Gu Jin-Long, I am going to be the biggest joke in the history and the biggest fool in all of the realms...]

Ye Xiao didn't give up. He kept attacking even more fiercely and frequently...

Gu Jin-Long was screaming and cursing at the same time.

Finally... the pile of stones shook.

Ye Xiao was terrified seeing Gu Jin-Long's shoulder move a bit.

It was a slight move though. It didn't really get rid of the Cosmic Hades. But it had already shown the problems for Ye Xiao!

The Cosmic Hades was about to let go. Gu Jin-Long could be released at any moment...

Gu Jin-Long himself surely noticed that. He kept moving his shoulder up and down. He laughed wildly, ’’Feng Zhi-Ling! Surprise... You didn't know you were actually unable to kill me, right? That's the will of gods! Even though you have done whatever you want, I have remained unharmed! The gods are always fond of me. You can trick me. That's good. Can you trick the gods?! Hahahahaha...’’

Ye Xiao couldn't hold his anxiousness anymore.

He wanted to find something else to hit him again, but there was none. He wanted to take more big stones but realized that there were no more big stones around!

There was nothing that could possibly be used to hurt anybody!

Gu Jin-Long was about to get away!

Ye Xiao didn't have time to find things outside the cave.

Was he going to fail this?!

Ye Xiao gritted his teeth and entered the Spaces. He tried to find something in the Spaces to hurt Gu Jin-Long. However, he knew clearly that there was nothing fierce in the Spaces. There were only treasures and plants and spiritual qi! Hmmm... There might be something else. It was the egg that was glowing brightly at the moment!

Looking at the egg, Ye Xiao was angry!

[I have set up such a perfect trap and successfully caught Gu Jin-Long. He is now a dead meat on my board. Do you know why I couldn't kill him? Because I am too weak! Why am I so weak? I spent loads of my time collecting resources and you goddamn egg took most of them... After all those resources, you still haven't hatched. Now I am going to die, you bloody stupid egg...

And you are actually enjoying such a leisure time here! Like nothing is happening to you! You asshole, what are you shining for!]

Ye Xiao was so angry when thinking about that. The egg seemed to sense Ye Xiao's arrival, so it shook a little.

It seemed like it was laughing at Ye Xiao.

[You shook?

You shook my ass!]

Ye Xiao was furious. He grabbed the egg. He didn't realized how amazing it was. He had failed to touch the egg before, yet now he had just grabbed it and held it in his hand...

He was so angry and he got out the Spaces immediately. He cursed fiercely, ’’How dare you laugh at me, you asshole! If I am going to die, you die first!’’

Gu Jin-Long was happy because he was about to get away. Suddenly, he found that Ye Xiao had disappeared. He felt strange about it. And then he felt the Cosmic Hades' power was becoming weaker and weaker. His other shoulder was able to move too.

Basically, he was still unable to move his body, but he could move his shoulders at least.

Gu Jin-Long was rather pleased to see that freedom was coming to him soon. This was truly a vital crisis that happened to him. It proved that the Cosmic Hades was truly something marvelous. He decided to study deep about it once he acquired it. Maybe it could become his secret weapon that could bring him victory by plotting against his enemies...

As he was about to be free, he stopped cursing. Now he was calm and felt lucky that the Purple Lotus Decree Master wasn't around... Gu Jin-Long was afraid that today would truly be his death if the Purple Lotus Decree Master came back...

In his thoughts, although Feng Zhi-Ling couldn't kill him, the Purple Lotus Decree Master was definitely able to smash him!

[What is this? Isn't this the god's blessing?!]

Now Gu Jin-Long started to imagine how he could kill the Purple Lotus Decree Master once he was freed. And then maybe he would kill the grandmaster of dan-making. However, he thought that the Purple Lotus Decree Master was the biggest threat to him!

[Feng Zhi-Ling... Humph!]

Gu Jin-Long was full of anger in mind, [I am going to keep him alive!

I will let him live and suffer for at least a hundred years!

I want him to beg for death every day, every minute, every second!

I want him to beg me!

How dare you plot against me? You think you can kill me?!]

Gu Jin-long was full of hatred in his heart. However, he didn't understand why Feng Zhi-Ling wanted to kill him.

[That's unreasonable!

What I offered him were much more than what he needed already!]

Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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