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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 122


Chapter 122 - Trying Everything To Kill You

This horrible method to get rid of a trap might be a myth in the Land of Han-Yang, but it was normal in the Qing-Yun Realm.

Gu Jin-Long knew it clearly.

Now that he was firmly stuck on the Cosmic Hades, if Feng Zhi-Ling was stupid enough to give him his hand... Things would be different. He might have the chance to get away from all this.

He had to sacrifice Feng Zhi-Ling now...

Even though Feng Zhi-Ling had a huge potential to benefit him in the future... it would never be more important than his own life.

Gu Jin-Long was thinking about letting Feng Zhi-Ling die for him.

[Friends are just be pieces to be used and betrayed. Now I will use Feng Zhi-Ling to save my life. I am just using him in advance.] Gu Jin-Long didn't feel anything wrong about doing such a thing.

He could kill his wife who had been waiting for him for fifty years;it was surely quite an easy job for him to let a man he just met die for himself.

Gu Jin-Long was confident that Feng Zhi-Ling would give him his hand as Feng Zhi-Ling was always an honest and humble man.

He decided that for the rest of his life, he would mourn for Feng Zhi-Ling, the guy who died for him.

However, after the talking, he found that Feng Zhi-Ling was still standing still. He didn't move a bit. He didn't even want to...

’’Why don't you move?’’ Gu Jin-Long couldn't turn his head, so he could only shout to the Cosmic Hades with anger.

’’Hey, hey, hey...’’ Ye Xiao sneered and said blandly, ’’Gu Jin-Long, what do you want me to do?’’

Gu Jin-Long was shocked. He felt that things were not as good as he imagine. He felt cold all in a sudden and said, ’’You... You...’’

Ye Xiao sneered, ’’I have made such a great effort to set up this perfect trap for you to fall into it like a pig waiting for my dissection. And now you are asking me to help you? To die for you? Do you really think that I don't know what would happen if I touch you?’’

’’And you dare to urge me? Well you must be thinking 'oh, Brother Feng, I will always remember you and your kindness to me'. Right?’’ Ye Xiao laughed, ’’Hahahaha... Gu Jin-Long, you are so naive and pathetic.’’

Gu Jin-Long nearly spat out blood. He said with anger, ’’You... You, you, you... What are you talking about... What the hell is this?’’

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, ’’Well. I think I will just cut the bullshitting part. You urged me to do something, didn't you? I am going to do something then.’’

While speaking, he picked up a broadsword he prepared earlier and struck it onto Gu Jin-Long's head with full efforts.

He was shouting, ’’I am doing it...’’

Gu Jin-Long was scared and screamed, ’’Please don't... MERCY...’’

At death's door, even a superior cultivator of the Grade of Daoyuan like Gu Jin-Long would be begging.

’’Mercy my ass.’’ Ye Xiao shouted and hit on Gu Jin-Long's head.

’’AHHHH!’’ Gu Jin-Long shouted with fear.

’’Ahhh!’’ Ye Xiao shouted with surprise.

Gu Jin-Long felt his head was heavily hit. He was scared of death, so he screamed like his soul had left his body and had gone to hell.

Ye Xiao felt that the broadsword wasn't hitting on a man's head;it was like hitting on some extremely hard steel. His hand was shocked and the skin chapped.

- Kuang!- The broadsword broke into two pieces.

Oh how hard Gu Jin-Long's head was...

Gu Jin-Long realized this and laughed. He stopped feeling scared and said, ’’I have cultivated my body for more than five thousand years. Even though I can't operate my spiritual power to strengthen my body, it is still hard like steel. Feng Zhi-Ling, you are too weak. You can't kill me. You have nothing to do but wait for me to get away from this. I swear I will kill you no matter where you run! I am the blessed one! What could you do to me? Hahahaha...’’

The broadsword didn't do any harm to Gu Jin-Long. That made him arrogant. He laughed loudly. He was no more begging.

Ye Xiao grabbed another sword and swung it towards Gu Jin-Long's neck.

- Shoot! -

The head was the hardest part of a man's body. The broadsword broke upon landing on its target. That's reasonable somehow. However, the neck was the most important part of the body. It contained all the main vessels and veins of the body, not to mention it was soft. Ye Xiao thought that hitting the neck might work.

However, it was the same result. - Kuang! - The sword broke into two pieces.

Ye Xiao sighed inside his heart. He was still too weak at the moment. His enemy was like a meat sticking on the board waiting for him to slaughter. Yet he actually couldn't kill him.

He was a bit terrified. He didn't stop. He kept hitting Gu Jin-Long's body with different weapons, even the private part. He wanted to kill this man so much.

Suffering all kinds of strikes on his private parts, Gu Jin-Long was disgraced and shouted with furiousness, ’’Feng Zhi-Ling, you kept insulting me like this. I will kill you, you bastard. I am going to rip you into pieces. I am going to imprison your soul for thousands of years. I am going to make you suffer for an eternity...’’

Ye Xiao listened to Gu Jin-Long's rubbish. He didn't change the expressions on his face, yet in his mind, he was more and more astonished.

In fact Gu Jin-Long's body was too hard that Ye Xiao would never be able to hurt him a bit. Ye Xiao knew it. That was why he used the Cosmic Hades for this hunt.

He knew that the Cosmic Hades had a special characteristic. It could not only attract and stick Gu Jin-Long's body, it could also absorb the spiritual power Gu Jin-Long was using to defend it. It seemed that things didn't work like Ye Xiao had planned. It only worked halfway through...

[Gu Jin-Long is unable to move now. He is a dead meat to me now. If I can't kill you even in this situation, this will be the biggest joke of my life.]

The Cosmic Hades was extremely powerful at the moment. It was attracting Gu Jin-Long now. However, it had a limit. Ye Xiao didn't know how long it could keep Gu Jin-Long stuck.

If Gu Jin-Long's power couldn't be fully absorbed, Gu Jin-Long could get out of it sooner or later.

If that happened, it was Ye Xiao's dead end.

Gu Jin-Long's throat, neck, head, eyes, ears, back, waist, legs and c*ck...

Ye Xiao was hitting all those parts with different kinds of weapons. Gu Jin-Long just stood there. No matter what struck him, he was unharmed.

His clothes was however teared into pieces. He was nearly naked at the moment. His body was solid. There were only some thin marks on the skin. There was no serious injury at all.

He couldn't move. He could only curse.

He didn't truly get hurt, yet he still felt the pains. He felt shameful whenever his c*ck was hit...

The Cosmic Hades didn't relax. It kept attracting Gu Jin-Long like crazy...

Except for the overwhelming attracting power, the Cosmic Hades was transmitting the gelid qi. The extreme cold was spread out slowly. After a while, the whole mountain was frozen. All the green plants withered... The gelid qi didn't stop. It became a long ice dragon reaching out far away.

There seemed to be no end of it...

The mountain had become an ice mountain already.

It shined with crystal glows under the sunlight...

The entrance of the cave had been covered by ice already.

Inside the cave on the ice mountain, Ye Xiao was sweating even in such a cold situation. He kept on striking. He was trying everything that he could to kill Gu Jin-Long.

All the weapons he prepared in the cave had become fierce whirlwinds striking on Gu Jin-Long's body...

Cut, fall, stab, chop, drill... He tried lots of methods.

- Duang duang duang...-

There were many broken pieces of the weapons on the floor.

On Gu Jin-Long's body, there were just some white marks.

All the weapons Ye Xiao had prepared in the cave were all broken. Gu Jin-Long was still feeling good.

Ye Xiao flipped his hand and a needle suddenly appeared in his hand. He fiercely stabbed it to Gu Jing-Long's eye.

That was the last thing Ye Xiao planned to try. If this didn't work, he should better try to escape.

Gu Jin-Long realized that Ye Xiao took out the black needle after all those other weapons, so he guessed that the needle was not something ordinary. He didn't dare to let it hit his eye, which was the softest part of the body. He heavily closed his eyes.

That was the only thing Gu Jin-Long could do now, closing his eyes.

That marvelous sharp black needle firmly stabbed on Gu Jin-Long's eyelid.

He screamed with pain, ’’AHHHH...’’


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