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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 121


Chapter 121 - Wow! It Attracted!

[The Purple Lotus Decree Master wants to recover soon, so he will definitely come for the supreme dan beads someday. I will have the chance to kill him after all. He will get worse and worse as time passes by. Things will only get better for me.

Besides, if I killed that dan-maker, he will lose his only chance to recover himself... Well, surely that is my last option. I won't kill that old man unless I have no other choice.]

Gu Jin-Long only cared about the Cosmic Hades that was in front of him. His eyes were full of wishful lights!

He could feel the gelid aura of the stone in such a short distance. It made him more excited!

’’That's it! That's it!’’

He murmured. He was so thrilled that his body trembled, ’’This is... This is the No.1 treasure in the myth! Now it is finally in my hands!’’

He walked slowly toward the Cosmic Hades with a full face of obsession.

He saw some spiritual jades on the surface of the Cosmic Hades shining with some strange glows. He thought that the Purple Lotus Decree Master must be so flurried that he left these things.

Gu Jin-Long was only looking at the Cosmic Hades. He couldn't care less about some spiritual jades.

They were nothing compared to the real treasure he was looking at.

’’The main martial art of the Sunlight Sect, Yin-Yang Strength Art, is a difficult but wonderful martial art. Normally, it needs 3000 years to reach the small achievement, but with the Cosmic Hades, I can reach the big achievement in only three years...’’ Gu Jin-Long raised his head and laughed, ’’Once I finish cultivating the Yin-Yang Strength Art, I will be invincible in the Qing-Yun Realm! Who dares to violate my order in the Qing-Yun Realm then?!’’

’’Invincible! No one will dare to violate my commands! Hahahahaha...’’

Gu Jin-Long was so pleased that he maniacally laughed while dancing.

He was always a dispassionate man who never showed his true emotions on the surface. However, he thought that nobody else was there, and even if there was, he wouldn't care. In the Land of Han-Yang, there was no one who could fight against him!

Now that the thing that he wanted the most in his life was right in front of him, he couldn't contain the happiness inside his heart!

Why would he suppress his true emotions now?

So he didn't even want to stay calm at the moment. He just wanted to let go of his heart!

’’Once I finish practicing the Yin-Yang Strength Art, I will fear nobody! What No.1 Evil-woman? What Qiong-Hua Moon King? What three factions? What Ageless Palace? They are all garbages in my eyes! They will all become my servants! Hahahaha...’’

’’I will take charge of the entire Qing-Yun Realm! I am the invincible monarch! When I unify the Qing-Yun Realm, I will build a kingdom in the mortal world, and I will be the everlasting king! I will live forever and rule the world forever!’’

’’Hahahaha... Every land in the world will be my land! All the capable men in the world are all my underlings! All the men should die! All the girls should be under my crotch! Hahahahahaha...’’ Gu Jin-Long's pupils became bigger. While he was speaking, he became crazier and crazier. He was expressing the happiness he had at the moment.

He laughed like he had gone mad!

All of a sudden, he raised his head and yelled at the sky, ’’Han-Er! You used to ask me why I cultivated! You asked me whether cultivation was better than our happy life! You asked me whether it was worthy for me to give up everything for cultivation! Hahaha... I can answer you now!’’

He yelled like a beast, ’’Cultivation is my way to be the monarch! It will help me rule the world! It will make me the king of all mankind! I cultivate for this moment! For now! For doing whatever I want!’’

’’Han-Er!’’ He kept yelling, ’’I did it!’’

’’In the history, I am the only one who deserves to be called the dragon among mankind!’’

’’I am the true dragon!’’

’’The three realms are all mine! MINE!’’

He laughed like crazy.

He didn't noticed that the spiritual jades on the Cosmic Hades stopped shining now. They had become dim.

The Cosmic Hades was spreading some strange feeling of attractions. It was glowing.

It seemed to be creating some phenomenon that could drive people crazy. It was influencing Gu Jin-Long's mind at the moment!

It made him lose his mind! It made him mad!

However, he didn't notice that.

He had checked the cave very carefully earlier. There was nobody else here, so he was completely relaxed!

The thing he wanted the most in his life was now in his hands. He was satisfied and extremely happy about everything.

He kept shouting while he was walking to the Cosmic Hades. His eyes were filled with a certain fervor. He reached out his hand to touch the Cosmic Hades. His eyes were already filled with tears because he was so happy...

’’All that I want in my life... The glory of my whole life... Will begin from now, from here. I will be the monarch of the three realms for the rest of my life. And the beginning of all that is now and here...’’ While speaking, he had placed his hand on the Cosmic Hades that he had been dreaming of.

He was so gentle. He acted like a husband on his first night with his wife while reaching his hand towards the Cosmic Hades.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, he suddenly screamed out, ’’Ahhhh!!! What... What the hell is going on?’’

The moment he touched the Cosmic Hades, the 99 spiritual jades laying on top of it all fade out immediately and became dust falling to the floor!

At the same time, from inside the Cosmic Hades, there was an extremely strong power crazily dragging Gu Jin-Long over!

It was like a powerful demon grabbing his food with all efforts!

Gu Jin-Long tried everything to resist, but the enormous power of his, which was enough to crack a mountain and fill up a sea, suddenly didn't work anymore!

He was totally unable to defend...

- PAH! -

He firmly stuck on the Cosmic Hades!

The cold glow that the Cosmic Hades had been transmitting suddenly increased!

The Cosmic Hades tightly attracted Gu Jin-Long.

At the moment, it was like the most powerful magnet in the world!

Gu Jin-Long was like a tiny piece of metal that got stuck on a magnet!

He was struggling with his eyes full of fear. He tried everything he could to resist it. He kept running his martial arts and operated many methods. But he couldn't get rid of it. He couldn't even move a finger!

The stone suddenly produced such a huge power that attracted everything. He couldn't resist it even with the capability of the third level of the Grade of Daoyuan!

While the attracting power of the stone increased, even Gu Jin-Long's hair, eyebrows, eyelash and fine hair were moving closer to the stone and sticking on it!

He felt that the spiritual power inside his body was activated and was about to rush into the stone.

’’What the hell is this? What's happening? Oh no...’’ Gu Jin-Long was scared. His eyes were stuck on the Cosmic Hades now. He was extremely scared.

He used whatever he could to unleash all the strength he had just so he could resist the stone. By doing that, it became worse.

No matter what he did, his spiritual power would be instantly absorbed!

After a short while, the attracting power increased several times. Now he didn't dare to move in the slightest.

At the moment, a figure flashed at the entrance of the cave. A humble and honest voice shouted, ’’What?! What is wrong?’’

It was Feng Zhi-Ling's voice!

Gu Jin-Long was like hearing a song from a wonderful land. He was so happy as he shouted, ’’Brother Feng, help... This stupid stone got me stuck...’’

Ye Xiao entered the cave and saw the strange scene. He felt relaxed immediately. He nearly laughed out. In his heart, he was happy, [Oh yeah! It really stuck him...]

Yet on his face, it showed lots of emotions except happiness. He acted like he was shocked and got close to him quickly, ’’Brother Gu? Why are you here? What's going on?’’

Gu Jin-Long moaned, ’’I operated my special martial art to find my family treasure and got a reaction from the Cosmic Hades. So I came for it. When I came here and found it... I was so happy so I wanted to take it back as soon as possible. But some tricks had been set on it. That's why I am stuck on it now... I can't move even a single bit. Do something. Drag me off...’’

Gu Jin-Long was truly an outstanding man. He could make up such a good lie within such a short time. He was trying to make Feng Zhi-Ling feel sorry for him and save him.

Ye Xiao was an even better actor. He was 'surprised' and spoke with concern, ’’That cold thing had some tricks on it? You are framed? You can't move? Why? Is it really that powerful?’’

Gu Jin-Long was worried and disgraced at the same time. He said with anger, ’’I was reckless so I fell into the enemy's trap! I know very well about my family treasure though. I know how to solve this. I just need a small favor of yours. Reach out your hand to grab mine. As long as you pull my hand off the stone a tiny bit... That will be fine.’’

To pull his hand off? Impossible.

Even Gu Jin-Long, who was the most powerful man in the Land of Han-Yang, didn't have the capability to fight against the attracting power of the Cosmic Hades. Feng Zhi-Ling was just an 'ant' compared to him. It was impossible for him to pull anything off the stone!

If Ye Xiao's hand touched Gu Jin-Long's hand, within a second, Gu Jin-Long would be free and Ye Xiao would be stuck on the stone instead!


Translated by XianXiaWorld


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