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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 120


Chapter 120 - Gu Jin-Long Is Coming!

At the end, Ye Xiao piled up some big stones in the corner of the cave and put some weapons behind those stones...

- Pah pah pah... -

’’All done!’’ Ye Xiao clapped his hands and looked around the super trap he had just set in front of him. He was satisfied, ’’Now I will just wait for Gu Jin-Long, that bastard, to fall in front of me.’’

On the other side, Gu Jin-Long was sitting inside the salesroom.

He suddenly opened his eyes and stood up.

What he sensed had suddenly made him excited like he had never been before.

[That's it!

That's the spiritual energy I left touching me.

The Cosmic Hades has been found.

That's it! The tiny stream of gelid energy is impossible to fake.

I know Feng Zhi-Ling is outside the city. My ring won't lie.

Finally, the Purple Lotus Decree Master shows up and the Cosmic Hades is found!]

- Poof! -

Gu Jin-Long moved up and suddenly turned into a rainbow.

- Shoot! -

That rainbow rapidly flew out through the window. After only a second, he was outside the city already.

That was the movement, Rainbow Rush.

His speed could even distort the air.

However, he was suppressing the shaking of his movement. He didn't want to show himself, so he was trying not to be discovered.

Even if the Purple Lotus Decree Master was about to die, Gu Jin-Long didn't dare to be reckless facing him.

He knew that a tiny mistake could lead him to failure.

It was a man who had fought against the Xiao Monarch in the old days he was facing now after all.

And the Xiao Monarch was able to slaughter most of the men in the three factions.

At this moment, Gu Jin-Long was extremely cautious. He tried to move as fast as he could towards the point that kept transmitting the spiritual vibration to him.

While he was getting closer, the vibration became heavier.

The feeling of the Cosmic Hades was clearer.

It was like the Cosmic Hades was waving its hand to him.

Apparently, the Cosmic Hades was quite close to him now.

Gu Jin-Long calmed down and tried to sense it further, and then he moved slowly towards it with cautions. He was about to get to the Pen Rack Mountain, where Feng Zhi-Ling's master was supposed to be in.

[Hmm. It seems that the Cosmic Hades is not in the Pen Rack Mountain.]

He didn't stop. He went over the Pen Rack Mountain and moved ahead. Suddenly, a tall big mountain surrounded by cloud and fog showed up in his sight.

It looked like the cloud was devouring down the mountain.

Gu Jin-Long was surprised and pleased when he looked at the mountain.

’’Disappearance Array it is!’’

[The Purple Lotus Decree Master actually set up a Disappearance Array in his own place. Humph. Nobody in the Land of Han-Yang can break this array indeed. However, that is excluding people of the Qing-Yun Realm. That means I can break it.] Gu Jin-Long was so happy about it.

’’The array he has set in the mountain of the dan-maker is so mysterious and firm. I couldn't break it indeed. This array here is not an easy one either, but I can absolutely break it. I guess there are two possibilities about him. First one is that he didn't have enough material to set up two good arrays... The second one is that he was so injured that he couldn't set up another powerful array again.’’

’’According to how people described him, it is unlikely that he would face the situation of lacking materials. Such a wealthy man, how could he not have enough materials for only some arrays? So... I guess he must have been at the end of his days now. He must be dying now. That's why he kept on leaking out the breath of the Cosmic Hades.’’

Gu Jin-Long was smiling in a cruel and happy way.

’’I think the Purple Lotus Decree Master is doomed to die in my hands.’’

He then got close to the mountain and started to break the array.

Although he was assuming the Purple Lotus Decree Master was dying, he didn't dare to break the array in a forcible way. He was afraid that the dying man would escape with the Cosmic Hades if he noticed someone was breaking in.

The Purple Lotus Decree Master was an experienced man from the Qing-Yun Realm after all. He might do something great even when he was about to die the next moment.

While Gu Jin-Long was trying to break the array, he couldn't help praising it.

[The Purple Lotus Decree Master is a great guy indeed.

He was actually able to set up such a fantastic array even when he was dying...]

Eventually, he had broken through the last part of the array.

Gu Jin-Long stepped forward and then laid down on the floor immediately. He was in the middle of a small road... If someone was looking up on the mountain, he would be discovered.

Gu Jin-Long was down on the floor moving like a snake. He slid into a bush beside the road. He silently moved along the road on the floor towards the top of the mountain.

He looked like a big lizard, ugly but fast.

He could feel the Cosmic Hades getting closer.

It was close to him now.

About a hundred meters away from him, before he saw the mouth of a cave.

The breath of the Cosmic Hades was coming from inside that cave.

He was confident that the Purple Lotus Decree Master was inside the cave too.

Gu Jin-Long even stopped his heart beat and pulses right away.

Things were always easy to go wrong when they were close to success.

Gu Jin-Long knew clearly about this.

[I can't be too happy about it.]

[I have to be cautious.]

[I have to be careful.]

[I can't be reckless before I get the Cosmic Hades and kill the Purple Lotus Decree Master.]

Gu Jin-Long kept warning himself. He was getting closer and closer to the cave.

He was extremely cautious.

There was no sound from the cave.

Gu Jin-Long felt everything was proceeding as planned and reached out one of his hand to climb up to the cave.

He was smiling now.

He had confirmed one thing at least. The Purple Lotus Decree Master must be very weak at the moment. Otherwise, he would be discovered easily. He felt right about all of this.

He was confident that he would get a lot of benefits this time.

There must be so many treasures with the Purple Lotus Decree Master that he wanted.

Suddenly, a cool and merciless voice sounded from inside the cave, ’’Who's there?’’

The voice was full of horror.

Gu Jin-Long was steady. He was happy and he couldn't help smiling.

The voice was horrible and scary indeed, but it was a voice of a weak man.

Normal men might be unable to bear the threats inside the voice, but for him, it was nothing but a boisterous sound of a dying man.

’’The Purple Lotus Decree Master?’’ Gu Jin-Long didn't hide. He stood up and stepped into the cave casually. He said with with a sneer, ’’I am Gu Jin-Long. I am here to visit you. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the well-known Purple Lotus Decree Master of the Qing-Yun Realm become like homeless dog. Hahaha, hahaha...’’

He was laughing loudly and impolitely. He had slipped into the cave quickly.

His sword flashed and suddenly, his sword, the Breeze Sword, became like a thunder moving around the space.

’’Gu Jin-Long!’’ A scream came out from deep inside the cave. It was filled with both surprise and fear.

Gu Jin-Long rushed into the cave like a lightning, and he saw a man rushing to the other side of the cave at the same speed. He was also as fast as lightning. Gu Jin-Long was highly cultivated with his eyes, yet he could only see a shadow of the man's back. The man rushed out of the cave all of a sudden and disappeared.

That man only left a fierce sound coming over to Gu Jin-Long, ’’Gu Jin-Long, I know you are from the Sunlight Sect. You took advantage of my perilous state. I won't forget this. When I recover, I will go wipe out every single living thing in the Sunlight Sect at once. I will take all you people's lives to avenge this insult today!’’

The sound of this 'Purple Lotus Decree Master' was getting weaker and weaker. He was even coughing at the end.

’’When you recover? Do you really believe that you have the chance to get away from me today?’’ Gu Jin-Long followed up. The Purple Lotus Decree Master was his first target at the moment. He had to take him down.

When he was about to rush out, he suddenly stopped.

He saw something with his sharp eyes.

There was a dark-cyan metallic object inside the cave.

It was the Cosmic Hades.

That was the thing that he wanted the most.

Compared to this priceless treasure, the Purple Lotus Decree Master meant nothing.

He didn't expect that the Purple Lotus Decree Master was so weak that he just escaped from the fight today. He had decided to fight hundreds of rounds for the Cosmic Hades today. Now he was relieved that he didn't need to. However, he still had regrets. He was too cautious. If he could have been braver and attacked earlier, the Purple Lotus Decree Master would have surely died in his hands. Now he had escaped.

[Purple Lotus Decree Master escaped from me... So be it. I still have Feng Zhi-Ling to get to you.

There will be lots of chances to kill the Purple Lotus Decree Master in his current state.]


Translated by XianXiaWorld


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