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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 119


Chapter 119 - Everything Is Ready For The Kill!

Ye Xiao had spent his whole previous life in cultivating the Pure Yang Martial Art, but he apparently knew that his private part would turn big and hard sometimes. Yet it was the first time it happened to Ye Xiao because of some liquor.

Moreover... he felt it rather difficult to suppress the urge.

Song Jue said, ’’Xiao Xiao... What you drank... is a top quality male-strengthening liquor...’’

Ye Xiao was stunned.

And then he jumped up high.

’’Male-strengthening liquor? What?’’ Ye Xiao screamed out.

[I have been a virgin in all my lives... Apparently, I don't need that shit.

This is a huge joke...]

Song Jue said, ’’Ah? You... No way... You... You didn't know that?’’

Ye Xiao bowed like a prawn trying to cover his 'outstanding part', ’’What are you talking about... I... I haven't done that thing ever... How could I know... Oh no... This... It feels so weird...’’

[Ne... Never done that thing... ever?]

Song Jue was surprised. He said, ’’You you you... You are still a virgin? A virgin chicken?’’

Ye Xiao showed disdain, ’’You are talking superfluous words... Ahhhooo...’’

Song Jue was about to faint. [A virgin drank 2.5 liters of male-strengthening liquor?

What should we do?

How do I save this stupid little virgin...]

He angrily said, ’’No way. You used to fool around with those girls... What did you do then? You are not a baby now. How could you not know such a kind of thing?’’

That was absolutely not some proper thing that an uncle should talk about to his nephew. He actually blamed Ye Xiao for not having se*...

Ye Xiao groaned and moaned. He knew that he had showed something that may expose his true status. He said, ’’I was just talking about life... about dreams with them...’’

Song Jue opened his eyes staring at Ye Xiao for a while, and then he spat out and angrily shouted, ’’What did you say? You spent all night to talk about life with those girls... And about dreams?’’

Ye Xiao nodded, ’’Yes, of course. What else could I do...’’

Song Jue was stunned again for a while, and then he turned furious, ’’Why the fxck didn't you tell me earlier... You fxcking... You you you... Fxck! You are a saint...’’

[Staying with a girl all night only to talk about life and dreams... Isn't it something only a saint would do?

Well of course it could be because of impotency. But look at this guy's little tent there. He is absolutely not impotent.]

’’Well... What now?’’ Song Jue furiously said.

[I don't know what to do now.

If he is a randy goat, things would be much easier. I can just throw him into some brothel. But he is still a virgin. He doesn't know anything about doing that kind of thing...

Well... That is not cool.

Such... Such a waste...]

Ye Xiao was moaning. He murmured, ’’Hey hey. Don't worry... Let me have a cold bath and get this thing done...’’

Song Jue watched him leave bowing like a prawn.

And then he heard a sound from the pool... - Splash. -

[Finally, this young lord had his lesson today...] He followed up hurriedly and shouted, ’’Somebody come... Go get more water from the well...’’

The 36 blood guards came...

Song Jue knew that the water in the pool wouldn't work...

That night, the sound of water in the House of Ye didn't stop.

One bucket after another of ice cold water were splashed on Ye Xiao. He put his head into the water first, and then he poured it on his own body.

- Splash... -

- Splash...-

- Splash splash splash splash...-

The guards, who were all experienced men, were watching their young lord being embarrassed. They watched him pour the water and noticed the 'tent' on his pants. They were holding themselves trying not to laugh out...

Some of them just threw aside the buckets and sat on the floor laughing out like hell when they were carrying the water. They just couldn't help it...

That was so hilarious.

One of the guards got close to Song Jue and spoke in a low voice, ’’Chief, that's not a tough task, is it? ... Simply go to the brothel and everything will be fine... Right? Our young lord, he is an expert on that, isn't he?’’

Song Jue stared at him and said, ’’Bullshit. Do you think I am fool? He is an expert, huh? Expert my ass. He is just a little virgin... Do you know how he got all this? He didn't know what kind of liquor he drank, yet he still took in a whole bottle of it. How could an expert not recognize that kind of liquor...’’

The guard was surprised. He returned to his position, and then after a while, he started to laugh. Apparently, he just figured out how hilarious it was.

[A virgin? He is a virgin... Hahahaha...]

He looked at Ye Xiao's little 'tent'. That was huge...

[That... is not some ordinary virgin... That's a big-cock virgin... That's huge...] He was laughing, but then he stopped all of a sudden.

He lowered his head and looked at his own. Suddenly, he felt sorry about himself...

They had been busy for the whole night.

Dawn was about to come.

Ye Xiao started to feel that the urge inside him was reduced a bit. He shouted, ’’All right. All right, everybody... Fxck this shit. I have spent every minute that I should have spent in my entire life washing myself in only one night... I think I have lost a full layer of skin.’’

He just finished talking and people started to laugh again...

After this special night, Ye Xiao never dared to have that kind of liquor in his whole life again. He didn't really need it, and it was so embarrassing for him now. That was the biggest disgrace he had.

However, he had stored the rest of the liquor that was given by Zuo Wu-Ji. He wouldn't drink them anymore... He had made some changes on those bottles of liquor.

He was planning to make some trouble by using that liquor, but it turned out that Ye Xiao had finished something great with that liquor... That was a story after a long time after all.

Because of this special night, Ye Xiao went to the Zuo Wu-Ji's house and beat him up seriously.

He just beat him up without saying anything.

Zuo Wu-Ji felt that he did nothing wrong and was innocent. He just didn't know what was wrong with Ye Xiao...

When he got to know the story about all that, he nearly died laughing... And that was the story that Zuo Wu-Ji liked to say the most for the rest of his life.

Every time he narrated it, he felt so proud of it.

He always said, ’’Do you guys know the Xiao Monarch?... Hahahaha... He drank up a full bottle of the male-strengthening liquor that I gave to him and he got so 'filled with man spirit'. Hahahahaha...’’

And then whoever was listening to him will respect him...

Well that was what would happen when he became the Prime Minister Zuo.

The next two days after that special night, Ye Xiao went out of town a lot.

Song Jue didn't know what he was up to. He tried to followed Ye Xiao twice, yet he always lost Ye Xiao somehow...

Apparently, he was not qualified to stalk Ye Xiao.

Song Jue felt embarrassed, so he could only say something like, ’’I am gonna beat you up you little shit!’’

However, when Ye Xiao returned, Song Jue didn't dare to say anything. He was too embarrassed.

He used to be quite a great cultivator in the old days...

But now, he couldn't even follow the trail of a teenager. He had been misled to a toilet once, and to a brothel the other time...

He could catch up with nothing.

Obviously, he was not that good now. He was too embarrassed to say anything about it...

Gu Jin-Long could feel something everyday, 'Feng Zhi-Ling came to town today', 'Feng Zhi-Ling left town now', 'Feng Zhi-Ling...'

He was satisfied because he felt everything was under his control.

He felt even pleased when he thought that Feng Zhi-Ling didn't know he was under control...

He thought that he had successfully fooled Feng Zhi-Ling, and Feng Zhi-Ling trusted him so much. He believed that the supreme dan beads and the Cosmic Hades would be in his hands soon, and Feng Zhi-Ling would still trust him. Gu Jin-Long was so happy about it.

He smiled a lot because he thought about all this a lot. That was some kind of smile with confidence, self-obsession, pride, satisfaction...

Every time Wan Zheng-Hao saw his smile, he would immediately walk away.

He felt scared about that smile on Gu Jin-Long's face...

He felt like he was about to shit his pants whenever he saw that smile.

If he had the chance to see the smile on Ye Xiao's face, he would understand that there was never only one pervert in the world...

The smile on Ye Xiao's face could only be more unbearable than Gu Jin-Long.

Now he was on a tall mountain around the Pen Rack Mountain. He was setting up another array. He was smiling. Hmm... That was a smile of a scary psycho...

This time, he was setting up a Disappearance Array.

He was sure that Gu Jin-Long could break down this array if he wanted to.

On the mountain, Ye Xiao spent days and dug a ventilated cave that was connected with tunnels.

It was a spacious cave.

He had put some decorations in it and even painted some lotus on the wall...

After that, he checked around the whole place again and again.

After he made sure that everything was perfect, he nodded while looking at the cave.

Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

Translated by Ares at Xianxiaworld


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