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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 118


Chapter 118 - What's Wrong?

The next few days, Ye Xiao focused on cultivating. He naturally didn't go out and make any trouble. The world wouldn't stop running just because of his absence. Many things had happened.

The king had finally decreed that Prince Hua-Yang should prepare his army for the battle in the south.

The Crown Prince's side had been quietened down. It was as if he was waiting with patience.

Ye Xiao knew that the Crown Prince was obviously waiting for his death.

He had been hit by the Melting Bone Palm for over seven days...

But it was not enough for the wound to be activated!

The wound was still hidden, waiting to explode.

Therefore, Ye Xiao was still vigorous. He showed up a lot. Naturally, he had to squeeze some time during his cultivation to show up in front of people. He really felt that time was not enough for him, yet he still had to spend time showing people he was still doing ok!

Guan Zheng-Wen secretly came to check on Ye Xiao once. When he got back, he said, ’’Ye Xiao looks fine. But his eyes have turned a bit blue. I think... the wound was about to show effect.’’

Hearing Master Guan's words, the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess felt relieved.

The Crown Prince said, ’’In fact, I have this feeling that... it is quite a waste about this Ye Xiao.’’

He showed pity for Ye Xiao and it made the Crown Princess become mad.

However, they thought Ye Xiao was going to die soon under the wound of the Melting Bone Palm with a horrible look.

The Crown Princess was furious, but she didn't stick on it too much.

The Mu Clan's men had never showed up in the Capital again these days. They tried everything in order to apologize to Master Bai and the House of Chaotic Storm.


The House of Chaotic Storm was such a mystery. No matter what the Mu Clan did, they just couldn't get in touch.

During these days, Zuo Wu-Ji hadn't shown up. It was said that he had been studying at home all the time. He was studying knowledge from all aspects at full stretch... However, he had sent someone to give Ye Xiao several bottle of Sunny Liquor.

Well, the Sunny Liquor had a sunny name. In fact... it was the same as Viagra. Since Lord Zuo himself was impotent, he just gave them all to Ye Xiao and Lan Lang-Lang.

Lan Lang-Lang was surely happy to have them. He was so happy as if he found out some priceless treasures.

Ye Xiao was different.

Because Ye Xiao was chaste!!!

Eh-hem. Ye Xiao was truly chaste. He was even a bit too chaste. He had been a virgin since he had been born in his previous life. How could he possibly know how to use this kind of thing? He had no idea what this liquor was for. He knew who to share pleasure though, so he asked the kitchen to prepare some food and invited his Uncle Song to drink the liquor together.

So his friend gave him some liquor as present and he shared it with his Uncle Song. It was quite reasonable, wasn't it?

Ye Xiao thought so. And he also did so.

Song Jue was happy that Ye Xiao had prepared him a treat, so he came.

Because of the Golden Mai Palm, the boozy Song Jue had quitted drinking for over a dozen years. Now that he was asked to drink some, he thought he needed to get drunk.

When the meals were all prepared, Ye Xiao took out the Sunny Liquor and showed it to Song Jue proudly.

’’Look! Uncle Song! Fine liquor!’’

Song Jue was stunned right away.

[My nephew prepared a full table of tasty foods for me. That's great. But how come he would bring up some liquor that enhances male capacity?

I am kind of alcoholic, but I really am not so into that kind of alcohol!]

Song Jue's face was twisting. He wanted to say, 'I don't think I need that...'

Yet he couldn't say it. He stared at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was confused, ’’Uncle Song, what's wrong? I thought you love drinking? Why are you still holding your cup? Come on. Put it down and let me fill it up.’’

Song Jue held the cup tight and said with a strange face, ’’Xiao Xiao, you want me to... drink that with you?’’

Ye Xiao answered with certainty, ’’Of course. I have heard it is a fine liquor. Normal people don't have the luck to drink it. Zuo Wu-Ji had it because of the connections his grandfather had. He only had a few bottles and he sent them to me right away... Thank god this guy is very loyal and always remember to give me things. I know you love fine liquor a lot. How can I forget to share it with you? Uncle Song, drink as much as you can.’’

Song Jue's face kept twisting. He didn't know whether he should cry or laugh.

It was thoughtful words Ye Xiao had just spoken, yet Song Jue felt it uncomfortable!

It was indeed good stuff.

Normal people couldn't even see it.


[Don't you know what it is for? Really? You are a foppish young lord who had been fooling around a lot. How can you not know about it? I don't remember you are that chaste...

Since when do I love this kind of liquor? When?!

You little bastard, you are cursing me, aren't you? What do you what to say!

You want to get kicked, you should just tell me so!]

Song Jue thought that he himself was shameless enough. However, he just couldn't sit here and drink this kind of liquor with his nephew. If his big brother got to know such a 'glorious thing' of him, he would be completely beaten up to death...

Well, what if his big brother was too angry so he kicked Song Jue's di*k to death... That was the true tragedy that Song Jue feared!

To avoid such tragedy, Song Jue turned Ye Xiao down and explained something like he was not feeling well recently, so he couldn't drink it and thanks for asking and so on...

Ye Xiao was surprised that Song Jue actually didn't drink. So he filled up a cup of liquor for himself instead...

Song Jue looked at him indifferently and thought, [Well, show me you are joking with me. If you really drink it, that's fine. If you don't drink it... that means you are fooling with me!

Then I will beat you up.

Well, I may not be able to beat you up, but I will die trying!]

Of course, Ye Xiao didn't know anything about what Song Jue was thinking.

In fact, he had been fond of drinking in his previous life. Looking at the crystal liquor inside the cup, Ye Xiao felt that it was attractive somehow. It smelled so good that Ye Xiao truly wanted to drink it up. He wouldn't get seriously drunk, but he would have several cups.

He casually ate some food and then drank it up under Song Jue's stare.

Song Jue immediately grinned.

He was a bit of a gloat, [Is he... not so well in that thing? Or is he really unaware of this liquor? Anyway, this cup of liquor he had will make him suffer for some time...]

Even an impotent man needed only a little bit of this liquor.

Yet Ye Xiao drank up so much at once!

[I want to see what you are going to do later! I won't allow you to go out for whores! Drinking so much of that... will only make you suffer for one night. That's all.

You bastard actually tried to make me drink that?

You deserve it tonight!]

Ye Xiao clicked his tongue after that drink and said, ’’It tastes so good, but there is slightly some flavor of medicine. It is good anyway. Are you sure you don't want some, Uncle Song?’’

Song Jue's face was dark and he affirmatively shook his head.

He stared at Ye Xiao with a strange look.

Ye Xiao shook his head and said, ’’Well if you don't want it, I am not going to save it. It truly is some priceless liquor. That boy truly has some treasures for me. I kind of like it.’’

And then he took up the whole big bottle and raised his head. He started to drink it all...

- Cooroo... -

Song Jue was astonished while looking at him!

He was so shocked that he didn't have time to speak. He totally forgot to stop Ye Xiao.

When he realized that, Ye Xiao had already drunk half of the 2.5 liters of liquor.

’’Oh shxt! You fool! Don't drink it. You can't drink it like this!’’ Song Jue's face was twisted and he kept stomping the floor.

[Oh damn it! That's not cool...

It turns out he doesn't know anything about this liquor...

Look at how excited he was...

What the hell! What should I do!

Bad things are going to happen!]

Ye Xiao put down the bottle and wiped his mouth. He curiously asked, ’’I can't drink it like this? Why? What are you talking about? Do you think I am wasting it because I drank too much at a time? Don't worry. I have several bottles. If you like it, I will send the rest of the bottles to you and let you enjoy them all alone. How about that, huh?!’’

Song Jue was stunned.

[What the hell... Drink them all? How do you know I like this kind of thing? Bullshit. You are going to know why soon!

How can I frankly explain such a thing? [1]]

He coughed and said, ’’I am not so into it. Don't send me anything. This liquor... You can't drink it like that anyway. You shouldn't drink that much at a time... You will know it soon...’’

Ye Xiao was indifferent, ’’Uncle Song, you are a good man, but you are a bit narrow-minded. You don't feel well today so you can't drink. That's fine. I have a lot saved for you...’’

He raised his head again and finished the rest of the liquor right away.

He wiped his mouth and said, ’’Good!’’

Looking at that, Song Jue was totally stunned. He had lost his language at the moment.

[Good? You will feel even better later...

Will he get sick after drinking that much of this kind of thing?]

As expected, after a while, Ye Xiao's face became strange. It turned red. He murmured, ’’What's wrong? Why is it so puffy... I don't feel well...’’

Song Jue found him both funny and annoying. He said, ’’Well, Xiao Xiao...’’

’’Something is wrong...’’ Ye Xiao felt an urge in his head, and then he felt his private part turning hard like steel... He kept his legs together and took a deep breath, ’’What's happening to me...’’

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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