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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - Cruel And Unscrupulous!

She had spent all her life waiting for him and had been living a miserable life, yet he just killed her without any hesitation?!

Ye Xiao couldn't believe what he had just heard.

[How is it possible? How could he? Unbelievable!]

’’Why?’’ Ye Xiao felt extremely angry about it. He could barely suppress it. So he asked, ’’Why did you kill her? She had been waiting for you her whole life... All she did in her whole life was to wait for you. It was the only hope that kept her living... Finally, you came back and she got to meet you once again. Why did you treat the woman who loved you so much like that? You didn't even comfort her, care for her, felt sorry for her... It was horrible enough that you didn't want her to recognize you. Why did you kill her?’’

Although he had thought about it, he still felt that it was extremely ridiculous when he heard Gu Jin-Long say it.

A man who had a bit of humanity would never do something like that.

That sentimental woman had finally met her husband again, yet she would have never thought that her husband was no more the man she loved;he turned into a mere cruel wolf.

What she got after waiting for her whole life was not a warm hug;it was a sharp sword.

There was nothing more cruel than this in the world.

Gu Jin-Long closed his eyes and his tears stayed in his eyes. He shouted furiously, ’’Why couldn't I kill her? In my heart, there was only the young and beautiful Han-Er who had a voice like an angel. That was the most beautiful thing I kept in my heart. Can you imagine how I felt when I came back and saw an old, ugly woman?’’

’’Her face was full of wrinkles. Her body was dirty. Her breasts were shriveled and droopy. And that harsh voice kept calling my name. Was she still my Han-Er? Was she? No! She wasn't...’’

Gu Jin-Long shouted crazily.

Ye Xiao looked at him indifferently.

[She was old and ugly, so she was no longer Han-Er to you? Hadn't she spent all her life waiting for you?]

For a man like that, Ye Xiao felt that furious was not enough to describe how furious he was at the moment.

’’That was not my Han-Er. No. Absolutely not. Han-Er is the most beautiful girl in my heart. That ugly old woman was not my Han-Er.’’ Gu Jin-Long spoke fiercely, ’’That old woman was just desecrating my Han-Er. She destroyed the beautiful image of Han-Er in my heart. I killed her. I killed her without any hesitation. I buried her here. It was my Han-Er that was buried here, not that old woman. Absolutely not!’’

Ye Xiao turned his head and looked at that lonely grave.

The lonely grave that stayed here for such a long time kept on telling a sad story.

Ye Xiao felt a certain coldness rising in his heart.

He had absorbed the gelid qi from the Cosmic Hades, so he had been confident that there would never be anything that could make him feel coldness in the world. However, that feeling of coldness was now freezing him from inside out.

It was not Gu Jin-Long that made him feel that cold;it was the woman inside this grave.

She had been waiting her whole life for that memorable husband. She loved him her entire life and waited for him her entire life. What did she get in return?

Only a sword.

And a wolf who cruelly ended her life.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt that the world was big. It was so big that everything seemed to be so small...

If Han-Er still had consciousness after death, what would she think?

Ye Xiao didn't want to imagine it. He couldn't. He felt both pain and coldness just thinking about it.

He was living his second life and he had always been a brave man. He did what he wanted and took responsibility for it. There was hardly anything he didn't dare to imagine. Yet now he didn't dare to imagine the thought of a dead person.

At this moment, the eagerness he felt to kill Gu Jin-Long had increased a thousandfold.

He actually hated Gu Jin-Long more because of what had happened to Han-Er than what had happened to himself.

[He isn't a human.

He is just a wolf, an animal.

He has no humanity. He has no heart. He is a wild animal that makes people bristle with anger.

What a monster.]

Gu Jin-Long stood up, he sadly looked at that grave and murmured, ’’Han-Er... How are you? I am back to see you. Brother Da-Long is here to see you...’’ While he was speaking, tears started to drop down from his eyes.

Ye Xiao was stunned. He looked at Gu Jin-Long and couldn't understand how could tears come out from such a shameless man like him.

He couldn't understand how shameless he was that he could actually come back here and call the woman 'Han-Er' and call himself 'Brother Da-Long'...

Didn't he feel any self-accusation?

Didn't he understand that from the day he had chosen the cultivation life, he was no longer Gu Da-Long?

Gu Jin-Long murmured and spoke, ’’Brother Feng, I am a sensitive man... I can't forget the day when Han-Er looked at me with a face adorned with tears.I can't forget her eyes and her beautiful hair. The purple dress she was wearing was a gift I gave her. That day, she was wearing it and it danced in the breeze... Her eyes, wet with tears, were looking at me... It was so sad and beautiful. I can never forget that scene...’’

He suddenly cried out and said, ’’Every time when I think about it, my heart breaks...’’

[My heart is broken now. Ok?

My heart breaks not because you are 'sensitive', you asshole, because the sentimental woman was so poor. Her heart must be broken into pieces.]

Ye Xiao sighed.

Gu Jin-Long was lost in sorrow for a long while before he finally stood up. He looked at the grave and said, ’’Han-Er, I am leaving. I will come to see you again... Please take care of yourself in the heaven. Don't make me worry...’’

Ye Xiao saw him take out some paper-money [1] and candles and lit them up sincerely. At this moment, he didn't know how to describe the feeling in his heart.

To Ye Xiao, this man was totally insane. He was a lunatic.

Maybe when Gu Jin-Long stepped on the cultivation life, he was still Gu Da-Long. When he met Han-Er again, he was still Gu Da-Long. However, the man who killed Han-Er was Gu Jin-Long and Gu Da-Long had died along with Han-Er at that moment.

Ye Xiao took over some incenses from Gu Jin-Long and lit them up. He sticked them in front of the grave with sincerity. He bow to the lonely woman who was inside this lonely grave for thousands of years.

He spoke in his mind, [Your name is Han-Er, Li Ming-Han, right? ... I promise I will avenge you. I will kill this monster for you. I will do it not only for me, but also for you, for your life that was wasted waiting for him.

I am going to kill Gu Jin-Long no matter what.]

Ye Xiao made a vow in his heart.

He had never been so eager to take someone's life.

The eagerness in his heart was so strong that he nearly couldn't suppress it.

After he finished speaking in his mind, the wind suddenly howled in the quiet sky. The fallen leaves and grasses were blown up to the sky.

In front of the grave, there seemed to be a whirlwind. A lot of leaves and grasses were circling in front of Ye Xiao...

It was like the woman's spirit was answering him...

When the wind stopped and everything calmed down, a small mound showed up in front of Ye Xiao.

Gu Jin-Long looked at Ye Xiao and spoke with gratitude, ’’Brother Feng, thank you. You incensed for my Han-Er. I knew it was right to be your brother...’’

Ye Xiao forcibly smiled, ’’It's ok, big brother.’’

Gu Jin-Long raised his head and felt the breeze on his face. He smiled and said, ’’Look, Han-Er is happy... She is happy that I am here to see her. It didn't waste her life waiting, did it...’’

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes with disdain and was speechless.

Gu Jin-Long was lost in thoughts and then he said gently, ’’All these years, I have never told anything else about this to anyone... I must have looked stupid in front you.’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’I didn't realize you are a sentimental man.’’

That was full of irony.

Gu Jin-Long was so moved now, so he actually didn't get the irony in Ye Xiao's words. His tears dripped down on his face and said, ’’In my life... My biggest flaw is being sentimental...’’

Ye Xiao swallowed.

He nearly puked out because of that sick words.

[How can a man be so shameless?]

Gu Jin-Long was speaking as if his cruelness was because he was sentimental.

That was truly indescribably shameless.

When they left the grave and got to the foot of the mountain, Gu Jin-Long seemed reluctant to leave. He walked a few steps and looked back, as if he was so unwilling to leave...

People might have thought that he was truly a sentimental man.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath to suppress the anger inside of his heart. He was afraid that he would let it explode all of a sudden.

They left the mountain and went back to town together. When they reached the city gate, they took separate ways.

Gu Jin-Long had invited Ye Xiao to the salesroom before they left each other, but Ye Xiao didn't have the mood to do so.

He felt nauseated about Gu Jin-Long's 'love story'. He didn't want to stay with him any longer.

Since then, Ye Xiao's cultivation was obviously improved.

To improve further, Ye Xiao threw one piece of spiritual jade, sometimes two, into the Space every now and then. It was for activating the furious mode of the Cosmic Hades. He wanted to achieve big progress in cultivation through the dangers.

Every time when he did so, he was in great danger. Yet he was always smiling when he was doing it...

That smile was a representation of a cold and murderous desire.


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