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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 116


Chapter 116 - He Killed Her?!

Feng Zhi-Ling opened his mouth and rubbed his arms, ’’Ouch... What's wrong? My bones are about to break down. Brother Gu, you grabbed me so hard. My arm was going to be ripped off!’’

Gu Jin-Ling kept his eyes wide opened. He was speechless.

[I grabbed you out? I broke your arm?

Was I that reckless?!

I swear to god I didn't grab you too hard. I was just casually grabbing your hand. It was the array that was grabbing your arm!]

Gu Jin-Long stayed silent for a while and eventually gave up. He said, ’’I think that the Purple Lotus Decree Master must have set some weird spell on this mountain to keep it safe from anyone else. I think you are the only person who can get in and out of this mountain. I am afraid your master couldn't get out until he is done making supreme dans!’’

Gu Jin-Long imagined what himself would do if he were the Purple Lotus Decree Master. He also imagined what should have happened to Feng Zhi-Ling's master. Well, Ye Xiao was glad that somebody helped him making up the story!

Gu Jin-Long failed to get in so he just said, ’’I think I should just quit. I will go meet your master when there is a chance.’’

Ye Xiao tried persuading him to try again, ’’Let's try again, Brother Gu. Maybe you will just get it this time...’’

Gu Jin-Long rolled his eyes indifferently.

[Try again?

Try your ass, you fool! There's no way I can get in no matter how many times I try!]

’’No need. I am bound not to get in this mountain.’’ He held up the gloom in his mind and smiled, ’’Brother Feng, since you have already given your master those materials, he must be working on it right now. It may be interrupting if I just get in. Besides, there is this powerful array. I think I will just leave...’’

He stood there with his hands on his back looking around at the mountains. Confusion flashed in his eyes, but it instantly disappeared.

He looked at Ye Xiao and said, ’’Brother Feng, may I ask you to look around that mountain over there with me?’’

Ye Xiao looked at where Gu Jin-Long was pointing. It was an average-size mountain. It was only about 300 meters high and about a dozen miles away from them.

Basically, it was within their reach.

Things on that mountain, they could see them clearly. The most obvious thing on that mountain was a big tree. The tree was so big and it nearly covered the whole mountain top.

’’That small mountain? What for? There is just a big tree there. There's nothing worth looking for!’’ Ye Xiao was confused.

Comparing to the other mountains around it, that mountain was just like a hill.

’’Heh heh. Brother Feng, you grew up here, so you don't think there is anything special.’’ Gu Jin-Long spoke sadly, ’’In fact, the reason why I keep coming to the Land of Han-Yang is because of this small mountain.’’

Ye Xiao was stunned and said, ’’What? What's on it that makes your care so much? There is nothing on it. All right then. Let me be your company. Maybe after a walk with you, I will learn something. I really want to know what is it that you care so much about.’’

Gu Jin-Long smiled and started to move.

It was only more than a dozen miles away. It took only a while before they arrived.

Gu Jin-Long stood on the foothill looking at the small mountain. The expressions in his eyes changed fast. Eventually, they were filled with sadness. He said, ’’Let's go.’’

They walked so slowly onto the mountain.

The narrow paths on the mountain had been covered by wild grasses.

No matter where Gu Jin-Long walked through, the grasses and the bushes disappeared right away.

He kept walking in silence.

Ye Xiao was following him and thought, [He looks sad. Was someone important to him buried in this place? Does he have a story about it?]

When they were about to reach the hillside, Gu Jin-Long jumped off and reached the big tree. The crown of the tree was like an umbrella covering most of the mountain.

Under the tree, there was a small grave. It was lonely and desolate.

There was no gravestone;only a small mound.

Gu Jin-Long started to clean the weeds that had grown around the mound. He used his powerful spiritual power to move the hidden spring water to get through the tree. He also used his spiritual power to kill all the insects on the tree.

And then, Gu Jin-Long kept looking at this grave that seemed to be very old. He was quiet for a long time.

After that, he sat down.

His head was down and he was quiet.

After a long time, he raised his head and murmured, ’’Brother Feng, thanks for your company. Do you want to hear a story?’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’Sure. I am glad to.’’

Gu Jin-Long bitterly smiled and said, ’’Long, long ago... There were two villages under this mountain... One was called the Li Village while the other was called the Gu Village. There was a young man in the Gu Village, named Gu Da-Long. There was a girl in the Li Village, named Li Ming-Han. They grew up together like brother and sister. When they grew up, naturally, they were engaged and then got married.’’

’’Li Ming-Han was the most beautiful girl within a hundred miles from the villages. Gu Da-Long was surely flattered to have a wife like her. He cherished her like she was his life.’’

Ye Xiao immediately realized the implications of Gu Jin-Long's words. [Gu Da-Long must be Gu Jin-Long. It turns out that the Land of Han-Yang was Gu Jin-Long's homeland.]

’’One year after they got married, Gu Da-Long met the most important man in his life, his master, a man who came from the upper world that got badly injured and fell to this land. Because of this man, Gu Da-Long started his cultivation... He turned out to be a remarkable genius of cultivation... After his master fully recovered, he wanted to take Gu Jin-Long to his sect for cultivation...’’

’’ that time, Han-Er held on my leg and insisted that I should stay...’’ Gu Jin-Long's voice became a bit like sobbing. He was a bit lost in thoughts too. He actually spoke out 'my leg' instead of 'Gu Da-Long's'.

He didn't notice what he had said. He just continued, ’’I only want to focus on cultivation and obtain greater achievements, so I ignored Han-Er's sadness and left home. When I left, Han-Er was crying, 'I will wait for you... Please promise me that you will come back for me'.’’

’’When I arrived in the Qing-Yun Realm, I was so concentrated on cultivation. It was such a wonderland for an ignorant fool like me... I was obsessed... When I started to think about the person who was waiting for me in my hometown, fifty years had passed!’’

Ye Xiao sighed.

Although Ye Xiao hated Gu Jin-Long a lot, he couldn't help but sigh for him.

For the girl.

Fifty years!

Waiting fifty years just for the guy!

She started waiting since they just got married.

Ten years after another ten years!

How many years did a normal person have?

A girl in the mortal world...

A love-struck girl spent her whole life waiting for a man...

’’So I returned as soon as I could.’’ Gu Jin-Long said, ’’But when I saw her again, she was still waiting there... like she promised. But... I was still a young man at that time, the girl I missed had become a white-haired old woman in front of me...’’

’’I was so sad and I was in pain.’’

Gu Jin-Long looked extremely sad when he spoke about that. Yet Ye Xiao noticed that there was a sense of viciousness on his face too...

’’Fifty years of waiting, she finally saw you again. She got her husband back.’’ Ye Xiao spoke lightly, ’’Her wait had come to an end after all... Oh.’’

’’Yes. She got me back...’’ Gu Jin-Long gritted his teeth, ’’But... She was so old and ugly by then...’’

Ye Xiao turned around and looked at Gu Jin-Long right away.

He couldn't believe what he just heard. [Unbelievable!

A girl who had spent all her life waiting for you to keep the promise, and you actually called her old and ugly?

Old and ugly for what? Wasn't it because of you?]

’’When I saw that old woman, I wanted to call her 'Han-Er'... But... I couldn't.’’ Gu Jin-Long closed his eyes and murmured, ’’And... When she saw me, she was so excited. She cried. The sound she made was so harsh. It was no longer the lovely sound of my Han-Er...’’

Ye Xiao sighed and felt sad about it.

[After waiting for fifty years, she finally got her husband back.

She lost her youth. She lost her beauty!

That was so cruel for a girl...

But the crueler thing was that the man she was waiting for was such an asshole!]

’’What happened next?’’ Gu Jin-Long stopped talking, so Ye Xiao asked him.

’’And then...’’ Gu Jin-Long's face was twisting. He looked like a mad animal.

Ye Xiao was stunned. He felt that Gu Jin-Long was about to say something horrible.

[No way...]

Ye Xiao really didn't want that feeling to be right. [Is a man really able to be so evil?!]


’’...And then... I killed her...’’ Gu Jin-Long's face was twisting. It looked like he was in enormous pain.

’’You killed her?!’’

Ye Xiao screamed out!

[He killed her?!]


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