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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 115


Chapter 115 - What A Coincidence, You Are Here

Ye Xiao was concentrated on operating the East-rising Purple Qi which was revolving in his Jing and Mai to absorb the gelid qi.

Ye Xiao could even hear the sound of it from the Jing and Mai.

Inside his dantian, the gelid qi was gathering with an amazing speed.

At the same time, the gelid qi was transforming to Yang Power inside Ye Xiao. Luckily, they were running at the same rate. Otherwise, he could have exploded or frozen because of the large amount of gelid qi.

The East-rising Purple Qi was marvelous in converting the powers of Yin and Yang. It created a cycle inside Ye Xiao's dantian and digested the massive amount of gelid qi. It decreased the damage and converted it into advantages.

Ye Xiao was extremely focused on operating it. He didn't dare to be reckless.

His body was covered by a lot of frost.

It was summer time though.

That was truly a scary scene.

While he was working so hard on converting the gelid qi inside the Nine Spaces, some of the gelid qi unavoidably fled outside, as a stream of cold current ran around the mountains.

And this cold current kept going out...

Ye Xiao had been sitting there for a whole day.

When he stood up, he still felt scared. His bones were making cracking sounds when he stood up. The crisis that was brought by the spiritual jade didn't lead to any real damage to him after all. The gelid qi inside the Nine Spaces was finally suppressed under his hard work. The Cosmic Hades had returned to the Sky Space at the end.

The Nine Spaces had finally returned to a stable condition.

There were always opportunities during a crisis. Ye Xiao felt that after what had happened, his East-rising Purple Qi had obviously improved.

He made sure that the crisis was over and got in to check the Nine Spaces. The frost on the Nine Spaces was gone, leaving only a few damages on the Nine Spaces. For example, the leaves of the plants in the Wood Space suffered frostbites. To fully recover them, a long time was needed. Even so, Ye Xiao could only rejoice that there was nothing worse that had happened.

If he stopped the gelid qi a bit later, those medical plants were doomed to die. Now their growth had only been slowed down. Wasn't that lucky?

How come the Cosmic Hades made such a disaster this time?

That was unfathomable.

It was just a small piece of spiritual jade. How come it could cause such a dangerous crisis?

Ye Xiao looked at the Cosmic Hades. He didn't understand anything at all.

[It is like I can't put this kind of energy crystal into the Nine Spaces.]

He tried touching the Cosmic Hades and surprisingly found that he could actually touch it physically.

It wasn't like the Pure Heavenly Crystal, which he could only watch, not touch.


Ye Xiao tried to move it out a bit.

- Puff. -

The Cosmic Hades appeared on the mountain.

It actually got out!

Ye Xiao actually moved it out from the Nine Spaces!

Looking at the Cosmic Hades, which had just knocked out a pit on the floor, Ye Xiao was astonished.

He truly had no idea what was going on now.

The spiritual jade had made the Cosmic Hades turn regal...

And then the Cosmic Hades could be taken out from the Nine Spaces after that...

Ye Xiao kept thinking for a while but failed to figure out anything useful. He gave up thinking and moved away from the Pen Rack Mountain which was now completely covered by ice. He wanted to change the look of the mountain back to how it used to be. But before he could do anything, he noticed a figure coming over fast like lightning.

It seemed 'lightning' wasn't good enough to describe the man's speed. With just a blink of an eye, the man showed up in front of Ye Xiao. - Shoot! -

Ye Xiao was surprised when he saw the man, he shouted, ’’Brother Gu?’’

The man was Gu Jin-Long indeed.

Gu Jin-Long acted like he was surprised too and said, ’’Oh, it is you, Brother Feng. What are you doing here?’’

Ye Xiao cursed him in his mind a hundreds of times, [You motherfxxker! You have noticed I am here. That's why you came!]

He was surprised that Gu Jin-Long was that fast.

He had just taken out the Cosmic Hades for seconds and Gu Jin-Long sensed it and came over from hundreds of miles away...

Luckily, Ye Xiao had set up the Stars Covering Array. Otherwise, he would be exposed right away.

[I have to be more cautious from now on. Nothing can be considered as too cautious when facing this prick.]

’’I am delivering some medical materials to my master...’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’I just left my master and now I met you. What a coincidence. We truly have an affinity.’’

Gu Jin-Long looked forward and felt some strange power. Even though he was experienced, he couldn't figure out what it was. He asked, ’’Brother Feng, is your master here?’’

Ye Xiao nodded and pointed, ’’Yes. He is on this mountain, Pen Rack Mountain.’’

’’Pen Rack Mountain?’’ Gu Jin-Long looked to where Ye Xiao pointed, but saw nothing.

There were only some clouds and fogs.

Ye Xiao realized it and explained, ’’Brother, don't get me wrong. I don't know why it becomes so. After the Purple Lotus Decree Master came, the mountain became invisible. However, I can still get in. I grew up here. I can find it with my eyes closed.

’’I see.’’ Gu Jin-Long looked at the fogs and said.

At the same time, he thought, [My capability was indeed far weaker than those big figures in the Qing-Yun Realm. The Purple Lotus Decree Master was about to go to his end, yet this array he casually set here could easily fool me. Impressive.

He is indeed a man who has fought against the Xiao Monarch. He is remarkable.

However, he is going to die soon... Humph.]

Thinking of that, he heard Feng Zhi-Ling's voice, ’’Come. Brother Gu. Come with me. I will bring you to my master.’’

Gu Jin-Long was planning to see his master, so he nodded, ’’I just want to ask for it. It is my pleasure to see the grandmaster of dan-making.’’

He stepped forward while saying that.

’’Brother Gu, you should better follow me tight. Don't make any mistake.’’ Ye Xiao was walking in front. He was truly like walking with his eyes closed. After a few steps, they disappeared in the fog.

After more than twenty steps, Feng Zhi-Ling, who was leading the way, took one more step forward and instantly disappeared in Gu Jin-Long's sight.

Gu Jin-Long thought there must be some small arrays there covering things, so he followed on.

He was expecting to see Feng Zhi-Ling after stepping over, but...

- Poof! - Things around him was changing. He felt a bit dizzy all of a sudden. When he came back to his mind and opened his eyes, he found himself back to where he talked to Feng Zhi-Ling earlier.

He could only hear the voice of Feng Zhi-Ling coming over, ’’Brother Gu... Brother Gu? You... Where are you? Why don't you follow me in? Where are you?’’

Gu Jin-Long was speechless.

[I did want to follow you in... But... What was that?]

Gu Jin-Long was confident that he had never taken any wrong steps. Yet what happened just now was the array was activated and sent him out of it.

He was thinking about what mistake he had made when he suddenly saw Feng Zhi-Ling was moving out from the array. Feng Zhi-Ling looked at Gu Jin-Long and asked, ’’Why are you still here?’’

Gu Jin-Long frowned and smiled bitterly, ’’This array is truly weird. I was following you step by step. I am sure I didn't make any mistakes. But... I just got kicked out of it...’’

Ye Xiao frowned, ’’Why? I have been in and out for many times and everything is ok... Hmm. How about this. You close your eyes and hold my hand. Let me lead you in.’’

Gu Jin-Long nodded, ’’Great idea. Thanks, Brother Feng.’’

He grabbed Ye Xiao's hand and closed his eyes. They got back into the fog.

Gu Jin-Long was so dutiful on this, but he didn't truly trust Feng Zhi-Ling. He felt ok about it because in his eyes, Feng Zhi-Ling was no better than an ant. That was why he wasn't afraid he would get sneak attacked by Feng Zhi-Ling or something.

Ye Xiao was holding Gu Jin-Long's hand. They were moving forward together. Things went well at the beginning, but after they took about twenty steps inside the fog, Ye Xiao took one more step and Gu Jin-Long was confused again. He was still holding Feng Zhi-Ling's hand, but he couldn't feel his body.

Gu Jin-Long decided to follow him and took one more step forward again. Suddenly, things around him were changing again. He heard Feng Zhi-Ling screaming, and the next moment, he was out of the array again.

This time, Ye Xiao was out too.


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