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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 114


Chapter 114 - Getting Prepared;Accident

’’Is this some kind of progress?! I have broken through the limits several times, but the East-rising Purple Qi stays unchanged all the time.’’ Ye Xiao smiled bitterly, ’’It seems that what I have achieved meant nothing compared to the East-rising Purple Qi. Those are nothing. Worthless. Should I be happy or should I be sad about it! Fine. I should be happy. I am happy...’’

He used some kind of 'spiritual victory method [1]' to comfort himself. Good for you, Xiao Monarch!


The next moment, he returned to the Spaces again.

He looked at the Cosmic Hades in the Sky Space and frowned, seemingly lost in his thoughts.

The gelid qi that was produced by the Cosmic Hades had fully filled up the whole Sky Space and was about invade the other Spaces. That was not good and Ye Xiao knew that he had to do something about it. In other words, he had to absorb it again...

Thinking about the Cosmic Hades, he was thinking about the two crisis he was facing at the moment.

The inner crisis was an easy one. He could just cultivate the gelid qi again. He had done it before, so this time, it would be much easier. However, how was he able to deal with the outer crisis?

Gu Jin-Long was too strong for him. Thinking about how powerful Gu Jin-Long was, Ye Xiao sighed again.

Now he had barely escaped from death because of a big lie. However, Gu Jin-Long was still out there watching him. He wouldn't leave without the Cosmic Hades. He was like a ticking bomb that might explode at any time around Ye Xiao. Things between Ye Xiao and Gu Jin-Long had to be ended.

Either Gu Jin-Long died, or Ye Xiao would!

One of them had to die.

The point was that Ye Xiao couldn't do anything about Gu Jin-Long. Poison, dan bead or anything else he could think of were useless. Ye Xiao didn't have the dan beads that could get Gu Jin-Long killed!

He sighed and walked out of his room.

Song Jue was worried about Ye Xiao when he saw Ye Xiao's sad face.

Ye Xiao could only give some answers that didn't matter to Song Jue. After which, he disappeared among the people out of the house.

After a while, he was in some field outside the city. He was Feng Zhi-Ling now and he was running fast in the wild.

He was looking for a suitable location.

A mountain.

In case Gu Jin-Long would ask, he had to make things look reasonable.

’’Even a perfect lie won't last long. You always need to make enormous efforts to cover up one lie you made. A tiny mistake will expose you and you will instantly lose, and that's the time that you will die.’’ Ye Xiao smiled bitterly with helplessness.

After a while, he had found a mountain.

It was a mountain that looked like a tubular pen rack. It was tall and isolate. There was no connection between this mountain and the others. It was in a special location like all the other mountains were embracing it.

In fact, this mountain was named the Pen Rack Mountain!

It was sharp and high.

Ye Xiao looked around for quite a while and nodded with satisfaction. He took out 99 pieces of spiritual jades from the ring. He didn't need to save any of them because they were given by Gu Jin-Long. They were free.

He had moved around the mountain while placing the spiritual jades along the way. He didn't stop. He kept moving round and round from the bottom of the mountain to halfway up the mountain, placing the spiritual jades here and there. At the end, he had used up a little less than 400 pieces of spiritual jades on this mountain.

Now, he had finally set up a foundation, so he took out another 13 pieces of spiritual jades. He flew to the top of the mountain and positioned the 13 pieces of spiritual jades imitating the Eight Diagrams[2] and the Five Elements[3]. Eight pieces were set in a bigger circle and the other five in a smaller circle inside. The two circles work in concert.

At the center of the two circles, he put ten pieces of spiritual jades!

He embedded the ten pieces of spiritual jades hard into the mountain and shouted, ’’Done!’’

The next moment, something like clouds and fogs suddenly came. It suddenly covered the whole mountain. No matter where the Pen Rack Mountain was viewed, it seemed to have disappeared!

The whole mountain was invisible.

The Stars Covering Array!

That was the most difficult array art Ye Xiao could handle! Since he was too weak to fight against Gu Jin-Long, he had to use whatever he had up his sleeves.

He checked the array he had assembled and nodded with satisfaction. And then he got down to the bottom of the mountain where the base of the whole array was found, and dug the ground to cover it.

He finally felt a bit relieved.

Now that he had such a big array as a cover, it wouldn't be too hard to fool Gu Jin-Long when it was necessary.

[Using Gu Jin-Long's spiritual jades to set up an array to fool Gu Jin-Long, that... is heart-stirring somehow. Hahaha.] Ye Xiao thought, a satisfied smile surfacing on his face.

After doing all of that, there was one more piece of spiritual jade in his hand.

He had planned to use those spiritual jades to set a Weather Array to produce rain in the Water Space, but as he had to deal with Gu Jin-Long as soon as he could, he stopped the plan. He didn't dare to use up all the spiritual jades at the moment, because he needed to have enough energy for the Stars Covering Array to continue working.

He decided to develop the Water Space after the things between him and Gu Jin-Long got settled. Ye Xiao casually threw the spiritual jade in his hand into the Spaces!

When he was preparing to leave, he was shocked.

The gelid qi in the Sky Space suddenly overflowed!

Ye Xiao collected his mind and disappeared right away. He had immediately entered the Spaces.

He looked at the Sky Space and found that the spiritual jade, which was supposed to be in the Soul Space, was now on the surface of the Cosmic Hades.

The Cosmic Hades' release of gelid qi had been boosted. Ye Xiao had realized that the gelid qi was about to overflow, but he thought that there was still time before it would happen. Now that the Cosmic Hades was crazily releasing the gelid qi, the Sky Space had become too overwhelming for the other eight Spaces.

All of this was caused by that one piece of spiritual jade. The spiritual jade had become turbid within such a short time. Apparently, the energy inside it was rapidly decreasing.

After a while, there were some power falling down from the spiritual jade.

And then the whole piece of spiritual jade was turned into power!

The next moment, the Cosmic Hades immediately flew out of the Sky Space. It was flowing in the air outside the nine Spaces. It kept on releasing gelid qi. All of a sudden, the nine Spaces were shaking at the same time.

All the Spaces were covered by a layer of frost immediately!

Those plants inside the Wood Space were unable to bear it. Some of the leaves were starting to droop.

Ye Xiao was frightened.

[What the hell! What is going on! The Cosmic Hades is working with the Sky Space to overwhelm the other eight Spaces, yet now the Cosmic Hades itself is overwhelming the nine Spaces! The Spaces are totally in a bad situation. This is not good!]

He operated the East-rising Purple Qi immediately and tried what he had done last time;to absorb the gelid qi from the Cosmic Hades and reduce the pressure on the Spaces. However, when he was just about to get close to the Cosmic Hades, he felt a fierce absorbing power was aiming at himself! The Cosmic Hades actually tried to overwhelm Ye Xiao too. It was absorbing Ye Xiao's spiritual qi!

A small piece of spiritual jade had actually caused such a disaster.

Ye Xiao was astonished. He tried his best to defend as he slowly stepped back. When he stepped back 20 meters away from the Cosmic Hades, the absorbing power turned weak. The next moment, he sensed an emotion of 'sneering' coming over him.

It was like someone was talking to him, 'You are so lame and I don't even want to bother absorbing you'!

Ye Xiao was safe now and he was sweating profusely because of anxiousness. He had never thought that there would be such a weird thing happening in the Spaces. [I just threw a tiny piece of spiritual jade into it! How could it bring me such a disaster?!

A tragedy caused by a spiritual jade?!]

And then he was astonished to notice that within such a short while, the nine Spaces were shaking more heavily and the frost covering them became thicker...

If he couldn't stop this, the Spaces might actually break. If the Nine Spaces were broken, the Boundless Mind Space wouldn't survive.

Ye Xiao made up his mind quickly and left the Spaces. He got into the Stars Covering Array and operated the East-rising Purple Qi in full range to absorb the gelid qi!

This time, the gelid qi was aroused in an instant. It was so dense. It was something Ye Xiao had never dealt with before!

He was not sure whether he could handle it this time, but he was sure that he couldn't just wait and see the fall of the Nine Spaces! He had to try!

The gelid qi was so fierce. Ye Xiao was capable in controlling gelid power and he had dealt with the gelid qi before, but when he came into contact with gelid qi now, he was instantly frozen. He became an ice sculpture right away!


[1] spiritual victory method' means someone keep telling himself everything is fine and feel relieved about it when things are not so good for him.

[2] Eight Diagrams (八卦), also known as Eight Symbols, are eight trigrams used in Daoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts.

[3] Five Elements (五行), It is a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, and from the succession of political regimes to the properties of medicinal drugs. The ’’Five Phases’’ are Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ).


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