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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 113


Chapter 113 - To The Fourth Level Of The Grade Of Diyuan

Ye Xiao would surely not open his mouth and waste the scent inside it to just check how far it could spread away. That would be such a waste... He had already swallowed the spiritual qi in his mouth, and the moment it entered his stomach, he immediately felt that his stomach was expanding.

At the same time, one after another, streams of pure energy was flowing along the Jing and Mai and seeped into his bones.

They deeply entered his bone marrow.

An extreme pain suddenly coursed throughout his body.

That feeling was so unbearable.

It was too painful, and even with his good endurance, he nearly couldn't help but scream out.


He humphed and then kept his mouth shut right away. His face had turned pale, and the sweat on his forehead were as big as beans while dropping down. After just a short while, the accumulated sweat made streams of water.

They kept flowing down to the floor without pause.

The vigorous energy seeping into his bones seemed to be mutating it. It was like burning and roasting inside.

After a while, some black, cyan and purple impurities were coming out from his bones. The burning feeling was still going on.

It kept burning from the bones to the muscles along with the impurities... Bit by bit, the impurities came out from his body through each and every pore of his body...

For Ye Xiao, the whole process was just like a hellish torture.

He felt helpless as he suffered through the endless pain.

He was even unable to make a sound with his open mouth.

His whole body was covered by these filthy things from head to toes, even on his hair.

At the end...

After the impurities in his body were completely forced out, the burning sensation suddenly disappeared, and then the pain finally stopped.

Ye Xiao actually felt like he was losing weight at the moment.

He felt empty, but after a while, he suddenly felt relieved while he was still exhausted.

He was nearly in a coma.

However, he knew that he couldn't lose his attention at this very moment. The impurities that were covering his body had to be cleaned out as soon as possible. It was from inside his body, and basically, they were part of his body. If he couldn't get rid of it in time, some of it might return into his body. That would make the whole process imperfect, which was the last thing he wanted to see.

Holding up his exhausted body and keeping his mind clear, he took a deep breath and felt himself recovered a bit. He hurriedly started to deal with the impurities all over his body.

He held his nose and washed his body. After that, he felt like he had removed a layer of his skin. At the same time, he felt himself extremely clean that he had never been before.

Clean from inside out.

He was truly pure and clean without any flaws.

He raised his hand and smelled on the back of his hand. He could actually smell some fragrant scent.

’’This is truly... fantastic...’’ Ye Xiao was a bit narcissistic.

He had been rather smelly a while ago, yet now he smelled so good.

He felt like he had just come out of some smelly toilet and instantly smelled some fragrant flowers.

He also felt that the bone ablution was truly incredible this time. His bones seemed to be denser and stronger.

His whole body was refreshed.

’’Isn't it amazing.’’ Ye Xiao murmured.

He had never had any Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads before, but he somewhat knew what it could bring him. However, he had never expected such an amazing outcome.

The Bone Ablutionary Dan could clean people's bones and force out the impurities inside it, but it wasn't completely clean. It could only clean up more than half of the impurities. No matter what quality the dan bead was, it would never fully clean up the impurities within the body.

The impurities were a part of the human body after all. Those tiny filthy things had already grown together with the body and became difficult to remove.

Only those who had reached an incredible level could fully remove the impurities by themselves.

People who could do that were almost as great as gods.

However, what happened to Ye Xiao this time had created history. The supreme dan beads not only had remarkable efficacies, they also had the ability to refresh the body.

Ye Xiao didn't know much about it. It was the first time the supreme dan beads showed up in the world after all.

When he cured Song Jue, although he had operated the East-rising Purple Qi and knew well about the Golden Mai Palm at the same time, he could never have made Song Jue recover in just one night without that Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead.

Different dan should be used in different issues. If Song Jue took a Breaking Limit Dan or Unblocking Mai Dan instead of Bone Ablutionary Dan, he wouldn't have recovered as much.

It was quite easy to understand. The Golden Mai Palm produced some gold materials in people's bodies. These gold materials were basically one kind of impurity for the body. So the Bone Ablutionary Dan was the perfect dan to help curing Song Jue.

However, not all the Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads could work well on the Golden Mai Palm wounds.

The reason why Song Jue could be cured was mostly because the man who had use the Golden Mai Palm on Song Jue was not that powerful at that time. It gave Song Jue the opportunity to survive. If the man was a stronger cultivator, Song Jue might have died long ago.

Even though Ye Xiao had used his East-rising Purple Qi and the supreme Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead on Song Jue, the impurity that was created by the Golden Mai Palm was only partly removed. There were still wounds deep inside Song Jue's body. That was because the dan bead had limited efficacy and surely Ye Xiao wasn't strong enough.

No matter what, what the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead had brought to Ye Xiao this time was reasonable, yet at the same time, out of Ye Xiao's expectation.

There were certain benefits for Ye Xiao that things were out of his expectation.

After having a good rest, Ye Xiao decided to keep going. He immediately operated the East-rising Purple Qi. As soon as he operated it, he felt like there was a small sun rising inside his dantian.

That feeling only lasted for a second. When Ye Xiao wanted to feel more about it, it was instantly gone.

It was like what had just happened was just his misconception... it was something that had never truly happened.

After that, the purple qi that flowed between the sky and the earth rushed toward his body like tidewater. It kept pouring into the Spaces through his Jing and Mai... It was leading all the spiritual power of Ye Xiao to fiercely hit the entrance of the fourth level of the Grade of Diyuan.

At this moment, Ye Xiao raised his head and swallowed an Unblocking Mai Dan Bead right away.

All his spiritual power was rushing to the entrance of the fourth level again and again, however, he still couldn't break through.

The Jing and Mai of his body were suffering huge pressure because of how fast the purple qi was rushing in.

Ye Xiao was confident that he could eventually break through the limit sooner or later, because it felt much better than what he had experienced the last time when he had been trying to do the same thing in his previous life.

If there was a dan bead that could make it much easier, he would surely use it. And right now, he actually did.

After swallowing the Unblocking Mai Dan Bead, Ye Xiao clearly felt some fierce strength was added to the spiritual power that was rushing to the entrance of the fourth level. It was sharp like a needle. It quickly formed inside the Jing and Mai, and then it surged.

After a while, it had reached the leading end of the spiritual power stream. It suddenly became the point... A sense of cold power suddenly appeared, and the sharp energy had broken through to the fourth level of the Grade of Diyuan.

It just slipped in.

A small little crack on the entrance to the fourth level showed up.

It seemed that there were some sort of energies spreading away from that crack.

It felt so good.

When Ye Xiao operated his spiritual power again and pushed them towards the entrance... it was like a dam filled with cracks as it immediately broke down.

The enormous amount of spiritual power rushed through and entered a new stage.

Ye Xiao's face was full of pleasure.

’’The fourth level of the Grade of Diyuan. I have successfully broken through!’’

The spiritual power was like tidewater flowing round and round inside his body, and he felt like he could fly up to the heavens.

It was a fantastic feeling of improvement.

He kept checking his own cultivation capability with excitement, but then he frowned and smiled bitterly.

The East-rising Purple Qi was actually still in the first level. The only difference was that the purple qi in his dantian was increased a little. Nothing with regards to the East-rising Purple Qi had improved.



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