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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 - The Supreme Bone Ablutionary Dan

(ED Note: I added the cultivation levels at the end of this chapter so people won't get confused. Glossary is still a work in the process, and I still don't know when I might have enough to time to actually finish it. I'm really sorry about that.)

Ye Xiao was a bit speechless, [Even though it is a strange egg, it is still an egg. How can it possibly have emotions? There are only white and yolk inside it.

But the happiness that I sensed from it was so real.]

Ye Xiao walked close to the egg, looking at the patterns all over it. He smiled bitterly and murmured, ’’You are comfortable now, aren't you? Just lying there relaxing and something good is automatically going to feed you... You don't need to worry about anything. You are just waiting for the day you will be born...’’

’’I am quite in a mess now though. I have nowhere to go. I have no plan to deal with the situation... Do you know how f*ked up I am now? If something seriously happens to me, do you think you can still be happy and relaxing like now?’’

He smiled bitterly and sighed.

He was a man who will never accept difficulties. He would always fight for a path through any obstacle!

So after sighing for a while, he came back to himself again. He tried so hard to figure out a solution. He believed that there was always a plan as long as he was still breathing.

There was nothing too hard to conquer!

There was always a way to do it;it was just sometimes, people couldn't figure it out!

There must be a practical solution ahead.

When it was found, everything would be solved. If it wasn't, that was because someone was too stupid to. There was always hope!

He was lost in his thoughts again. He actually didn't noticed the egg was flying up automatically. It flew up one meter high and then fell back down.

It was like the egg was responding to Ye Xiao...


Ye Xiao couldn't think of anything useful. He came back to himself looking at the plate under the egg. He smiled bitterly, ’’These are the only benefits I have now... Heh heh.’’

On the plate, more than a dozen dan beads were comfortably lying after those strong streams of energies had come and go!

They were all supreme dan beads.

There were fifteen of them in total including five Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads, five Unblocking Mai Dan Beads and five Breaking Limit Dan Beads!

Pei-Yuan Dan was just some low first-grade dan while Bone Ablutionary Dan was in the second grade. Even though the Unblocking Mai Dan was also in the second grade, it was in the upper range of the second grade. The Breaking Limit Dan was rather extraordinary;it was a third-grade dan!

It was specially used for breaking through a bottleneck during cultivation!

Cultivators in different grades would need Breaking Limit Dans of different levels.

For example, one who wanted to break through the limit of the Grade of Tianyaun to reach the Grade of Lingyuan would need the 4th level Breaking Limit Dan. If he wanted to reach the Grade of Mengyuan, he would need the 5th level Breaking Limit Dan. If he wanted to reach the Grade of Daoyuan, he would need the 6th level Breaking Limit Dan, and perhaps even some 7th level Breaking Limit Dan. It depended on the person.

When someone needed help in breaking through the limits of his present grade, some Breaking Limit Dan Beads and the Cultivating Tea were the perfect things for him. They worked perfectly together!

These two things together would increase the success rate of the breakthrough by about fifty percent!

That was a fifty-fifty chance!

That was nearly the biggest chance in the world!

People would be willing to spend all they had to exchange for a success rate like that!

Fifty percent was a miracle in dreams for most people!

Surely, these two thing didn't have to work together. Either of them would help a lot. The Cultivating Tea had better efficacy;it could raise the success rate up to 35 percent. The Breaking Limit Dan could only increase the success rate by about ten percent.

The first thing people would think about was always the Break Limit Dan though, because the Cultivating Tea was too rare to find.

What Ye Xiao had now were some Breaking Limit Dan of supreme level. They were legendary treasures that people could hardly see in their whole lives. Because of that, how much it could help in breaking through the grades was still theories!


Ye Xiao took the dan beads and got out of the Spaces. The first thing he did was to find a covert to return to the handsome young Lord Ye. He hired a carriage and got home on it.

There seemed to be nothing to worry for him.

When he got home, he took a Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead right away!

He was in the third level of the Grade of Diyuan now, so it was time for him to do something about the impurity in his body. Besides... he wanted to improve himself as much as he found himself in a real battle.

Even though he knew it wouldn't make any difference, it was better than doing nothing!

The reason why he took the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead instead of others was because... he planned to take the Unblocking Mai Dan Bead right after the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead! That would improve him to the fourth level of the Grade of Diyuan right away.

He didn't take any of the Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads earlier before, because he didn't have many of them at that time. He only had one, so he wanted to save it in case something happened. Besides, he had been through some bone ablution earlier, so it might not be that useful to take a Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead again.

So he hadn't decided to take it.

But now he had so many dan beads in his hands and there would be more continually coming. He wouldn't hesitate, would he?

It might not be so useful if he took it, but it surely would do something to him.

Ye Xiao learned from his previous life that the Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads would always stay far from enough for him. There was no such thing as a waste of the Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads!

He wished to take one every time when he prepared to reach a new level. The Jing and Mai would become more clear and clean, so it made it more possible to break through the limit.

In fact, it would be for the best if he took one when he prepared to reach a new level, and took two Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads, one Unblocking Mai Dan Bead and one Breaking Limit Dan Bead when he prepared to reach a new grade!

That would leave no aftereffects for him!

However, he could only do it before he reached the Grade of Mengyuan.

Once he reached the Grade of Mengyuan, he had to take nine Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads at a time to achieve the same efficacy.

After entering the fifth level of the Grade of Daoyuan, well, things like Bone Ablutionary Dan and Unblocking Mai Dan were no longer useful for him.

However, from the third level of the Grade of Diyuan to the fifth level of the Grade of Daoyuan...

As Ye Xiao kept breaking through levels to levels, grades to grades... He would need hundreds of Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads and hundreds of Unblocking Mai Dan Beads... and dozens of Breaking Limit Dan Beads!

Nobody in the world could afford such a great amount of dan beads!

That was enough to break down a sect!

The Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads and the Unblocking Mai Dan Beads might not be unsolvable problems, but the Breaking Limit Dan Beads... They were something truly difficult to find.

But now, Ye Xiao didn't need to worry about finding them anymore.

In fact, Ye Xiao might not even need so much dan beads, because all the dan beads he had were of supreme levels.

After taking a Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead, Ye Xiao sat cross-legged. Within an instant, he got rid of the bothering matters in his head by operating his strong will power.

He entered deep meditation to focus on digesting the dan bead.

All of a sudden, he entered a world where only he himself was existing.

It was his first time to take a Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead for both his two lives!

In his previous life, when he was in such a beginner's stage, he never had a chance to have such dan beads. He could only keep working extremely hard without anyone providing him help or guidance. He reached higher heights in cultivation through suicidal methods. Those dan beads that were only offered to the superior disciples of some great sects were never things he could get close to.

He just kept scrambling up and up by himself.

When he was powerful enough to seize these kinds of resources, he had already passed the time when he needed them.

The Breaking Limit Dan was useful in any level, but Ye Xiao had only seized several low quality Breaking Limit Dan Beads. Those were too rubbish that they merely had no use for Ye Xiao, so his whole previous life was a 'no-dan' life.

Well, it was different now!

Completely different!

He was going to have a huge amount of dan beads, and they were all priceless supreme dan beads!

The Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead had just entered his mouth, and he already felt a stream of wonderful scent spreading in his mouth. A vivid stream of spiritual power suddenly filled his mouth as if it had exploded!

At this moment, Ye Xiao felt that as long as he opened his mouth, the enormous amount of qi in his mouth would rush out at once!

He had heard people say, 'Opening the mouth and letting the scent spread out to the edge of the world'!

He had never seen it, so he had been sneering it all the time. He had never believed it.

Yet now he was the one who might 'let the scent spread out to the edge of the world' if he opened his mouth.

The old sayings always meant something!


Cultivation Levels, from lowest to highest:

Grade of Renyuan

Grade of Diyuan

Grade of Tianyuan

Grade of Lingyuan

Grade of Mengyuan

Grade of Daoyuan

Note: These are the six cultivation levels that have been introduced. In case you guys forgot, Grade of Tianyuan is the highest in the Land of Han-Yang, and Grade of Daoyuan is the highest in the Qing-Yun Realm.


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