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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 111


Chapter 111 - Surrounded By Worries

When Ye Xiao wanted Gu Jin-Long to know where the ring was, he would intentionally activate the ring.

With that, their positions were completely exchanged.

Ye Xiao got the higher position with the use of initiative in the whole situation.

Well of course, Gu Jin-Long would keep on believing that things were still under his control.

That was the most important point for Ye Xiao.

After all, Ye Xiao had gained a lot of precious treasures, and now he had a huge amount of spiritual jades... He should feel rather happy at the moment...

Yet he was anxious as if he was surrounded by endless worries.

He had so many things to worry about at the moment.

Because, he knew, that the crisis in front of him had only been solved temporarily.

Danger was still lurking over him, just like a shadow of death.

Since he had made a huge lie back there, he wonder how he could make it plausible.

Where could he find a grandmaster of dan-making to be his 'master'?

Was he really going to give a number of supreme dan beads to Gu Jin-Long?

Wasn't it similar to killing himself by doing that?

What else could he do then, if he didn't give out the supreme dan beads?

Gu Jin-Long was talking like they were brothers, but he would never hesitate to kill Ye Xiao as long as he knew that Ye Xiao was useless for him.

The most efficient way to solve all the problems was to kill Gu Jin-Long. Yet Ye Xiao didn't even think about it.

Because he knew it was impossible.

Even if he put together all the forces he had including Song Jue, Ning Bi-Luo, he wouldn't have a single chance to even hurt Gu Jin-Long. That was the plain and simple truth.

Ye Xiao was too weak at the moment, and Gu Jin-Long could just kill him by winking.

To start a battle was the last thing he should do, and he would never thought about killing him...

Now that he couldn't kill Gu Jin-Long, he would expose himself sooner or later.

When that moment came, Gu Jin-Long would never let Ye Xiao get away from it.

Gu Jin-Long was a guy who would instantly kill his enemy in the first sight when he recognized it was a threat. He wouldn't leave an uncertain factor out of his control.

’’What an annoying situation...’’ Ye Xiao sighed.

As he kept pondering deeply, he realized that there was only one solution.

Which was also the impossible solution - kill Gu Jin-Long.

There was no other option for him now.

’’Oh I am going to be freaked out because of this mess...’’ Ye Xiao was sighing in anxiousness, ’’There is no way I can kill him... I only have a tiny amount of strength at the moment. Even if I gather all the forces in this world as many as I can, it is still impossible to fight against Gu Jin-Long...’’

’’Even if I collect all the poisons in this world and make Gu Jin-Long swallow them all, he will probably still be alive...’’

’’I have been going smoothly in this life. How come I would suddenly fall into such a miserable situation?’’

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly.

He thought and thought again, but still couldn't come up with any practical idea.

He couldn't figure out anything useful anyway, so he just stopped worrying too much. [Screw it. If I am going to die now, so be it. At least I have live three months longer than I deserve.]

So he just opened the space of the ring and started to transport all the fine medical materials to his Spaces.

At the present, his biggest hope lied on these boundless Spaces.

However, he was well aware of the truth that even if he collected all the treasures in the world into the Spaces, it wouldn't make him improve to the same level as Gu Jin-Long immediately.

Well, it was his one last shot after all.

While transporting the materials, Ye Xiao murmured, ’’...Assassination...? No. Poisoning? Don't think so... Fight with honor! ... No way...’’

’’Sow dissension? Make troubles to him? Frame him? How...? I can't find anybody or anything to be against him in this world...’’

Ye Xiao was getting through a life or death crisis at the moment.

It was some danger that he had never experienced before. Not even in his previous life.

The Xiao Monarch had travelled all over the world being invincible. Although he had been through many difficulties, he had never messed with someone who was so stronger than himself, an opponent that was too strong that he wouldn't even be able to put up a fight.

He had been through some tough times, yet he had never sensed such a dark shade of death.

Even the last battle in his previous life when he realized he would die, he didn't feel fearful like this.

At least, he was strong enough to run and to defend during that battle.

Even though he was doomed to die, he could kill a lot of enemies before he did.

Well this time, everything was different. It was completely different.

Ye Xiao could have been able to instantly kill Gu Jin-Long if he was still the Xiao Monarch.

Yet now, no matter what he do, he wasn't even able to make Gu Jin-Long die with him together.

Now that even Ye Xiao set a bomb on himself and exploded beside Gu Jin-Long, he wouldn't hurt Gu Jin-Long a bit.

That was the most annoying thing.

Ye Xiao had to face such an annoying reality after all.

He never wanted to mess with Gu Jin-Long in the present life, yet the Cosmic Hades and the supreme dan beads had drawn all of Gu Jin-Long's attention to him.

Ye Xiao was annoyed and worried while he was transporting the materials.

When he finished transporting a hundred pieces of precious medical plants, something happened in the Wood Space of the Nine Spaces.

It happened so quickly that Ye Xiao was frightened somehow. So he leaned to a tree and got himself into the Spaces to check things out.

In the Wood Space, the one hundred medical plants was put in order line after line. It was a wonderful scene.

In the air over the medical plants, there was some green mist rolling up. It delivered a strong feeling of life all over the Space.

No matter where the green mist went, the plant there would suddenly overflow with vigor and vitality.

Some of those plants were bold without leaves at the beginning, but because of the green mist, leaves grew out and the whole scene was full of life and green.

The dense breath of life kept going round and round in the Wood Space like it was some kind of rendering...

Maybe it was a perfect choice to use the word 'render', because after a while, the whole Wood Space was actually turned into a light green color. It was like the Space had been painted by the green mist.

While the Wood Space was transforming, the Water Space next to it was changing too.

The aqueous vapor in the Water Space left and entered the Wood Space all of a sudden. It went together with the relaxing green, and then the next moment, the rain dropped down in the Wood Space.

After a while, there were water drops on the leaves.

The whole space was playing a scene of silent moistening like dreams.

Ye Xiao watched all of this happen. There was a golden ginseng moving in the Space like it was casually taking a walk after a good meal. As it moved, some small root hairs slowly grew out from the its bottom and stuck into the floor of the Wood Space...

The next moment, the leaves were shaking.

Ye Xiao felt like he was dreaming. He blinked his eyes and looked at the golden ginseng again. He felt a lot happier, and it was like his vitality was stronger...

The water vapor was flying in the air of the Wood Space and then it flew out of it. The green mist was actually flying out of the Wood Space along with the water vapor. They slowly flew through the Gold Space, the Fire Space and other Spaces. After they got through all the other Spaces, there were some other kinds of energies in it now...

After that, those magical energies from all Nine Spaces entered a tunnel at once.

That tunnel was connecting to where the egg was staying.

Ye Xiao was shocked after witnessing this.

He was like staying in a dream. He watched the energies from all the Nine Spaces enter the tunnel like wild wind...

After a while, he followed the energies into the tunnel.

He saw the energies rush to the egg like tidewater.

Some of the energies immediately came out of the egg after they entered it. The whole process was short but marvelous. The energies that came out of the egg went around the egg on the sides and then got back to the Wood Space again. The energies were moving in and out the egg in streams. But none of them stopped. They kept going round and round between the egg and the Wood Space.

At the moment, the egg was shaking.

Ye Xiao rubbed his eyes immediately.

And he saw what happened...

He did. That egg was moving. He couldn't be sure that the egg was alive, but it was growing in a pace visible to the naked eye... At the beginning, it was like a goose egg... And then it kept growing bigger.

It was like the egg was moving itself.

The energies from the Nine Spaces had come and gone ninety-nine times and finally stopped. Everything was turning quiet again.

Firstly, the energy that belonged to the Water Space returned.

And then the other streams returned one by one.

The Nine Spaces returned to peace like nothing had ever happened.

However, the egg was a lot different now.

It was now the same size of a melon.

There were also changes in its appearance. Starlight was twinkling and its surface, and those strange patterns on it had become much clearer.

The egg became transparent like crystal.

Ye Xiao could clearly sense a joyful emotion was coming from inside the egg.

It seemed after absorbing so much energies at a time... the egg was happy about it?



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