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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 110


Chapter 110 - The Fool Finally Got Hooked!

’’Friends until death? Brotherhood?’’ Ye Xiao acted like he was touched. He looked at Gu Jin-Long's neck and said, ’’I will never fail you, Brother Gu. You treat me so sincerely. I shall be absolutely loyal to you as a return. To run away from you is the last thing I would do as a human being...’’

In fact he was thinking, [Friends until death? Eh-heh. Wait for some days and I will be friends until death with you with loyalty.

I will send you to death myself and be loyal to my sword that is going to take your life. How about that?]

Gu Jin-Long laughed loudly.

’’However, Brother Gu, I have to be honest about one thing. No matter how many supreme dan beads my master will produce... I need to keep two beads for myself.’’ Ye Xiao put away the ring and spoke his request.

’’Brother Feng, you truly are an honest and honorable man. I wonder how many supreme dan beads can your master produce at a time?’’ Gu Jin-Long casually asked.

Ye Xiao laughed and talked like he was lost in the pleasure from the great benefits, ’’My master has already reached a grandmaster's level in dan-making. Almost ninety-nine percent of the dan beads are supreme dan beads.’’

What he just said immediately lit up Wan Zheng-Hao and Gu Jin-Long's eyes. They felt astonished like they never had felt before.

[Ninety-nine percent.

In this world there were less than one percent of the dan-makers are unable to reach such success rate.

This Feng Zhi-Ling's master is truly an eremitic supreme grandmaster dan-maker.

He is absolutely a genius figure.]

’’If you don't mind, I wonder how many dan beads are produced at a time?’’ Gu Jin-Long asked.

’’Well... It depends on the materials. If there are enough materials, there can be at least a dozen dan beads at a time.’’ Ye Xiao said. It finally made Gu Jin-Long totally relieved.

’’Well then I have no further questions. Everything is fine.’’ Gu Jin-Long laughed loudly and clapped on Ye Xiao's shoulder, ’’Brother Feng, the dan beads you want will be yours then. Aside from the dan beads, I will give you something else as your reward.’’

’’Thank you so much.’’ Ye Xiao spoke embarrassingly, ’’It was quite an immoderate request I was making after all...’’

In fact, he was rather happy. [This fool finally got hooked.]

Gu Jin-Long was happy too. [This guy is truly stupid and honest. He doesn't even know how to ask for advantages. What an ignorant man. He finally got hooked.]

He was very satisfied with the deal. He actually walked Ye Xiao out of the Ling-Bao Hall at the end.

He was showing quite a respect to Ye Xiao.

’’Brother Feng, there is another thing I need to ask you for. The Cosmic Hades of mine... Please keep an eye on it for me.’’ Gu Jin-Long smiled hospitably.

’’Brother, please don't worry. Once I have information about that man, I will surely inform you. We are brothers and they are all strangers to me now.’’ Ye Xiao clapped his chest and said, ’’It is not only your problem now.’’

Gu Jin-Long smiled, ’’I appreciate it.’’

Watching Feng Zhi-Ling leave, Wan Zheng-Hao was confused.

He didn't understand what Gu Jin-Long was planning. So he asked cautiously, ’’Lord Gu, are you really letting him leave so easily? Are you...’’

He meant to say 'are you so sure about it'.

Gu Jin-Long smiled and spoke casually, ’’I trust him. He is my brother.’’

And then he turned around and entered the room.

Wan Zheng-Hao's face quivered.

[Brother? Trust him? Do you think I am a fool like Feng Zhi-Ling? Do you think I would believe that you truly treat him like your brother? I will go to hell if you truly do.

Well I think I should believe that he is a brother to you though. People always try to get the most out of their brothers and then betray them.]

Gu Jin-Long walked with his hands on his back and spoke blandly, ’’You don't need to be anxious. We all know what we are. This Feng Zhi-Ling, he cannot escape my control.’’

He casually said, ’’Do you think I just gave him the ring for nothing? I will never do such a stupid thing, will I?’’

Wan Zheng-Hao's super fat body suddenly trembled and he said, ’’Lord Gu, how do you know I am unhappy about it? You have an eye on your back?’’

Looking at Gu Jin-Long's ass, he thought, [Is he able to see things through that hole?]

Gu Jin-Long walked and smiled, ’’Nonsense. The muscle on your face shook just now...’’ He turned over his head looking at Wan Zheng-Hao, ’’The muscle is too fat and when it shakes, it makes sound... Ordinary people cannot hear it... Heh heh...’’

He kept walking, ’’I have killed countless men in my life... How can I not know the sound of a fat meat on one's face moving?’’

Wan Zheng-Hao trembled.

[Is it even possible to enter such an unbelievable stage by killing?

To take one life is a sin. To take ten thousand is a demon. To take nine million is a legend out of all demons.

This man has taken more than ten million lives. He is much more fearsome than a legendary demon.


’’That ring is something priceless. To open the space within the ring, it needs one's spiritual power. Well... The ring will always be my ring... Because no one in this world knows how to become the master of that ring. That guy is just a fool...’’

He smiled and casually continued, ’’So, even the ring stays with Feng Zhi-Ling for the next ten thousand years, he will still be a ring keeper for me. As long as I am still alive, the ring belongs to me.’’

’’Now that the ring is with him, no matter where he goes, I can sense it.’’

’’Most importantly, once he saw the Cosmic Hades, I will sense it without being told by him. The breath of the Cosmic Hades is extraordinary... When I sense it, I will go get it immediately.’’ His eyes were full of coldness at the time.

’’This guy is useful for us at the moment...’’ Gu Jin-Long said, ’’So remember not to offend him.’’

’’I never have expected that my grand plan actually took a huge progress this time in the mortal world.’’ Gu Jin-Long laughed loudly, ’’It truly is a worthy trip this time.’’

’’Lord Gu, it will be my honor to stay on your side and share your glory for all the coming days...’’ Wan Zheng-Hao was flattering.

Ye Xiao left the salesroom and headed outside the city with a casual pace.

He went somewhere near the west border and instantly hid in a secret path in the forest.

Now he looked like he was collapsed instead of leisurely. He was drenched in sweat. His clothes were all soaked.

His hair became sticky because of the sweat.

The day was tough for him. He had been through extreme danger, and he hadd not yet recovered from the fright.

It was like he had been to the gate of the hell and returned alarmingly.

It was like death itself was looming over him all the time.

One tiny mistake would have taken his life away. He might have died ten thousand times in the Ling-Bao Hall.

He was quite weak at the moment, yet he had encountered his big enemy who was in his peak condition.

He gasped heavily leaning on a tree.

He had never felt closer to death than he just did in both his two lives.

Even though he used to be the Xiao Monarch who was calm and strong, he was still a human being. When facing fatal threats, it was normal to feel anxious and frightened.

At least he had been fighting against the fear inside him and talked casually with the powerful enemy before he finally escaped the danger with enormous benefits. That was difficult. But he was still scared when he was free.

After a long time, he finally came back to himself.

Ye Xiao took out the ring and murmured with his eyes filled with coldness, ’’Gu Jin-Long, do you think a little trick in a ring can really give you the trace of the Xiao Monarch? You are truly naive and stupid...’’

He didn't hesitate. He immediately operated the East-rising Purple Qi and injected spiritual power into the ring to cover Gu Jin-Long's power inside the ring...

When he was sure he had fully covered the power of Gu Jin-Long, he closed his eyes. A stream of spiritual power quietly drew out a bit of Gu Jin-Long's covered power from the ring. It went through his body and then went into the floor. After that, it was diffused all over the city...

Ye Xiao was not trying to change the ownership of the ring, because if he did so, Gu Jin-Long would know it immediately. If Gu Jin-Long knew and rushed over, he could kill Ye Xiao in an instant. For Gu Jin-Long, Ye Xiao was really not that far away.

Now, Ye Xiao had perfectly covered Gu Jin-Long's power. That bit of power which was diffused all over the city wouldn't draw Gu Jin-Long's attention, because it was just a slight amount of power.

However, that slight amount of Gu Jin-Long's power would play a rather important role in Ye Xiao's plan.

Gu Jin-Long could only sense where the ring was or what happened to the ring when Ye Xiao did something practical to the ring.

But as long as Ye Xiao kept the ring untouched...

Gu Jin-Long would believe that the ring and Ye Xiao were in the Chen-Xing City at all times, simply because he was misled by that slight amount of power.


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