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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 109


Chapter 109 - Sugarplum Before Serious Cooperation

’’No matter how many I want...’’ Ye Xiao sucked in a deep breath and said, ’’What if I say... I need ten millions pieces of spiritual jade, one million pieces of jade crystal, a hundred thousand pieces of spiritual medicine and ten thousand pieces of rare medical materials... Can you do it?’’

Basically, he was over claiming. All those stuffs he just said were worth of a huge amount of money that was more than enough to buy a small kingdom in the Land of Han-Yang.

Gu Jin-Long was totally calm. He looked at Ye Xiao blandly and said, ’’Absolutely. As long as you are truly able to take them all, I don't have any problem with it... In fact, you can even ask for more as long as your master can handle it well.’’


Ye Xiao acted like he was seriously stunned. In his mind, he was shouting out 'wow' because he thought he was going to be super rich this time.

Wan Zheng-Hao was shocked and didn't know what to say.

[Why didn't I know he is so wealthy?]

He just got to know that his backer was so formidable.

He had thought that Gu Jin-Long was just a powerful superior cultivator from out of this world with marvelous cultivation capabilities, but he had never thought that he had such abundant resources.

Only Ye Xiao knew everything clearly. What he had just asked were indeed a huge amount of wealth in the Land of Han-Yang, yet it was never a big deal for the Sunlight Sect in the Qing-Yun Realm.

Well, when talking about 'never a big deal', we are talking about the Sunlight Sect, not Gu Jin-Long himself though.

Gu Jin-Long was acting calmly and generously, but if he was asked to give out all these stuffs right now... he would never be able to do it;it would be harder than having him tear off his own skin.

It was a nation-level amount of money after all. As a third-level superior cultivator of the Grade of Daoyuan, although he did have that much money, it would break him to give it out at once.

He smiled with his eyes half-closed, ’’Brother Feng, you and me, we are good friends who have the consensus now, but all that we are talking about are based on your master's wonderful dan-making capability. I want some dan beads and you want to show your piety to your master... So I think we need to be frank at the beginning. If your master falls down... Heh heh. Our deal should be shut right away. What do you think?’’

Ye Xiao answered nicely, ’’Absolutely. A deal is a deal;the fellowship is merely fellowship. It is a reasonable concern as we are talking about the business. All I want is for my master to have some happy time before he pass away. If my master dies someday, I will stay away from the martial world and devote myself to the art of dan-making myself... About our deal, I won't be willing to go on with it myself.’’

He spoke with a face full of sanctity and righteousness, ’’How can my master's wonderful accomplishment stop in my hands. If there is another person who can make supreme dan beads other than my master, I wish it can be me. It can only be me.’’

Gu Jin-Long spoke with a face full of respect, ’’Brother Feng, I have faith on you. You will succeed.’’

In his mind, he was actually thinking, [I can't really underestimate anything. Give this guy sometime, he may get some great achievement someday. Besides, he is the only disciple of his master. Maybe he truly will be able to produce some supreme dan beads in the future.

Maybe he will never make any supreme dan beads, but it is very possible that he can make dan beads with dan mist or dan pattern. Those are precious dan beads too. It costs far less in this world than in the Qing-Yun Realm after all... Maybe I should keep a good relationship with this guy.

He is an honest guy. I only need to give him some sugarplums [1] and he will absolutely be on my side. After four or five hundred years, he will be totally be loyal to me. It isn't a very long time for a cultivator like me.

When I was dealing with Wan Zheng-Hao a long time ago, I spent thousands of years. This time maybe I need to offer a lot, yet the return will be much more favorable...

To invest on this Feng Zhi-Ling is a rather better business than investing in Wan Zheng-Hao...]

Gu Jin-Long was collecting his thoughts while he was glancing at Feng Zhi-Ling.

He was doing it very secretly that it won't be noticed normally. However, Ye Xiao wouldn't miss any movements.

So Ye Xiao was more concentrated to act like a humble and honest man.

Gu Jin-Long was more and more confident that this Feng Zhi-Ling was worth investing for.

So he was smiling with sincerity and hope.

He was actually showing true sincerity from the bottom of his heart, which rarely happened. Feng Zhi-Ling's master was about to die, so even though he could make profits from his master, it wouldn't last long. However, if Feng Zhi-Ling could be used, Gu Jin-Long would get a much bigger bonus in the future.

Well, his sincerity, hope, kind and smiles were doomed to be wasted after all.

Ye Xiao would never be moved by any of those.

The only thought Ye Xiao had was to tear off Gu Jin-Long's head...

Ye Xiao had done so much speaking and acting, so he was tired both mentally and physically. He grabbed the cup and drank a lot of tea. He then said, ’’Mr. Wan, could you give me my money back first? I have been here for a long time now. I need to go back.’’

Wan Zheng-Hao casually said 'yes', yet he was looking at Gu Jin-Long. Apparently, he couldn't make the decision.

Gu Jin-Long nodded lightly and Wan Zheng-Hao went out hurriedly to do some arrangement.

Right after Wan Zheng-Hao left, Gu Jin-Long took out a ring and gave it to Ye Xiao, ’’Brother Feng, we are good friends. Let's be as close as we can in the coming days. I am a bit older than you. Let me call you my brother. As the older brother, since I don't have any precious gift for you, here are some medicines and spiritual jades. There are not many, but it should be enough to be given to you as a friendly gift from me.’’

Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes, looking at the ring and spoke, ’’You, you... You you you... Please don't lie to me. Don't think that I know nothing even though I am from the countryside. It is obviously a ring. What medicine and spiritual jades are you talking about?’’

Gu Jin-Long was stunned and then laughed out loud. He felt funny and Wan Zheng-Hao, who had just returned in a hurry, was laughing loudly too. Wan Zheng-Hao seemed like licking his own chops while he was looking at the ring.

That ring was not some ordinary thing. It was something legendary in the Land of Han-Yang.

The Ring Of Space.

It was a myth not only in the Land of Han-Yang, even in the Qing-Yun Realm, it was a rare treasure that ordinary people would never get.

Gu Jin-Long explained patiently, ’’Brother Feng, please don't underestimate this ring. Within this ring, it is truly all-embracing and wonderful...’’ And then he started to explain about how to use this ring.

In fact, Ye Xiao surely knew about the Ring Of Space. He just kept playing fool in front of them.

Actually, he had always been eager for one Ring Of Space since he was reborn.

Yet he never had expected that he was going to receive it from one of his biggest enemies, Gu Jin-Long.

The fate was truly interesting, making him a bit disoriented...

When he first arrived at this place, it was full of danger, yet now the danger was long gone and he had received lots of benefits.

After Gu Jin-Long finished his explanation, Ye Xiao acted like he was a stupid man who had never seen such a wonderful thing. He took over the ring and looked over it again and again. While holding the ring, he kept transferring some spiritual power into it. He was so happy.

He wasn't acting happy this time.

There was truly an abundance of treasures inside the ring. There were thousands of pieces of treasures...

Most of them were rare and precious. Any of them could have caused a bloody battle in the Land of Han-Yang.

Ye Xiao glanced at Wan Zheng-Hao. The fat on Wan Zheng-Hao's face was quivering.

Apparently, none of those treasures belonged to Gu Jin-Long. They were all collected and contributed to Gu Jin-Long by Wan Zheng-Hao. Now Gu Jin-Long just handed them all to Ye Xiao in one go...

The surprises for Ye Xiao were more than that. He found that inside the ring, there were some treasures that only existed in the Qing-Yun Realm. They were all precious stuffs. Obviously, those were collected by Gu Jin-Long himself. Apart from all the precious treasures, there were a lot of spiritual jades lying most inside the ring. They had to be the private collections of Gu Jin-Long.

Ye Xiao counted and found that there were about 3000 pieces of spiritual jades.

That was truly a windfall for Ye Xiao. It was like a gold pie in the sky. Ye Xiao was so happy and he couldn't stop smiling. He suddenly felt his enemy, Gu Jin-Long was somehow good looking...

Well, he was going to kill him after all when he got the chance... But at least things looked much better now.

’’Brother Gu, you...’’ Ye Xiao acted like he was moved, ’’You just gave me all this much at a time. Don't you worry that I will take all of this and just run away from you? Wealth does bewitch people.’’

Gu Jin-Long was smiling kindly, ’’Brother Feng, you and I, we are like brothers. We need to trust each other. If I can't trust you, how can we be best friends forever? I trust you, brother.’’

He smiled blandly and spoke emotionally, ’’Brother Feng, if you are going to run away with all I gave you, I will just accept the misfortune given by the gods.’’

Gu Jin-Long looked nice on his face, yet deep inside his mind he was sneering.

[In this mortal world, even if you want to run, where can you hide from me?

There has never been anybody who could escape my schemes. Not even the Xiao Monarch. Feng Zhi-Ling, you are just a small figure. You are just a nobody.]


[1] Sugarplum: When there's a deal to be done, the other party would give a lot of benefits, so that the partner will feel good about the deal.

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