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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 108


Chapter 108 - You Are Rich? I Am Rich!

’’...So we need to urgently find all the materials we need and keep calm and peaceful at the same time... These are just two things that won't go together. It is just impossible.’’ Ye Xiao turned emotional.

Gu Jin-Long smiled and said, ’’No, No, No. I think you are wrong about it, Brother Feng. These two things are fine together. It is very possible to go on both sides. In fact, it is quite easy to achieve them both at the same time.’’

’’What? How could that be possible?’’ Ye Xiao widely open his eyes acting like he couldn't understand and spoke, ’’Oh... Brother Gu, please. Tell me how I can do both of them at the same time.’’

Gu Jin-Long's face looked even nicer and he spoke gently, ’’Brother Feng, you are just too uprightly thinking. Why don't you think about it in another aspect? Look. The person who makes the dan beads is your master... He surely doesn't care where you get the materials from. He only needs to stay calm and peaceful to make his dan beads. Right?’’

Ye Xiao acted confused, ’’Yes... It is the basic rule... But...’’

’’No. No 'but'.’’ Gu Jin-Long stopped him, ’’Things are much easier then... Only if you work with me together, Brother Feng. You will get all those materials easily...’’

’’Work with you?’’ Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes acting like he couldn't understand him and said.

’’Yes, that's right. Together.’’ Gu Jin-Long spoke sincerely, ’’You see. Those dan beads your master made are all priceless treasures. All cultivators want them badly... To be frank, I need a massive amount of dan beads with upper grade and fine quality. I will take all the dan beads that contain dan mist and dan cloud... I will provide all the materials and spiritual jades that are needed during the dan-making process. No matter how many it requires, I have no problem about it. All the materials will be handed to you and you give them to your master...’’

Ye Xiao acted like he was stunned, ’’That... Well... That is...’’

Gu Jin-Long continued, ’’I think this is a perfect solution to solve all the problems. Your side and my side, we all get benefits. I can get the some fine upper-grade dan beads and your master can have his chance to do what he really wants to do...’’

’’Besides, I will additionally give you some money as a reward for your hard work...’’ Gu Jin-Long said, ’’If you worry that this money will contaminate your pure heart, you can also choose to get some treasures, some dan beads or anything rare that you want instead of money... Please don't be hesitate. I can easily get this kind of things for you.’’

’’As long as you promise to work with me, you can get whatever you want.’’ Gu Jin-Long said blandly, ’’Even if you want to be the monarch of this world... it will be a possible thing.’’

Ye Xiao was stunned. He truly didn't know what to say at the moment.

In fact, he was thinking that his acting skill was truly improved like rushing out a thousand miles within a day.

He actually acted as an honest and humble middle-aged man in a wonderful way.

He surely knew about the little scheme in Gu Jin-Long's head.

[What a good scheme. You actually want to exchange the dan beads with the materials. You just want to get a best deal for yourself. To offer only the materials and get the products including the supreme dan beads. And my 'master' will become your free worker...

You are really good at scheming.]

If all the dan beads went to Wan Zheng-Hao, they would just bring him a lot of money. If they were given to Gu Jin-Long, even if they were only Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads, that would be far more than enough for him to develop most of his followers into superior cultivators.

If things went that way, the Sunlight Sect would become the most powerful force in the Qing-Yun Realm.

There would be no more three factions in the Qing-Yun Realm. There will only be one great faction - the Sunlight Sect.

’’How about it?’’ Gu Jin-Long looked at Ye Xiao. His voice was steady and calm, but inside his mind, he was a bit nervous at the moment.

[This little fool doesn't know the value of the supreme dan beads at all... I don't think I will fail in fooling you with my marvelous experience and skills.]

’’Brother Gu, I understand it. I am absolutely fine with it... But my master will certainly be suspicious...’’ Ye Xiao hesitated and said, ’’The sources of the materials, my master will ask about that for sure...’’

Gu Jin-Long thought, [Yes! This moron has been motivated. As long as I can solve this little problem that he's concerned with, this deal will be done.]

Gu Jin-Long was highly spirited. He was extremely happy and spoke gently, ’’Brother Feng, you are truly an honest man. In fact, if you don't tell your master the truth, he won't get to know it, right? Maybe you can tell him this... The first group of supreme dan beads had brought you a huge amount of money... One dan bead was sold with the price of dozens of millions of silver bars... And all the materials you give him are bought by using the money you got... That will absolutely let your master feel good about it.’’

Ye Xiao rolled his eyeballs.

[The price is suddenly raised ten times in your story.

I am afraid that you are a better liar than me.]

Ye Xiao acted worried, ’’That may be a good reason. But I am afraid there is a mistake in it.’’

Gu Jin-Long thought, [This guy is not completely a moron after all. He is obviously asking for more benefits for himself by saying that.] However, he became more interested so he tried harder, ’’Brother Feng, you see... Your master has spent nearly all his life to study the art of dan-making, yet now he has such a silly problem having no materials to produce the supreme dan beads... I think you surely can feel the pain in his heart, can't you?’’

’’Your master is feeling his life passing everyday. Even though he has the best dan-making skill in the world, he can only look at the empty stove and do nothing.

Such great skill has been only used several times and only to produce some Pei-Yuan Dan Beads... That is truly a waste of preciousness. It is a huge loss for the whole Land of Han-Yang... If your master dies namelessly, Brother Feng... you will be the sinner of the whole world.’’

Gu Jin-Long spoke grievously. He had apparently raised the meaning of this subject to a level of the whole world. Ye Xiao would become the sinner of the whole world if he didn't agree with Gu Jin-Long.

Ye Xiao had abused all of Gu Jin-Long's families in his mind, yet he showed sorrow on his face and said, ’’That's true. Of course I know it well. I am actually suffering inside my heart...’’

[You are just a moron.] Gu Jin-Long sneered in mind, but he acted like he was empathizing with Ye Xiao, ’’Yes. As his disciple, you are like his own son. Looking at your master dying slowly without achieving what he should have, the pain in your heart is something only you can understand...’’

’’However, it is different now.’’ Gu Jin-Long pointed himself and spoke proudly, ’’You got me now. There won't be any difficulty for you.’’

’’Because with my help, all your concerns will be solved once and for all.’’ Gu Jin-Long got emotional and spoke seriously, ’’Brother Feng, even though you need to lie to your master... Don't you want you master to have some happy days in the last years of his life? Won't it be your lifelong regret if you fail to take this opportunity for your master? If you can help your master leave a legend for himself in this world, you are helping him build a marvelous accomplishment, aren't you?’’

’’The long lasting glory. The enduring legend of dan-making. The myth of the cloud and sky.’’

Gu Jin-Long spoke in a deep voice.

Ye Xiao's face turned red because of his excitement. He nodded heavily and spoke quiveringly, ’’That's right! That's what he deserves!’’

He acted like he had been highly motivated by what Gu Jin-Long said. It was like he was shameful, regretful, helpless and hopeful all at the same time. He nodded again and spoke loudly, ’’That's it! To help my master achieve this glory and become the enduring legend of the world, I will do anything.

I, Feng Zhi-Ling, will do whatever it takes, and whatever I do, it must be worth it!’’

Gu Jin-Long showed a smile on his face with satisfaction and confidence.

[The moron has finally been fooled by me...

Getting this thing done so easily, I, Gu Jin-Long, am really going to be rich.]

But he didn't know that in Ye Xiao's mind, things were totally different.

[My acting skill is really in a god's level. Look at the stupid man. He has already been fooled badly by me, yet he is so happy about it. What a moron.

Getting this thing done so easily, I, Ye Xiao, am really going to be rich this time...]

’’You and I, we are aiming for the same direction. We should work together to build the enduring legend of dan-making... Do you have any other concerns about this, Brother Feng?’’ Gu Jin-Long was so confident. He knew that this thing was confirmed. He didn't expect he could be so lucky to get the Cosmic Hades and get some supreme dan beads at the same time.

It was like a wonderful dream to him.

’’Hmm... I am not underestimating you, Brother Gu, but I wonder how many spiritual jades could you provide? How many precious medicines? How many priceless treasures? I just need to have a rough plan in my mind.’’ Ye Xiao swallowed and acted like he had made up his mind on this.

’’Heh heh. Brother Feng, it is normal that you have doubts on this. Well, what I can do, I'll leave that to your imagination. I can only give you a promise. No matter how many you want, I can give you all.’’

Gu Jin-Long spoke blandly.


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