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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 106


Chapter 106 - The Honest Feng Zhi-Ling;Everyone Was Happy?

The more Ye Xiao spoke, the more unsightly Gu Jin-Long's face looked.

When Ye Xiao finished, Gu Jin-Long finally took a breath out and murmured, ’’It is him... It is him... He is actually still alive and he is in this mortal world right now... I should've thought about it... The Decree Master needed the supreme Ning-rolled Purple Cloud Dan because of his wound. There wouldn't be anybody else who needed it so much...’’

His eyes became dull and he looked ahead. He murmured word by word, ’’The Purple Lotus Decree Master... is actually still alive?’’

His face showed that he was slightly fearful.

Ye Xiao clapped his own leg and spoke, ’’Purple Lotus Decree Master... Right. That must be his name. Brother Gu, do you know this guy?’’

Gu Jin-Long's face became more unsightly and he stayed quiet.

[Do I know this guy? Are you kidding me? If I know him, that means I am a dead body now!]

’’Brother Gu, if you know him, things would be easier. It was him who asked me to get this bloody Cosmic Hades...’’ Ye Xiao spoke, ’’When I brought it back, he took it with him and left right away... Now I am not sure where did it go. If you know this guy, you just need to find him and take the Cosmic Hades back.’’

Gu Jin-Long's face turned dark and he had been changing plans thousands of times in his mind.

[The Xiao Monarch, Ye Xiao was hunting the Purple Lotus Decree Master. After that, no one had heard anything about how it was concluded. Nobody knew whether the Decree Master was alive or dead... It was known that the Xiao Monarch had wiped out everybody who followed the Purple Lotus Decree Master. I thought he was dead because nobody had heard about him anymore... Well I am afraid he is alive at the moment. He just keeps hiding in the Land of Han-Yang to escape the Xiao Monarch.

I think the reason why Ye Xiao wiped out the Decree Master's people was because Ye Xiao got humiliated as he failed to kill the Decree Master...

If Feng Zhi-Ling is being honest, the Purple Lotus Decree Master must have been seriously hurt when he got away from the Xiao Monarch!

It must be true that he needs the supreme Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan... The wound he suffered was some serious wound on his soul. It was truly difficult to recover. It was out of his capability to cure himself.

But why does he want the Cosmic Hades?

I know his personality. If he really wants the Cosmic Hades he could just break down the whole Ling-Bao Hall and take the Cosmic Hades. It must be an easy job for him like turning over his hand. Yet he didn't do so. He sent a man to buy it. Why he did it this way...

What is he fearing in this mortal world...

Maybe... he was truly hurt too bad... At least he had lost the capability to do it himself.

That means... If I can find him, it will be a piece of cake to kill him and take the Cosmic Hades!]

He thought of all that in his mind in just an instant.

’’Brother Feng, don't you have a bit of information about where this guy is? He is my friend. Well because of an incident, my friend was badly injured. Many of our friends think that he must have died. I would have never expected that he is here!’’

Gu Jin-Long raised his head looking at Ye Xiao with eyes filled with coldness, while his mouth was talking a monstrous lie. And he was actually talking in a sensitive way.

’’Well I truly don't know.’’ Ye Xiao threw up his hands, ’’He might be hurt. That's why he acted cautiously and stayed mysteriously. After giving my master those materials, he took away the Cosmic Hades and never showed up again.’’

Ye Xiao thought for a while and said, ’’Oh right. Before he left, he had walked around the small valley around my master's residence and pointed on my body two times. It looked like he was setting up some kind of array... Anyway, after that, nobody ever has come near the valley. It is a weird thing.’’

Gu Jin-Long pretended to smile and then he said, ’’It isn't weird. It is reasonable in fact. The Purple Lotus Decree Master surely has the capability to do so. If he didn't do it, that would be a weird thing.’’

In his mind he was thinking, [It seems that he is afraid that things would go wrong for him, so he set up the great array of spiritual sensation... If I entered it recklessly or try to break it, I will alert him... If he knows somebody is looking for him, he will hide and I will never be able to find him.

For now, he still needs the dan-maker... So the dan-maker is the key of the whole situation. I can't act rashly.

If I make any mistakes... I will lost the supreme dan beads... And I will lose the Cosmic Hades forever. That's the last thing I want to happen.

Do I need to ask my sect for help?]

Things had changed, so he was a bit hesitant.

He knew well about the Cosmic Hades. If he could acquire it on his own... He would become one of the best cultivators in the Qing-Yun Realm within a thousand years.

But if people in the high level of his sect discovered it, even if he could get the Cosmic Hades back, he would never have the chance to touch it!

Who would let go of such a unique and precious treasure in the world?

There were a lot of people in his sect that were stronger than him...

So he decided not to let the sect know about it!

Since he wouldn't want the sect to know about this, he had to deal with the Purple Lotus Decree Master himself!

Gu Jin-Long took a deep breath when he thought about it.

[I have successfully let the Xiao Monarch get killed. I must be able to take care of the weak Purple Lotus Decree Master, right?]

He made up his mind.

He looked at Feng Zhi-Ling and came up with a plan. He thought that his plan had to depend on this Feng Zhi-Ling... So he smiled and said, ’’Well... That is a shame... However, it won't matter if my treasure is in my friend's hand... But...’’

Ye Xiao comforted him saying, ’’Perhaps that glacial thing hasn't been used up yet. You don't have to be worried. When I see the guy next time, I will ask him about it for you. He has to come back and ask about the supreme dan beads. Since you are friends, it won't be difficult to make him understand. As long as the treasure is still there, nothing will go wrong.’’

Gu Jin-Long shook his head and said, ’’No. Please don't do that. I am just guessing that he is my friend. I am not completely sure about it. If I am wrong, I don't want to cause more troubles...’’

He thought for a while and said, ’’How about this. When he go to your master for the dan beads, please inform me. I have to meet him myself... If he is truly my friend, everything will be fine for sure. If not, I will show him my sincerity and ask him about getting my Cosmic Hades back. Please!’’

Ye Xiao sneered in mind, [Your sincerity? You must be talking about your sword. To show your sincerity with your sword, you are truly unbelievable.]

Yet he nodded and agreed, ’’It surely is the perfect solution.’’ He sighed, ’’The precious treasure that is passed down generation to generation in your family is truly something you can't lose... Oh. What Mr. Wan did was really... Well then. That's it! Don't worry, Brother Gu. I will help you with this!’’

He actually criticized Wan Zheng-Hao again.

Wan Zheng-Hao was embarrassed.

Gu Jin-Long spoke gratefully, ’’Brother Feng, you are a kind-hearted man. I shall never forget about it! I must pay you back the favor! Many thanks... I have to make good friends with you!’’

Ye Xiao nodded and spoke humbly, ’’Nah... Don't be silly... It is what I should do... Heh heh heh. You are being too polite to me...’’

Gu Jin-Long gave a hint with his eyes and Wan Zheng-Hao came over hurriedly with a small bag. Wan Zheng-Hao said, ’’It is my fault. Here is a small gift. Brother Feng, please accept it.’’

Ye Xiao pushed the bag away hurriedly and spoke a bit angrily, ’’You are mistaking me with a philistine man... I am certainly not that kind of person. It is what I should do for a friend... I... I... I can't take it...’’

’’Friends should share fortunes sometimes...’’ Gu Jin-Long spoke seriously, ’’Brother Feng, do you look down upon the small gift we want you to have? If you keep resisting it, you are not seeing us as friends.’’

Speaking of that, his face showed anger. His beard went up showing that he was dissatisfied.

Ye Xiao spoke, ’’Well then... Since you are so full of kindness, I shall take it then...’’ He grabbed the bag and put it into his pocket quickly.

So... everyone was happy now.

The tensed situation suddenly got relieved.

They discussed about the details again. Gu Jin-Long was afraid that he would arouse Feng Zhi-Ling's suspicious, so he started another topic, ’’Brother Feng, you just said that you master wasn't unable to make the Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan. He just didn't have much assurance of success. Well then... Does that mean that he could easily produce some slightly high-grade dan in the supreme level?’’

Ye Xiao nodded humbly and said, ’’But I wouldn't agree with that. My master is quite successful in making dan beads. That's true. But dan-making always requires luck. Nothing is absolute in dan-making! For my master, most kinds of dan are not so difficult for him to produce. It is just a little bit difficult to develop them in the supreme level... In fact, I am sure that my master can totally succeed in making some Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan Beads. He just doesn't have the assurance that it would become supreme dan..’’



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