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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 105


Chapter 105 - Framing The Decree Master!

Gu Jin-Lu had just reached the 3rd level of the Grade of Daoyuan. He was only a first rate superior cultivation in the Qing-Yun Realm. However, he had played the main role in the battle of hunting the Xiao Monarch.

At the beginning, he had told the Xiao Monarch that he wanted to apologize and he had asked for a negotiation. In fact, he was only trying to get close to the Xiao Monarch and make him put down his caution. Step by step, he had led the world-shocking Xiao Monarch fall into the trap.

In that battle, most of the people who had been much better than Gu Jin-Long died, yet he himself somehow survived with no wounds although he was the weakest one among them. It could be seen that he was a selfish and cold-hearted person.

If he truly had fought with honor, he would have stood at the front and died under the Xiao Monarch's sword!

However, when the Xiao Monarch was weak and struggling to escape the hunt, he staged his sword into the Xiao Monarch's chest leaving a blood hole.

He had struck only once during the whole battle.

Yet that only strike had badly injured the Xiao Monarch and also kept himself safe off the battle. He truly had shockingly sharp eyes on how to seize the perfect chance!

This man who had been nothing but an ant in Ye Xiao's sight had actually caused the fall of the Xiao Monarch!

Ye Xiao couldn't drop down his cautiousness against such a man who was foxy, malicious, and good at pretending.

Ye Xiao was always a bodacious guy who had faced so many superior cultivators of the three factions without feeling fearful. Yet at the moment when he heard Gu Jin-Long said about 'something else' which was unexpected, he actually felt a bit nervous. That was something he had never experienced before!

He was still too weak at the moment!

’’Oh? There is something else? May I ask what it is?’’ Ye Xiao was confused.

’’It is about the auction...’’ Gu Jin-Long spoke casually, ’’Brother Feng, you have bought one thing from here... And in fact, it was something I had saved here. As a matter of fact, that was how I helped, invested and supported Wan Zheng-Hao.’’

’’We had a deal long ago. Once Ling-Bao Hall became successful, I would come back to have it back... Well it has been a long time and Wan Zheng-Hao misunderstood my wish and incidentally sold it out. I know it is inappropriate to say so, but it is extremely important for me...’’

Ye Xiao understood what he was talking about right away.

The Cosmic Hades.

Ye Xiao nodded to show understanding to what Gu Jin-Long was saying, but in his mind, he had cursed out a million times of 'bullshit'!

[That was even a hilarious bullshit...

If it really was yours, I bet you would have kept it with you and treated it like it was your ancestor. How could it be possible that you would give it to Wan Zheng-Hao? Help? Invest? Support? That is so... Do you really think I am a fool...]

’’It was our mistake at the first place. We won't let you suffer any loss.’’ Gu Jin-Long spoke blandly, ’’I will return you double the amount of money you spent for it. What do you think?’’


Ye Xiao immediately cursed all of Gu Jin-Long's families again and again.

Forget about double of the price. Even if you want to return 20 thousand times of the price to me, I won't let you take a single piece back from me!

That is the Cosmic Hades!

Is it a cabbage to you? Double the price, huh. You truly see me as an ignorant stupid country boy...]

However, he laughed brightly and said, ’’The first sight of you made me think that you must be a very good friend to me. It is nothing but a piece of treasure. No problem. Well actually, I wonder what exactly is it that you are talking about? To be honest, I have bought many precious treasures in that auction. I have no idea which one are you talking about. Just tell me and I will return it. That's all. Forget about doubling the price or something. Just see it as a gift from me... Brother Gu, don't see me as a man who couldn't even afford giving his friend a gift. I don't even care about my money in the Ling-Bao Hall. Why would I care about just a piece of treasure.’’

Gu Jin-Long laughed loudly and said, ’’Brother Feng is a generous man! Well then, I think I should just be straight. It is the Cosmic Hades I am talking about...’’ He nervously looked at Ye Xiao and spoke slowly, ’’It is not a precious thing really... However, it is something that has been passed down from generation to generation in my clan... It had been kept in my family for hundreds of years... Brother Feng, please...’’

Gu Jin-Long thought that Feng Zhi-Ling was the only source of the supreme dan and his master was about to die soon. Otherwise, he would have teared apart Feng Zhi-Ling after torturing and questioning him until he got the secret of the supreme dan beads.

Gu Jin-Long surely wanted the Cosmic Hades, but he also wanted the supreme dan beads...

That was why he had to be patient and tried to fool Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was suddenly quiet and then he stood up and said, ’’Wh... wha... what? The Co... Cosm... Cosmic Hades?’’

Gu Jin-Long was stunned and asked cautiously, ’’Brother Feng... Is there a problem?’’

Ye Xiao suddenly sat back on the chair and spoke, ’’Why would it be the Cosmic Hades?’’

Gu Jin-Long frowned and spoke, ’’What? Anything happened during these days?

He sounded a bit annoyed already.

’’To be honest, Brother Gu, there is a problem indeed... Oh.’’ Ye Xiao sighed and said, ’’It is no longer with me now...’’

Gu Jin-Long frowned and his face was a bit cold already, ’’Then... Who has it now?’’

’’I don't know that guy's name actually...’’ Ye Xiao frowned and looked anguished, ’’I never wanted the Cosmic Hades. I was asked to buy it... That's why I bidded for it. I had never attended an auction. That's true. Yet I had heard something about the Cosmic Hades. I wouldn't want such a useless thing!’’

’’What was it? Please tell me specifically!’’ Gu Jin-Long realized that things were bad for him, but he stayed patient and went on asking.

’’Hmmm. It was... A long time ago, there was this guy visiting my master. He gave my master a variety of precious treasures. Some of them were actually something from outside this world. Those were truly something that could only be found by luck. Yet he seemed to care nothing about them. What he gave my master were just enough to made ten group of dan beads. They were perfectly organized... He stated it quite clear to my master that he would only take one dan bead from my master and it had to be a supreme dan bead.’’

Ye Xiao frowned. He started to make up some story again. This time, he did it much more affluently, ’’My master didn't accept it at the first place because it was too difficult. Those materials were all extremely precious, so it was very difficult to successfully produce dan beads, let alone supreme dan beads. My master thought that even if he used all those materials, he might fail to make even one supreme dan bead.’’

’’Precious dan beads? What kind of dan beads could make your master feel difficult?’’ Wan Zheng-Hao spoke out his question in a perfect moment again...

’’It was... well hmmm... Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan.’’ Ye Xiao rolled his eyes to show that he was recalling it so hard.

’’What?!’’ Gu Jin-Long suddenly stood up.

His face turned green, ’’Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan? Are you sure?’’

’’Absolutely!’’ Ye Xiao confirmed, ’’I had never heard of it, but I wouldn't forget the name I heard. My master had murmured about it for several months...’’

’’Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan... What is it?’’ Wan Zheng-Hao was confused.

’’Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan is something that specially cures the soul wounds... It is a divine medicine of the world!’’ Gu Jin-Long's face was dark and he said, ’’It is a level 7 dan... Even in the Qing-Yun Realm, it is among the top-ranged dan. If it is also some supreme dan bead, only those who have reached the fifth level of the Grade of Daoyuan would need it for their soul wounds. If it is some supreme Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan, people below the fifth level of the Grade of Daoyuan who have eaten it will die with their souls broken into pieces and then vanish...’’

’’Who exactly... Who would need such a thing?’’ Gu Jin-Long felt something was wrong about it.

He looked at Feng Zhi-Ling and thought that he looked honest and humble. He thought that Feng Zhi-Ling wouldn't be able to make up a lie that was so flawless. [Even if he was able to, he couldn't just make up the name, Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan!

Things are not going well... I am afraid.]

’’Do you know the guy's name?’’ Gu Jin-Long frowned.

’’I have no idea. He was talking to my master and I was hardly around them.’’ Ye Xiao acted like he was trying so hard to recall, ’’Oh right... I have heard my master talk about it once... He was calling the guy... the guy... What Decree Master [1]? Right, the master!’’

He slapped on his leg to show affirmation.

’’Decree Master...’’ Gu Jin-Long's face suddenly turn blue.

In the Qing-Yun Realm, there were no more than six people who was named with 'Decree Master'. Any of them was a great figure though! They were someone who had shocked the world!

They were all people that he could never afford messing up with.

Yet he had never heard that these people had been harmed...

’’What Decree Master? What does he look like? How tall? His weight? His face? His hair style? His clothes?...’’ Gu Jin-Long asked about twenty questions in one breath.

’’Hmm. I have only seen him one or two times. He looked...’’ Ye Xiao frowned and rolled his eyeballs. He seemed thinking so hard and described how the Purple Lotus Decree Master looked like bit by bit.



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