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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 102


Chapter 102 - Gu Jin-Long, The Enemy

Ye Xiao only felt that his hands had been fully wrapped with two big fat pieces of meat. Those were definitely the same as the meat of a pig's ass...

Wan Zheng-Hao's facial features all huddled together with an ebullient smile. The fat on his face was trembling, and his fat belly was quivering. The fat on his shoulder was also shaking, and the meat on his leg was also shaking even after he had stood still for quite a while...

As for his ass... Oh. We better not talk about it...

Ye Xiao saw all of those and his face showed an extremely strange look. He murmured, ’’You actually have lost your weight these days...’’

He felt like there were a million Cao Ni Horses [1] that were covered by shit roaring past his mind.

[Now you said you had lost your weight when your are actually fat like this...

What will pigs say about it?]

’’Oh... Huo huo huo... Manager Wan... Boss Wan... You...’’ Ye Xiao suddenly stopped. After an instant thought, he raised his left hand and covered his mouth right away. It was Ye Xiao's fastest action, yet it was still a little late. - Kacha!-

It was the sound of... his chin that was nearly dislocated!

It was true!

It was no exaggeration!

His chin was about to be dislocated!

The Xiao Monarch was experiencing a second life now, but it was his first time to see such a 'giant thing'! And the 'giant thing' was a person...

So he couldn't help but to open his mouth when he saw the man.

So... When he rapidly opened his mouth, he almost disgraced himself by breaking his own chin. It was lucky that he stopped his mouth so quickly...

Wan Zheng-Hao was truly the first person who could actually make the Xiao Monarch act ludicrously like this!

Ye Xiao hurriedly held his chin yet still spoke out some words. But he had spoken with unclear articulation and made a 'heh heh heh' sound along with a 'huo huo huo'...

However, it really wasn't his fault. Wan Zheng-Hao's size had really broken the limits of his imagination and had truly gone too far from being a human!

Ye Xiao dared to bet that even if Wan Zheng-Hao knew nothing about martial arts, he could stay unharmed being punched by a superior cultivator at the Grade of Renyuan! It would at most hit in his fat, but definitely not his bones!

Ye Xiao smiled and vigorously drew back his right hand.

When his hand got out, he felt his hand was oily, as if it was covered in grease.

That was so embarrassing! Extremely embarrassing!

’’Hahahaha...’’ Wan Zheng-Hao didn't notice anything wrong at all and laughed, ’’Please, Brother Feng. To the upper floor... Hahaha. I have some good tea that had been kept for thousands of years... I like making friends very much. Especially with some brilliant people like you. It is truly much better after seeing you than hearing about you. Hahaha. I wish for a good friend like you...’’

He wouldn't stop talking after he opened his mouth

[Some thousands of years old tea... That must have become dust.]

Ye Xiao found that he completely had no chance to talk back.

Wan Zheng-Hao was an experienced man. Apparently, he clearly knew how his fat image would shock people, so he laughed and said, ’’Everything is good about me, except my weight. Haha. Well, there is really nothing I can do about it. No matter what I eat, it will put on my weight. I have tried going on a hunger strike, but it didn't work. I got fat like always. So I just keep it as what it is. I wonder to what extent my body could grow fatter...’’

He was stepping on the stairs and the stairs squeaked. Apparently, the stairs were overwhelmed.

’’... Gradually, my body became what it is now...’’ They finally got to the second floor and Wan Zheng-Hao was gasping, ’’... Well it was just about 700 kilograms. Forgive my jeer.’’


Ye Xiao finally got a chance to talk, so he spoke out a word with sincerity. That was the truth of what he felt in his heart.

[700 kilograms...]

’’No. It is not a jeer. I have to say that in every area, there is always a brilliant person. Every profession produces its own leading authority... In the profession of 'weight', I believe you must be the No. 1 in the history! You deserve it!’’

Ye Xiao spoke with sincerity.

He was not flattering. He was expressing his true feeling. There were only things that you couldn't imagine, not things that couldn't be possible. Nothing was too strange in the world!

[A man can actually be so fat... That is truly an oddity in the history.]

Wan Zheng-Hao laughed, ’’What a shame that the royal court never consider 'weighting' as a test to recruit new members. Otherwise, I could defeat anyone in the whole world and the entire history!’’

’’By just a smile, you could certainly win!’’ Ye Xiao was admiring.

They were chatting while walking to the tea room. In the tea room, Ye Xiao didn't release his caution. Instead, he became cautious to a great extent.

Because he saw a man.

A middle-aged man who had three streams of black facial hair fluttering in front of his chest. His face was emaciated, and his body was strong. He was dressed in cyan like a man from the heavens!

He looked like a middle-aged man that meant no harm to anybody!

At the moment, the man was looking at Ye Xiao with a smile. He gently greeted Ye Xiao first, ’’Mr. Feng?’’

Ye Xiao lowered his sight looking at the chair. And then he walked to it and sat down. He looked up again and asked, ’’And this is...’’

His face looked calm, yet his eyes were filled with confusion.

In fact, his heart was not peaceful at all!

Ye Xiao knew this man!

They knew each other well!

It was not 'Ye Xiao' who knew this man;it was the Xiao Monarch!

It had only been three and a half months since Ye Xiao met this guy last time!

Three and a half months ago, the man was among those guys who made the Xiao Monarch fall!

In the ten special disciples of the Sunlight Sect which was one of the three factions, he was the No. 9. He was the Breeze Sword God, Gu Jin-Long.

A 'Long' among humans from 'Gu' to 'Jin' (A 'Chinese Dragon' among humans from the 'past' to the 'present'). His word was like the breeze, blowing the water of the lake;the breeze would leave no trace, yet people die because of it.

Ye Xiao couldn't imagine, not even in dreams, that he would meet with an enemy from his previous life in this world!

A man with such a strong cultivation capability was actually in the Land of Han-Yang!

Now Ye Xiao was finally sure about one thing. It was something that he had been thinking about since he had come to this world. Now he was sure. There had to be a channel that was linking the Qing-Yun Realm and the Land of Han-Yang, which allowed people to go through!

The channel was most possibly controlled by... the three factions in the Qing-Yun Realm!

Maybe the three factions had their own channels and they just kept it a secret.

As Ye Xiao knew, Gu Jing-Long was too strong to be in this world because the Land of Han-Yang wouldn't be able to hold such a powerful cultivator!

He was a superior cultivator of the Grade of Daoyuan!

There were only three grades in the Land of Han-Yang!

They were the Grade of Renyuan, Grade of Diyuan and Grade of Tianyuan!

The Grandmaster Levels of Tianyuan was the limit of this world!

Cultivators in the Qing-Yun Realm were in three higher grades than those three grades.

They were the Grade of Lingyuan, Grade of Mengyuan, and Grade of Daoyuan.

There were nine levels in each grade, and the gaps between two close levels were enormous!

So it wasn't hard to understand that Gu Jin-Long was... an extremely horrible existence in this world!

It would be overstating to call him a god.

Well, such a man was Ye Xiao's enemy!

Now he was in front of Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao tasted the tea and swallowed it. He had swallowed his hatred and hostility that was raising in his heart along with the tea.

He buried the hatred and hostility deep in his heart without showing a single sign!

The Xiao Monarch, in his best moment, could easily kill Gu Jin-Long.

However... if Gu Jin-Long wanted to kill Ye Xiao now, he wouldn't even need to breath.

He would only need to stare at Ye Xiao and Ye Xiao would just die!

That was a gargantuan gap between their strengths! How could Ye Xiao not be cautious?

’’My name is Gu. I am a bit older than you, I am afraid. If you don't mind, you can call me Brother Gu.’’ Gu Jin-Long spoke in a casual way. He didn't even show the strength that was hidden in his heart. He just used some simple words, and that could get him close to Ye Xiao.

He was now like an elegant gentleman in front of Ye Xiao.

He showed no threat at all.

’’Brother Gu.’’ Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’You are an elegant man. I admire you.’’

Gu Jin-Long smiled gently, ’’I have heard the great name of your for a long time. Now that I have the great opportunity to see you in person, I have to say you are truly young and talented.’’

Ye Xiao smiled blandly, ’’I am just wasting my youth. That's all.’’

They had spoken some formalities and stopped saying anything useless. Ye Xiao didn't know the purpose of Gu Jin-Long, so he didn't want to recklessly say anything wrong. The less he spoke, the less mistakes he would make. Gu Jin-Long was trying to be mysterious, so he didn't want to talk much either.

However, Ye Xiao figured out something that was rather important at the moment.

Wan Zheng-Hao, who had been speaking with fervor and assurance just now, was sitting on the chair behaving well. He was sitting on the main chair, yet he looked extremely restrained. Under his calm expression, there was a sense of profound fear.

After some formulaic greetings, Gu Jin-Long gave Wan Zheng-Hao a hint with a glance. If Ye Xiao hadn't noticed the interaction between them, he might not be able to notice the glance.

Wan Zheng-Hao started to laugh, ’’Hahahahaha.’’ His face was still quivering as he said, ’’Brother Feng, the supreme dan beads you brought here last time... are really awesome stuff. Master Gu is here for that... I wonder if Brother Feng... Heh heh...’’

Ye Xiao smiled and spoke blandly, ’’The supreme dan beads are difficult to make. My master is having an ablution and making preparations for creating the second group of dan beads.’’


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