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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 647


Chapter 647: Are you seeking your own death?

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

Blue River or Blue Bridge Spring Snow, as he was more commonly known as in

the Heavenly Domain, had been pretty depressed after all the ruckus in the

tenth server. The top guilds had finally gotten back on track after Lord Grim

left for the Heavenly Domain.

Although Team Samsara had the most momentum this year, the one at the top

was still Team Blue Rain. Guild Samara relied on their momentum in the pro

scene to gain popularity among the new players in the tenth server. However,

first place was still first place. Blue Brook Guild's development in the tenth

server continued smoothly.

Managing a guild in a normal server seemed to be less glamourous than

working in the Heavenly Domain, but in reality, to those in the Clubs who

treated the game as their job, it was a more important role than being another

top expert or elite group leader in the Heavenly Domain. Having experienced

the hardships of starting up a guild in a new server, Blue River was tired of all

the various schemes and competition between the guilds. After Blue Brook

Guild finally stepped onto the right track in the tenth server, Blue River

immediately went to Changing Spring and resigned. He would much rather

give up the better position of a normal server's guild leader and just be an elite

expert in the Heavenly Domain.

Changing Spring obviously couldn't force someone to do something that he

didn't want to do, so after handing over the account for the tenth server guild

leader, Blue River became the Blade Master Blue Bridge Spring Snow once


Tired of all the fighting between guilds, Blue River didn't even participate

much in wild boss fights, the most direct form of guild competitions. He spent

his days leisurely bringing teams into dungeons.

Blue River had given up something that many would fight for, but as one of the

veterans in Blue Brook Guild, he still enjoyed his fair share of respect from his

fellow guild members. On the other hand, even though he no longer actively

involved himself with PvP anymore, if there were some kind of emergency, he

wouldn't sit back and do nothing.

Once Team Blue Rain got into the finals in the first place, the fans of the

eliminated teams along with Team Samara often clashed with Blue Brook

Guild. Any kind of small argument would quickly evolve into a full-scale war.

Being active in the Heavenly Domain, Blue River had been dragged into plenty

of said fights. The good thing was that these battles were based entirely on

emotions, so they didn't require a lot of effort to deal with.

Still, these sort of conflicts and wild bosses had to be handled properly. Upon

receiving the news of the appearance of the Sewer King Lookashoo, the main

guild leader Changing Spring immediately searched for any core members

nearby. Someone from the core of the guild had to lead the wild boss fight.

Blue River couldn't be any closer to the boss when Changing Spring sent out

the rallying call, so he answered it since he wasn't shameless enough to

pretend to be offline. The guild had absolute trust in Blue River. Therefore, he

immediately became the commander for this battle.

Even though he hadn't done this kind of work in a while, Blue River wasn't

unfamiliar with it. Thinking back about it, he had once been cannon fodder too.

Over time, he had climbed up, from main attacker to team leader to group

leader to the overall commander for an entire operation, and finally he was

tired of doing it. As he sighed incessantly, his people had arrived and started

acting already. For low level bosses like this, the competition was much more


Blue River didn't think anything strange would happen when fighting for a

wild boss, but something just had to happen. Shortly after the boss fight had

started, Blue River received reports that the people who were rushing over here

were being killed before they could arrive. He didn't pay much attention to it,

until he noticed the names mentioned.

Why am I so unlucky?

Hadn't that guy gone into hiding? How come the moment I show up he appears

again?! Slaughtering anyone he sees? Why is he so unruly?!

But was killing players on the way unruly? Not exactly. To get the boss, the

guilds would use all means necessary, so there were no rules to speak of. There

were only tricks that couldn't be carried out, and no tricks that couldn't be

thought of.

The top guilds rarely tried to kill players who were en route. It wasn't because

they didn't want to do that, but it was because it had never yielded good results

in the past.

The biggest reason was because they didn't have Ye Xiu's level of skill.

The four-person team led by Ye Xiu consisted of Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and

Chen Guo. They overwhelmed any teams with a similar number of people.

They would slaughter one group swiftly and then immediately move onto

another. For any other normal player, they wouldn't be able to move on from

one group to another so quickly, even in an ambush. Without the advantage of

numbers, there was only 50% chance for a successful interception. If you

wanted an advantage in numbers, then you would have to put in more people.

This would result in the other side putting in more manpower as well. In the

end, the boss fight would spiral out of control on the way. Most importantly,

even if the conflict got out of control like this, neither side would gain an


Ye Xiu's team, on the other hand, was another matter entirely. With their

vastly superior skill, he and his group could guarantee an easy 100% win rate.

There were few players dwelling around Heshin City normally and most people

arriving had the same destination in mind, so they were all taking the same

route. As Ye Xiu's group swept through the area, players from various guilds

were sent back to their respawn location. It wasn't until they saw everyone else

respawn with them that they noticed something wasn't right. The effects of

their ruthless slaughtering was clear, when the four people finally slaughtered

their way to the boss. Every guilds' troops had been scattered around loosely

except for Heavenly Justice, whose organized and complete lineup made the

other guilds look even more miserable.

Ye Xiu didn't say anything upon arrival and led the other three straight into

the fray, but they didn't even target the boss - instead, they went straight for

the players. Noticing that the ’’lord’’ had arrived, Loulan Slash sent support in

right away. With support, especially the help of Clerics, Ye Xiu and the others

became even more brutal. They swung their blades indiscriminately against

anyone who didn't belong to Heavenly Justice.

’’What a vicious way to snatch a boss...’’ Loulan Slash sighed as he watched the

other guilds fall into complete disarray. Ye Xiu looked as if he wanted to clean

the entire field! How domineering!

The guilds only had so many people and none of them could stop the four

effectively. Cooperation, on the other hand, wasn't something that could be

achieved easily among them.

Ye Xiu's Lord Grim was charging around, when a blade came out of nowhere,

trying to interrupt his offense. Based on the timing of that attack, it was clearly

one of rare strikes in this huge mess that had a clear purpose. Lord Grim

jumped back to dodge it and swung his view towards the attacker.

The team was extremely short on people, so Ye Xiu would pay extra attention

to those with exceptional skill. When he turned around, he found that the

attacker's ID was Blue Bridge Spring Snow. What a familiar name!

Where have I heard this name before? Ye Xiu arrived at the answer after some

time with the help of the guild tag ’’Blue Brook’’ before Blue Bridge Spring

Snow's ID. Without it, Ye Xiu probably wouldn't have remembered.

’’Hm? Isn't this... what's his name's account? How has Blue River been doing

recently?’’ Ye Xiu finally said something other than a battle shout: a greeting.

’’ I'm Blue River...’’ The opponent replied bitterly.

’’Oh! It's you! So you've returned to the Heavenly Domain? Then don't you

know who I am? Are you seeking your own death?’’ Ye Xiu asked.

Blue River was on the verge of bursting into tears. Did he want to come? No!

However, in his current position and facing such adversity, he had no choice

but to stand up and do something.

’’2 o'clock!’’ But before Blue River could answer his question, Ye Xiu sped off

towards the 2 o'clock direction after giving a shout.

’’Stop running!’’ Blue River chased right after him with a Triple Slash, but Lord

Grim easily dodged with a side step. At the same time, Thousand Chance

Umbrella transformed into a spear with a shake of his hand and pierced

straight toward Blue River's character with a Circle Swing, slamming its victim

into the ground.

’’Run? This is called strategy. If you can't appreciate it, then don't comment.’’

Ye Xiu commented, leading the other three away in the 2 o'clock direction.

Indeed, those who didn't understand the situation well would think that Ye Xiu

and the others were just randomly killing people. All their slaughtering was

planned out by Ye Xiu with deliberation. Every action had a purpose behind it:

to create openings for Loulan Slash to snatch the boss.

Ye Xiu had told Loulan Slash before hand. A few players from Heavenly Justice

would help out Ye Xiu and his group, while the others would take the boss.

Despite being slammed into the ground, Blue River not only got right back up,

but he also gave chase immediately. There was no way he could just lay on the

ground and pretend to be dead.

’’Again? Hurry up and leave with your people. There is no way you'll get this

boss.’’ Ye Xiu sighed at Blue River, who was chasing after him.

Blue River didn't answer. Instead he simply pointed his blade at Lord Grim

again. However, before he could reach his target, a flying kick sent him

stumbling away and followed by a storm of fists and kicks mixed with some

bricks. These were clearly the skills of a Brawler and the attacker was none

other than Steam Bun Invasion.

’’Kiddo! I'm beating you up to save you! If the boss is being so kind to you, then

you have to appreciate it! If you make him mad, the consequences will be very

severe!’’ Steam Bun lectured while beating Blue River. Blue River's skill level

was among top of the regular players and he had plenty of experience. Even

though Steamed Bun was improving very quickly, he couldn't render experts

like Blue River completely powerless yet. This one-sided battle only took place

because of Steamed Bun's ambush. Before Blue River could even pick himself

back up, Steam Bun overwhelmed him with a wave of chaotic attacks.

Steamed Bun had incredible mechanical skill. When he got the first hit, there

was no chance for Blue River to escape the following onslaught. After being

slammed into the ground by Lord Grim, he was now being kicked around like

ball on the ground. There was no words that could describe the depression that

Blue River felt. Looking around, he realized that all the people from Blue Brook

were nowhere to be found, so there was no support.

The more he thought about it, the more he admired himself. Where did I find

the bravery to charge at all four of them? Did I really come here to kill myself?


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