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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 644


Chapter 644: Finals

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

Investing in an account and then buying it out were the standard steps that any Club would take

during the initial stages of the Glory professional scene. However, those were no longer suited

for use nowadays. This was because the difference between the current pro characters and

online characters had become two extremes. The most a normal player could get would be a few

Orange equipment no matter how hard they grinded. Who would invest in such a character,

when all the characters in the pro scene had self-made equipment? It clearly wasn't a


During those initial stages, having a top character meant you were a top-tier player in Glory, so

of course people would invest in them. Now, no matter how skilled you were online, you would

just be cannon fodder in the professional scene. Who would care about you? Even if you weren't

cannon fodder and had skills worthy of the professional scene, with how powerful the Clubs

were, they still wouldn't trade the account for stock instead of money. They would just

purchase the account and finish the matter once and for all.

Frankly speaking, the initial stages of the pro scene were like this because everyone was poor.

When everyone was rich, it would be best to avoid this kind of method. As for Ye Xiu and the

others, they handed over their accounts to the team for free, which would save them a lot of

trouble in the future. Chen Guo still wanted to talk about their future investments though.

’’The Challenger League hasn't even started yet. Isn't it a bit early?’’ Ye Xiu expressed, ’’Once we

enter the pro-scene and register, a professional from the Alliance will investigate our assets. It

won't be too late to decide it then.’’

’’Oh, I think I heard Loulan Slash talk about it before. It really is like that.’’ Chen Guo recalled.

It wasn't like she had never managed anything before. She had chatted with Loulan Slash, who

had just formed his team as well. It was just that, at the time, she had been frightened. Loulan

Slash used his vast amount of wealth to make various maneuvers, making her feel

apprehensive towards managing the team.

’’Relax! There's no need to worry about all of this. We just need players and accounts for now!’’

Ye Xiu said.

’’Oh.’’ Chen Guo immediately felt relieved upon hearing Ye Xiu's words.

As for Ye Xiu, after resolving any issues with Little Cold Hands, he had begun upgrading his

Cleric account.

He originally had 4170 skill points. There were a total of 1220 points that could be obtained

through the guide. Little Cold Hands was pretty lucky. If not, Ye Xiu wouldn't have bothered

upgrading the account at all. He would have just found and leveled up another Cleric account.

One, two, three......

Ye Xiu completed the quests according to the guide. The account's foundation was decent and

his luck was quite good. The skill books quickly piled up. His luck was quite good.

’’I'm done.’’

Ye Xiu announced after consuming all of the skill books.

’’How many?’’ Wei Chen carefully asked.

’’Haha.’’ Ye Xiu laughed.

’’What are you laughing about?’’ Wei Chen was puzzled.

’’4925 points.’’ Ye Xiu announced.

’’F*ck!’’ Wei Chen became pale. The skill points on this annoying guy's account had even

managed to surpass his Windward Formation. Furthermore, it was not too much or too little. It

was only by a measly five points. Wei Chen wanted to cough up a mouthful of blood to cover up

the five points.

’’My luck's pretty good, isn't it?’’ Ye Xiu sighed.

’’......’’ Wei Chen didn't know what to say. It was the team's account, after all. It was good to have

more skill points. Wouldn't it be petty of him if he cursed now? He had been a team captain

before, so he had always prioritized the team before anything else. He wouldn't ruin the team's

cohesiveness all because of his selfishness.

Within the group chat, Little Cold Hands was anxiously awaiting the results. As calm and coolheaded

as he could be, he still hoped his account would have more skill points. The more points

he had, the stronger he would become.

Soon after hearing Ye Xiu say 4925 points, Little Cold Hands was shocked.

’’So high!’’ Little Cold Hands exclaimed. He wasn't someone who didn't play Glory. As a fan of

Team Tyranny, he obviously knew that Han Wenqing's character, Desert Dust, possessed the

highest number of skill points in Glory with 4880, but now, his Little Cold Hands had actually

surpassed the number one character in Glory. This was something completely out of his


’’Little kid, you'd better work hard.’’ Wei Chen suddenly said with a mixture of emotions.

Little Cold Hand's account already belonged to the team. Evidently, this wasn't something that

could be passed over by talking. Chen Guo had already spoken with Little Cold Hands and the

latter would sign an agreement to transfer his account later. They would naturally return the

account for Little Cold Hands to use afterwards.

His skill points had soared from 4170 to 4925 at once, increasing by 755 points total. This was a

huge leap in terms of strength. Speaking of professional accounts, which were already around

4800 points, even if they got the points to the maximum, it would only be a 200 point

difference. The scale of improvement couldn't even be compared to Little Cold Hands. It was

unknown if An Wenyi was too excited, but Ye Xiu had to call for him several times in the group

chat before he finally responded.

Soon afterwards, Ye Xiu discussed with An Wenyi about his account. Naturally, they talked

about the skills. Through his knowledge of An Wenyi's playstyle, Ye Xiu gave some advice

towards how he should allocate his skill points. Having a lot of skill points, but being unable to

fully utilize them would just be a waste.

Naturally, no one would watch him give a lecture, so everyone went back to what they were

previously doing. A day passed and the playoffs continued, the match between Blue Rain and

Misty Rain progressed. Containing the word ’’rain’’ in their name was the only joke between

them. Apart from the two matches against each other in the regular season, the two rarely

interacted with each other. This made it difficult for the reporters because they couldn't find

anything interesting to talk about. In the end, they could only write about boring things like

their preparations for the upcoming match.

Before the beginning of the match, the interviews between the two teams were also quite dull.

There weren't any overly bold statements. They just said typical things like they would try their

best and such.

This was meant to be the semi finals where they had to fight for a spot in the finals, but it was

miraculous that the two teams didn't give off any sort of tense atmosphere. Upon that, the

reports couldn't help but blab about experiences or things like staying reserved and such.

The matches were, undoubtedly, at a high level, but it didn't have too many twists and turns.

This could be seen from the news release conference after the match. Blue Rain would say that

their opponent was outstanding, but they had better luck that day. Whereas Misty Rain would

say that they did pretty well, but the opponent performed even better.

Sparks were flying in the air! Where are the sparks!

The journalists were close to tears.

Chu Yunxiu, the trump card and team captain of Misty Rain was a girl, so she didn't have an

aggressive aura. As for Blue Rain, their captain Yu Wenzhou was a gentle guy, so he was always

courteous and polite during interviews. All the questions were answered appropriately, but the

journalists failed to pick anything out from his answers.

As for Huang Shaotian, although he owned a god-level character, that guy was able to stretch

the topic from what he ate for breakfast to the shower from last night that turned cold and such

during the interview, but everyone only wanted to know about things relative to the


Thankfully the match between Samsara and Tiny Herb was about the start on the second day,

so they could finally find things to talk about between those two teams.

Since Tiny Herb was the champion from the previous season, it was obvious that they were

planning to hold the title for another one; whereas Samsara had a high chance to win the

championships. The clash between the two teams were evident. The writers finally had a place

to release the pent up sentiment after holding it in yesterday. The semi finals between these

two teams were treated like a final battle in the reports.

In the end, this match lived up to everyone's expectations. The match between these two was

much more vigorous than the previous games. The match fluctuated often, especially during

the team battle, Samsara's ’’One Man Team’’ style was presented distinctively. They were able to

seize the victory in the end by using the sheer force of Zhou Zekai's strong performance.

It was very easy to stir up the audience's passion when a single player was able to decide the

competition's situation. Every forum in Glory was filled with heated discussions that night.

Zhou Zekai's popularity continued to grow at an insane rate. He became the indisputable MVP

of the second day. All comments agreed that it had become a generation for stars.

Yes, a generation for stars.

Wang Jiexi of Tiny Herb sacrificed his own style to change and blend in for his team's sake. This

was, undoubtedly, a strong notion for teamwork, but now, such a team was defeated by

Samsara, whose style was based on a single player's performance. Although the home and away

regulations didn't finalize after the first match, the result of this kind of individualistic heroism

earned a lot of favor among the audience members. The only regret was that Zhou Zekai wasn't

able to say something arrogant and ambitious like many other players during the press

conference following the match. He could only answer the interviewers with ’’yup, ah, oh’’,

which left this stage with endless regret.

The fixed picture afterwards caused the bystanders' blood to boil with passion, but the hero

they cheered for stared back at them with no emotion...... The scene was...... very contrasting.

The burning zeal of this day had passed and it returned to the peaceful match between Blue

Rain and Misty Rain. Blue Rain came out as the victor. After the match, Misty Rain expressed

their blessings to their victorious opponent and Blue Rain expressed their gratitudes to the

respective side. Blue Rain took the lead upon entering the finals.

As for Samsara and Tiny Herb, under countless of expectations, Zhou Zekai didn't let anyone

down. In the end, Tiny Herb, who tried to defend their championship, was eliminated.

The finals for the Eighth Season in the professional league was now finalized to be between

Samsara and Blue Rain.

If Samsara won the championships, they would become the fourth champion team in the

league's history.

If Blue Rain were to win, they would receive their second trophy.

During the break before the finals, all sorts of reports were spread around. It was the finals.

Even if there weren't any gimmicks between the two teams, they had to find something to talk

about. Let alone that there were many things that could be said between the two teams.

After receiving major attention after the four matches in the playoffs, Samsara's skewed skill

points had been detected early on. There were all sorts of predictions online and it was certain

that all the clubs were having attentive research for this matter, but they wouldn't reveal what

they had discovered.

Speaking of the two teams' players, or precisely, the two trump players, Zhou Zekai and Huang

Shaotian. Although their classes were different, the two were always compared. This was

because the two player's style were complete opposites.


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