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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 632


Chapter 632: One Man Team

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

’’Hi God Ye.’’ Jiang Botao greeted back. Zhou Zekai simply smiled in a friendly manner. He

looked as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he remained silent.

’’Little Zhou still doesn't like to speak, ha ha!’’ Ye Xiu laughed.

Everyone looked towards him, but Zhou Zekai still didn't say anything and just continued to


Truthfully, someone who wasn't good at expressing one's thoughts like Zhou Zekai wasn't

suited to be the team captain. If he was even had a hard time greeting someone, giving words of

encouragement to his team at crucial moments would be impossible, but even though he wasn't

a good speaker, he wouldn't lose to anyone in terms of skill.

Zhou Zekai was currently considered the number one player in Glory right now by many. His

skill and technique were the real deal. His performance on stage was filled with energy. It could

be said that once he took control his character, the aura he gave off completely changed. No one

would think that the person controlling such a stylish character would be so quiet in real life.

Whether or not he really was the best player in the Alliance was still up for debate, but if it was

the difference between his playstyle and his real self, then no one would be able to contest with

Zhou Zekai.

Through his performance on stage, Zhou Zekai was still someone who the team greatly relied

on. They knew that even if their team captain didn't like to speak, he would never disappointed

them on stage. They just needed to match his pace and they would do well.

The tactics and strategies used by professional teams usually revolved around their team's core

player, but no other team relied on their core player as much as Samsara did. Their reliance on

Zhou Zekai won their team the nickname ’’One Man Team’’ in the Alliance.

That had been true up until Jiang Botao became Samsara's vice captain.

Samsara's playstyle had completely revolved around Zhou Zekai, but because Zhou Zekai didn't

like to speak, his teammates would often have trouble understanding his actions, which

affected their past records. However, Jiang Botao understood Zhou Zekai very well. He could

accurately read the purpose of every single one of Zhou Zekai's actions, so he became the bridge

between Zhou Zekai and the rest of the team.

Samsara's ’’One Man Team’’ style didn't disappear. However, because of Jiang Botao, the

synergy between Zhou Zekai and the rest of the team improved significantly. Samsara burst

forth and many believed that they had the highest chance of becoming the champions in this

season. Samsara restrained themselves the entire time. The nickname ’’One Man Team’’ was not

a compliment, but through their success, they hoped to prove that ’’One Man Team’’ wasn't

impossible and erase the ridicule that was implied by the name.

Samsara thirsted to become the champions, so when Tong Lin brought Ye Xiu over to the

manager and gave a brief introduction to what Ye Xiu had in his hands, the manager hastily

called over the captain and vice-captain. He wanted their two strongest accounts to personally

try it for themselves.

Ye Xiu saw the manager give them a call and tell them to bring their account cards. He figured

out his intentions, but he didn't stop him. When he saw Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao enter the

room, he greeted them and then smiled towards the manager: ’’Are you trying to take advantage

of me! I don't even know if you're going to buy it or not, and you want me to give them skill


’’Ha ha ha.’’ Samsara's manager: ’’If what you say is really true, then even if you wanted to leave,

you wouldn't be able to. I'll make you spill the beans even if I have to murder you.’’

This was obviously a joke, but everyone could feel his determination. Zhou Zekai and Jiang

Botao were still puzzled as to what was going on. In the end, Jiang Botao asked: ’’What is it?’’

’’Skill books.’’ Ye Xiu answered.

’’Skill books?’’ Jiang Botao still wasn't sure what was going on.

’’One thousand skill points worth of skill books. How many skill points does your 'Empty

Waves' have?’’ Ye Xiu smiled.

Empty Waves was Jiang Botao's character. It was the number one Spellblade in Glory and a

character that Excellent Era's Liu Hao envied the most. These characters had a difficult time

getting any additional skill points, so it wasn't any secret. Jiang Botao quickly answered:


’’If your luck is good, that number can potentially be 5000. Now do you know what I've brought

with me?’’ Ye Xiu smiled.

Jiang Botao's eyes went wide. Zhou Zekai also revealed an astonished expression. They

obviously knew the importance of skill points, but at the same time, they knew even better how

difficult it was to find skill books.These things couldn't be traded.

’’Shall we try it out with 'Empty Waves'’’? Ye Xiu suggested to the manager.

’’Sure sure.’’ The manager hastily nodded his head. Tong Lin had explained it to him before.

Even though he knew that Tong Lin wouldn't come over and say such a thing as a joke, he still

had a hard time believing it, so he wanted to see if it was true for himself.

Jiang Botao received the manager's approval and handed over 'Empty Waves' to Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu

used the manager's computer and logged into the game. The manager, Tong Lin, Zhou Zekai,

and Jiang Botao stood behind Ye Xiu.

He logged into the game and moved the character around. Ye Xiu asked Jiang Botao if he had

finished the quest before. Jiang Botao naturally had no idea. No one could remember every

single quest that their characters had completed, even more so for pro characters. The person

using the account might not have been the one to level up the account themself.

’’We'll see then!’’ Ye Xiu also gave it a try like he did with Tong Lin's character.

’’So you're saying that if this quest has been completed before, there's no way of getting the

skill book?’’ The manager quickly found the key point.

’’Of course.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’If that really is the case......’’

’’Then you can only blame your bad luck.’’ Ye Xiu sighed.

Empty Waves was an All Star level character. It wasn't Tong Lin's private account. Once he

logged into the game, he walked through the streets and the news quickly spread in the global

chat. Countless players reported his whereabouts and the guild Samsara was chattering

nonstop about Empty Waves as well. His friends, as well as strangers, repeatedly sent him

messages. They gave him words of encouragement, expectations, etc. for this character, who

would soon be participating in the playoffs.

’’Wow, you're very popular, huh.’’ Ye Xiu continued to move towards the quest location as he

gazed at the chat.

The people behind him didn't care about all this. It wasn't anything new that a scene like this

would occur whenever a pro character logged into the game, let alone an All Star level one like

Empty Waves. So when Ye Xiu gave this remark, the others gave a laugh absentmindedly, but

didn't say anything further.

Soon aftewards, Ye Xiu reached the NPC giving the quest, but when he spoke to the NPC, the

NPC didn't give any response. Ye Xiu turned his head in regret: ’’Too bad. You'll never get the

chance to get this 25 skill point book.’’

Jiang Botao had pretty much figured out what was going on. When he heard Ye Xiu say these

words, he felt very sad too. However, Ye Xiu's first few words gave him hope: ’’Didn't you say

there were 1000 skill points?’’

’’I pray that your character hasn't done all of the quests!’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’All of them are quest rewards?’’ The manager asked a second question.

’’Yes.’’ Ye Xiu nodded his head.

Everyone fell silent and continued to watch Ye Xiu move Empty Waves to the second location.

The NPC still didn't reply back.

Ye Xiu turned around and looked at Jiang Botao: ’’20 more points gone.’’

’’45 points!’’ Jiang Botao began calculating. There were originally 1000 points total, but 45

points were gone. He calculated how many points he had left and felt reassured. He only needed

180 points. There were 955 points left! No problem!

Jiang Botao thought like this. Ye Xiu already found the third NPC. This time, the quest prompt

popped up. Ye Xiu accepted the quest. Jiang Botao immediately knew this time was good and

became extremely excited.

Ye Xiu followed the steps according to the guide. The four people behind him didn't take their

gaze off the screen. They didn't dare to breathe loudly. Finally, the final part of the quest chain

came. Tong Lin had already seen this happen before and felt excited. He tapped the manager's

shoulder, telling him to watch carefully, but when he handed in the quest, the words that Tong

Lin had anticipated didn't come. The manager was somewhat puzzled. He looked questioningly

at Tong Lin, but then he saw Ye Xiu say to Jiang Botao: ’’You're really unlucky! This quest should

have had a 63% chance of getting a 20 point skill book, but you actually didn't get one!!’’

’’So...... that's how it works?’’ Jiang Botao was depressed.

’’So from the sounds of it, even if you finish the quest, it isn't guaranteed that you'll get the skill

book?’’ The manager found the key point again.

’’Then what's the probability of getting skill points out of these thousand points worth of skill

books?’’ The manager asked.

’’Around 50%. In other words, if the quests haven't been done. With the foundation that your

accounts have, getting the max 5000 skill points shouldn't be too big of a problem.' Ye Xiu said.

’’How did you get the number 50%?’’ The manager asked.

’’It was calculated, but don't ask me how it was calculated in detail. I can't tell you. Even if I

could, I doubt you'd be able to understand. This was a number that a specialist came up with.’’

Ye Xiu said.

’’Then how can we believe that this number is reliable?’’ The manager asked.

’’Take Empty Wave's account and see if you can get to 5000 skill points?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Sure!’’ The manager nodded his head.

’’You wish.’’ Ye Xiu objected. He took out an account card from his pocket and waved it at them:

’’Let me open your eyes!’’

He logged into the game and without doing anything else, Ye Xiu clicked open the skill tree and

pointed at the right corner of the screen.

They obviously knew what was in this position. They saw that the number of skill points on this

character was an impressive 4920!


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