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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 625


Chapter 625: Worry

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

The three aspiring pro players Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Ye Xiu still didn't have max leveled


Tang Rou's Soft Mist was the highest level among them at Level 69. She would be considered a

high level player in the tenth server, but she couldn't compare to the Club guilds, who leveled

their characters 24/7. The first batch of max leveled characters in the tenth server appeared at

the start of April. Usually, it wouldn't be until mid-April when the first max leveled characters

appeared in a new server. The reason that the tenth server had their first batch of characters

come out before then was because of the huge exp rewards from the Christmas event.

Relying on the advantage gained from the Christmas event, the first batch of characters reached

Level 70 ahead of schedule. Afterwards, the Club guilds worked hard at leveling their

characters, keeping up the same leveling speed as usual.

Tang Rou played a lot more compared to the vast majority of players, but she could only play

two thirds of what the Club guilds could play with their 24/7 leveling. In the end, she was left

further and further behind. It was only until today that she made it to the final step before Level


Steamed Bun Invasion was Level 68. He was only one level behind Soft Mist. But in reality, he

hadn't been able to close the distance that had been made during the Christmas event. The

amount of experience needed for a Level 60 character was very different compared to the

amount of experience needed for a Level 30 character. Even though it was only a one level

difference, the experience disparity was huge. It would take Steamed Bun Invasion several days

more than Soft Mist to reach Level 70.

In comparison, Ye Xiu's Lord Grim had a very difficult time leveling in the Heavenly Domain.

The advantage he had established during the Christmas event had quickly been whittled away

by Steamed Bun Invasion. But after the short break at Level 55, Lord Grim's leveling speed

soared. First of all, Ye Xiu was much more skilled than Steamed Bun Invasion. Secondly, the

Heavenly Domain was much more generous with rewarding experience, so leveling there was

naturally faster than in the normal servers. Thus, because of the Christmas event Lord Grim

had pulled a distance away from Steamed Bun Invasion, who eventually caught up and

surpassed him. Later, he started catching up to Steamed Bun Invasion...... Currently, Lord Grim

was Level 66, two levels behind Steamed Bun Invasion. Their level difference was mostly

because of the time that Ye Xiu had spent on Unrivaled Super Hottie. During that time, Lord

Grim hadn't been leveling.

In truth, apart from Lord Grim, the levels of their characters had never been an issue. Lord Grim

was an unspecialized and a max leveled unspecialized couldn't be bought. At best, he would be

able to get a Level 50 account. As for Tang Rou and Steamed Bun, there were only advantages

and no disadvantages to have them personally level their characters to max because they were

still new to the game.

present, things couldn't be better having these clean accounts with Wei Chen's skill book

guide. If Chen Guo's Chasing Haze came, she might have already done some of these quests.

Even if she knew how to get better rewards from these quests, she would no longer have the

chance to get them.

When Ye Xiu gave the small portion that Concealed Light had interpreted so far to Tang Rou

and Steamed Bun, Chen Guo was naturally very happy to get a copy of her own too. Afterwards,

she got on her Chasing Haze and returned to the normal server to start following the guide.

Ye Xiu wasn't in a hurry though. He logged out of his game and ran over to Steamed Bun's side.

Steamed Bun was staring at the document given to him with his brows furrowed. After awhile,

he finally noticed that Ye Xiu was next to him.

’’It's so complicated.’’ Steamed Bun said.

’’It just has a lot of words. It's really not that complicated.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Concealed Light talks too much nonsense!’’ Steamed Bun sighed. He probably didn't care that

Concealed Light was a math genius, who would very likely be getting his PhD in math at a very

young age. He still regarded him as a little kid.

’’Go try it out!’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’I was just about to go.’’ Steamed Bun had his character head to the location of the first quest in

the guide.

Ye Xiu didn't walk away. He continued to watch Steamed Bun.

It was very wise for Ye Xiu to stay with Steamed Bun. Not long after accepting the quest, he had

begun deviating from the guide.

’’Where are you going?’’ Ye Xiu didn't realize it at first. He thought that Steamed Bun had gotten

lost, so he asked.

’’Hm? Aren't we going to fight Frank?’’ Steamed Bun said.

’’You're going to duel him already? There's two steps in between that you haven't done yet!’’ Ye

Xiu said.

’’Really?’’ Steamed Bun went back to the guide and after reading for a long time: ’’Oops. I skipped

a line.’’

’’You skipped three lines?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’There are too many words......’’ Steamed Bun's defense was reasonable. After thinking about it

for a bit, Ye Xiu felt that it really was an issue and not just an excuse.

Steamed Bun read those three lines again very carefully and then asked excitedly: ’’What

happens if I don't do these in order and just go and duel Frank?’’

’’We can try it next time. For now, let's follow the guide.’’ Ye Xiu lied. At this point, he was too

afraid to let Steamed Bun do anything on his own right now. Sure enough, having Steamed Bun

do such a precise and mechanical task was very suspenseful. Steamed Bun's thought process

far surpassed what an ordinary person could think of.

’’Okay!’’ Steamed Bun listened to Ye Xiu's suggestion and followed the guide.

’’How's it going?’’ Wei Chen was clearly very concerned with the results. He put down his work

and headed over to watch.

Ye Xiu didn't say anything. He continued to pay attention to each and every one of Steamed

Bun's movements. Wei Chen went over to Tang Rou's side to watch.

’’Almost there!’’ It was almost the last step, when there would be a chance for a skill book to

drop. Wei Chen started getting anxious.

Even Tang Rou, who had only played Glory for five months, knew the value of skill books. After

all, she played on her character every day and understood the importance of skills. She had a

good understanding of an extra level in a skill could do.

Now that they had reached the final step, Tang Rou paused for a bit before completing it.

The rewards came out. Tang Rou and Wei Chen were both disappointed. The skill book that they

had hoped for didn't come out.

’’Did we make a mistake?’’ Wei Chen said.

’’Be patient. It was never guaranteed that a skill book would drop, right? The guide that

Concealed Light had created was based on the framework that you had provided, no? Even if we

follow it, luck is still needed. Concealed Light never said it was guaranteed. He said that it was

better than your original method by 17.481%. In the end, the probability of one dropping is still

only 34.314%. It's not that high, so it's normal that it didn't drop.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Are there any guaranteed drops that we can try?’’ Wei Chen was very anxious. In reality, he was

still worried about Excellent Era getting relegated. Wei Chen wasn't like Tang Rou or Steamed

Bun. They were still new and didn't understand the vast difference between them and Excellent

Era. On the other hand, Wei Chen understood it well and couldn't relax. He was very stressed

out right now.

’’There aren't any in the guide so far. There might be later. Shh, we're almost there too.’’ Ye Xiu


Under Ye Xiu's supervision, Steamed Bun was about to reach the final step too. Here, Steamed

Bun showed his cool-headedness. He had his character jog over and turn in the quest. Wei Chen

couldn't even look.

’’Did it drop?’’ When Wei Chen turned back, he hastily asked.

’’No.’’ Ye Xiu shook his head in disappointment.

’’So unlucky!’’ Wei Chen was gloomy.

’’Don't panic. There are more chances, no?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’But we'll never be able to get this 20 point skill book again.’’ Wei Chen shook his head.

’’Old Wei!’’ Ye Xiu shouted.

’’What?’’ Wei Chen was still depressed.

’’It seems like you really need to go across the street and break a few of Excellent Era's windows

to calm down.’’ Ye Xiu said. He had told Chen Guo that she didn't need to be worried about Wei

Chen because he would be able to adjust himself. But Wei Chen didn't act like he had expected.

Wei Chen was constantly stressed and very unlike what an experienced player should be like.

These past few years of reclusion had stifled Wei Chen. Suddenly, he had been presented with

an ambitious goal and couldn't control his excitement. But the more passionate he was about it,

the more worried he became. This type of state of mind would negatively affect his


’’Mm, I'll go smoke a cigarette.’’ Wei Chen didn't retort. He took out a cigarette and went outside

to smoke. Even he knew that his current behavior was abnormal. However, something like

emotions couldn't be controlled so easily.

’’Little Tang, keep going! Help me watch Steamed Bun too.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’I'll help!’’ Chen Guo got up and prepared to be like Steamed Bun's nanny for doing quests.

Steamed Bun really needed someone to take care of him for these quests.

Ye Xiu nodded his head and went out the door. He saw Wei Chen standing at the window,

smoking and staring blankly out the window.

Ye Xiu walked up and looked outside too. Excellent Era's logo stood out clearly. It was probably

incomparably unsightly in Wei Chen's eyes.

’’What do I do? I can't help but be nervous.’’ Wei Chen said.

’’You're too worried.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’How could I not be worried? That's Excellent Era!’’ Wei Chen said.

’’Yeah. It's just Excellent Era. You've never met them?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’I've met them. And that was during Excellent Era's golden era. But I'm also much worse

compared to the me in the past!’’ Wei Chen said.

’’What about you now? You have strengths now that you didn't have before.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Age?’’ Wei Chen laughed mockingly.

’’That's just one.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Oh? There's more?' Wei Chen was surprised. He thought Ye Xiu would console him by telling

him about one of his experiences.

’’The person who crushed you in the past is now your teammate.’’ Ye Xiu said.

Wei Chen turned his head to look at Ye Xiu and then continued to look out the window: ’’Tch,

that's what I'm worried about!’’

’’I've never viewed Excellent Era like this before.’’ Ye Xiu looked out the window.

’’In what way?’’

’’Viewed them as opponents that I have to defeat.’’ Ye Xiu said.


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