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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 524


Chapter 524 - Complete Chaos

The discussion group went into a period of silence once again. Everyone was anxiously waiting for a final detailed report. At the same time, they sent several players to pay attention to the movements of Lord Grim as well as the few capable subordinates under him. These capable subordinates had been exposed cleanly already and the big guilds saw their names everywhere.

The scouting went smoothly. Soon, all of the guild leaders present in the discussion group sent out expressions of delight. They looked as if they had schemes prepared.

’’It seems like everyone knows?’’ Plantago Seed, who knew about this intelligence awhile ago, spoke.

’’Almarshan.’’ Cold Night said.

’’Correct, the Setting Sun Hunter. So this is his target.’’ Lonely Drink said.

’’It looks like we can present him with a little surprise.’’ Plantago Seed smiled.

’’This time, we've got to kill his spirit.’’

’’Yes, not only do we need to steal away his boss, we're going to have him experience a total wipeout!’’

The guilds began their preparations in excitement. They didn't dare be negligent of Lord Grim's elite team, so they dispatched all of their elites. How many people was enough? They had failed so many times that they could no longer make an estimate. It wasn't like they could go wrong with having too many.

’’When does the Setting Sun Hunter spawn? I'm looking forward to it!!’’ These guys were already imagining the beautiful scene in front of them. Getting Lord Grim to eat sh*t would be such an amazing feeling.

’’If....... his true target really is only the Topaz Knight, then what?’’ Seeing everyone's appearances, Blue River couldn't help but feel uneasy.

’’Hmm..... that's true.’’ Cold Night, who had crossed paths with Ye Xiu many times before, also had a sort of premonition, ’’We'll go elites against elites, a sea of people against a sea of people. We should also send some people over to Western Wilderness. It's only one guild, after all. They don't have that many people, so if each of us send a few people, it'll be enough. There aren't any strong characters there anyways. If we have the safe number of troops as them, we have the advantage.’’

’’Right, right. This way we won't have any holes.’’ Lonely Drink praised.

Western Wilderness, Level 50 leveling area.

In the tenth server, Level 50-55 was the prevalent level range. The players in Club guilds, whether they were normal members or elites, weren't in this range;they were at the top in terms of leveling speed. All of them were above Level 55 with the elites having already reached Level 60.

As a result, the arrival of an army of high-leveled players suddenly appearing in Western Wilderness quickly attracted the attention of many. Everyone in the army had tags from top guilds beside their name. Any player with a bit of keenness could tell that something had happened.

These high-leveled players had already received orders from the guilds. They were to scatter across the Western Wilderness, look out for the spawning of the wild boss, and pay attention to the movements of Guild Happy players.

On the other end of the map, the situation was exactly the same for Almarshan, just with more people.

The waiting continued, but the boss never came. The Club guild players were already getting impatient, but they couldn't act irrationally, especially in a leveling area with so many people watching.

The wind sweeping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountains. However, this wind was taking a bit too long. Moreover, the spawn time for a boss was far less accurate than a weather report. The Club guild players quickly began to get bored.

In comparison, the Guild Happy players were extremely busy because they weren't high-leveled players. The Western Wilderness was a very suitable leveling for them, so they could kill monsters, while wandering around.

The morning passed.

The eyes of the guild leaders had already turned red from staring at the computer for so long. There was nothing they could have done. All of them were nighttime workers and usually slept in the morning. Who could thought that the devil Lord Grim returning would force them to work overtime and struggle to the afternoon. They were completely exhausted. Seeing that the boss still hadn't spawned, the guild leaders told the others they were going to rest and to wake them up if anything happened.

At 3:07 PM, the guild leaders were brutally awoken from their deep sleep.

The suddenly awoken guild leaders immediately asked what the situation was, while struggling towards their computers. Before reaching their computers, they already learned of the news: the Topaz Knight had spawned.

’’What are Happy's players doing?’’ The guild leaders practically asked at the same time.

’’There doesn't seem to be any movements from them.’’ Their subordinates reported.

’’Ha ha ha ha, as expected.’’ The guild leaders were delighted and they immediately to discuss it in the discussion group. But not long after, they came across a very contradictory issue. Shouldn't they try and steal the Topaz Knight from each other? However, they had invested a bit too many troops into the operation, so they couldn't act blindly without thinking. According to a report, a randomly put together team was currently fighting the Topaz Knight and was getting absolutely crushed.

A wild boss couldn't be taken down by some random team, let alone randoms from this leveling area. As a result, none of the guild leaders were shaken by this. Their main opponents were the ones in the discussion group.

’’Cough cough....... There's quite a lot of people over there. If everyone starts attacking, it'll be messy......’’ Plantago Seed spoke.

Afterwards, no one gave a response. Plantago Seed saw this and knew these b*stards had already come up with an evil scheme. None of them were going to talk about it. Thus, the discussion group immediately fell into silence. The guild leaders went to contact the people at the Western Wilderness to further understand the situation.

Thirteen guild leaders each with at least a hundred troops gathered together at the Western Wilderness.

The Topaz Knight and his cavalry weren't far from them. The enemy boss had just killed off another random team. Another group of players took their place. The thirteen guilds didn't bat an eye towards them and only paid attention to their real opponents.

The deadlock couldn't last forever. They couldn't just stand there staring at each other for the entire weekend. The first side to move might not necessarily lose because no one knew each other's cards or plans. Every side had to adapt to the situation every time a battle for a boss took place. Strength, strategy, luck. Any one of these could determine the result.

At the Western Wilderness, the small scale conflicts gradually began to spread out. Soon afterwards, even those who wished to join the fray until all others were exhausted first were wrapped into the chaos. Killing a boss entailed killing each other. One moment, two sides might be attacking and defending together. The next moment, the two sides might be at each other's throats.

The boss's health went down as players fell. As for those random teams, the smart ones had already fled. The dirty ones remained as scrap pickers. However, the scrap picking business wasn't as developed in normal servers because the drop rate couldn't be compared to the Heavenly Domain.

Amidst this chaos, the guild leaders suddenly received an intelligence report from spies. Lord Grim had ordered his guild to set out for the Topaz Knight.

’’What? At this time??’’ Everyone stared in astonishment.

’’The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind?’’

Guild Happy players saw Lord Grim's message and began gathering towards that direction. Outside of the chaotic battle, players with the Guild Happy tag on top of their heads began to appear. One, two, ten, twenty, a hundred, two hundred......

They weren't high-leveled. Some weren't even Level 50. They couldn't compare at all to the players from the big guilds. However, they had more players on their side and happened to appear just when the thirteen guilds were fighting amongst each other.

’’Stop stop stop, stop over there. Don't give Lord Grim easy pickings.’’ Someone in the discussion group immediately shouted.

'Could this guy's real target actually be the Topaz Knight?’’

’’F*ck, get Almarshan's people to hurry over.’’

’’They won't get here in time. And what if this is just a trick of his?’’

They were all pulling out their hairs in conflict! However, at least they understood one thing. If this chaotic battle continued, Guild Happy might become the oriole.

’’We're stealing a boss anyways. There's no need to be nice. Let's all kill the players from Happy first!’’ Someone suggested.

’’It looks like that's our only choice!’’

Everyone unanimously agreed and made the command. In the blink of an eye, the thirteen guilds went from fighting each other to standing shoulder to shoulder with each other. They turned to look at Happy and suddenly charged at them.

’’RUN!’’ At this moment, an order came out from Happy.

Happy's players suddenly turned tail and ran. The big guild players were still far away and wouldn't be able to attack them.

’’F*ck, what is this sh*t?’’ The guilds were pulling at their hair. In this moment of confusion, the Topaz Knight suddenly led his cavalry towards an aggroed target.

The target couldn't just stand there and do nothing. He hastily attacked back. The other guilds saw this. Not good! If this continued, the Topaz Knight would be killed by him. Thus, they immediately went to stop him. With the guilds fighting amongst each other again, Guild Happy's players came back.

Guild Happy didn't try to conceal their actions either. Lord Grim gave his order in the public chat, so the guild leaders received the message at the same time too.

What should they do this time? Should they turn and attack? If they attack and the other side runs, the boss will attack and nothing will change!

’’Split our troops into two!’’ Someone suggested.

’’Right!’’ Everyone nodded their heads. If they sent half of their troops to chase after Happy's players and had half their players continued to attack the boss, wouldn't that work?

The order came out. Half of the troops from each guild chased after Happy's players. Happy's players ran away again, but this time the pursuit didn't stop. The big guild players continued to chase them. Even if they couldn't kill them, they could at least push them far away.

Not long afterwards, Happy's players were pushed to one area. The guild leaders received a message saying Lord Grim had called for everyone to group together.

’’Not good! If we chase them randomly, our troops will be scattered......’’ The guild leaders suddenly realized the situation wasn't good.

’’Don't chase them impatiently. Stay in formation. Don't scatter!’’ The guild leaders immediately warned the pursuit team.

A response from the pursuit team hadn't even come yet, when the boss team sent a message: ’’We can't hold on!’’

’’What can't you hold on?’’ The guild leaders were confused.

’’Boss! We can't hold the boss.’’


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