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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 513


Chapter 513 - There's Someone Behind You

Ye Xiu's shout seemed quite pathetic, but his hands continued to input commands in a steady and orderly way and he still had time to talk. His current situation seemed to be much better than it had previously been.

Even so, Ye Xiu was far from having the advantage. Even though he had successfully killed off an enemy Assassin, he relied on the Assassin killing himself. The Assassin had burned most of his life by using Life-Risking Strike. If Ye Xiu couldn't finish off the miniscule amount of health remaining, he didn't deserve to play the game.

Following afterwards, another flashy show started and Lord Grim began hiding in corners again. The opponent's commander might be strong, but he didn't have that many people under his command. More importantly, Milo Ancient Ruins wasn't a leveling area. Back in Wilderness Town, Ye Xiu not only had to avoid being seen by three guilds, but he also had to make sure he didn't aggro any monsters, since it would have made it that much more troublesome.

But Milo Ancient Ruins? Ye Xiu had already lit a cigarette. He was having quite an easy time playing hide and seek.

’’If he has such a background, then is this Blue Brook Guild's doing?’’ Chen Guo saw how Ye Xiu seemed to be relaxed, so she didn't need to stay silent.

’’It doesn't seem like it.’’ Ye Xiu shook his head, ’’Blue Brook Guild would have brought a lot more experts. At the very least, they wouldn't have given him a random group of players, no?’’

’’Then if he's not doing it for the Blue Brook Guild and there's no bounty, then what does he want?’’ Chen Guo was puzzled.

Suddenly, she heard Wei Chen shout: ’’Listen to me, Ye Xiu. You're completely surrounded. Coming out and dying is your only path left. Logging off would be very shameful of you. Resisting would be a waste of time. Hurry up and come out. Give me that five hundred yuan, so I can go eat dinner.’’

’’D*mmit, didn't I tell you that the bounty was already withdrawn? Do you really not know about it or are you just faking it?’’ Ye Xiu replied.

’’What was that? I can't hear you clearly. Speak louder.’’ Wei Chen yelled.

Ye Xiu immediately shut up. Wei Chen was lying. He wanted Ye Xiu to speak up, so he could figure out his position!


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