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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 493


Chapter 493 - Valuable Reverse Teaching

’’We have more people on our side......’’

Excellent Era's side had a standard five player team. Ye Xiu's side had a total of seven players which included Deception, Lord Grim, and Loulan Slash's team. From a numbers perspective, Ye Xiu's side had the advantage.

However, playing Glory was never as simple as counting numbers. Having a numbers advantage didn't guarantee a victory. Just before, seven players had easily annihilated twenty five players. It would be too embarrassing to think about things in this way. Apart from Ye Xiu himself, everyone else was dumbstruck by Ye Xiu's words, even Chen Guo.

’’Ha ha ha ha.’’ Sun Xiang was the first to recover from the shock and let out a few loud laughs. However, his laugh seemed somewhat forced. Then, he continued: ’’Don't blame me for being too blunt, but with just these guys, what can you do?’’

Sun Xiang's Battle Mage turned around in a circle and looked down at the few players around him.

If this was before Loulan Slash's group had met Ye Xiu, they would have certainly been furious, but after getting to know Ye Xiu, in nicer words, they recognized the skill gap between them and their future opponents. In harsher words, the skill gap was far greater than they had expected. They had somewhat lost their confidence. Sun Xiang was looking down on them right now, but none of them said in anything in response because they recognized their inferiority......

’’So what!’’

Someone retorted though. Deception. After being smashed into a wall, Deception rushed forward and threw shurikens in a V formation towards Sun Xiang's Battle Mage. The theory was the same as the Launcher's triangular formation of Anti-Tank Missiles.

Sun Xiang humphed coldly. This sort of little technique wasn't anything in his eyes. This guy pretended to not know him and was now shouting back at him? He would give him a good look at reality. After seeing the three shurikens, he tapped his keyboard and moved his mouse. His Battle Mage swung his spear in a V shape.

’’V Sky Strike!’’ Little Bei cried out in astonishment. This was an extremely advanced Battle Mage technique, which he had yet to master. After Sun Xiang created a Z with his spear, the spear tip hit all three shurikens in an instant and knocked them on the ground. Sun Xiang had clearly mastered this technique. No matter how much Little Bei detested him, he had to admit his loss here.

But with his current circumstances, this technique was completely excessive.

Excessive movements would expose openings. Deception wouldn't let this go. His figure shook and left behind a Shadow Clone. His real body instantly travelled to Sun Xiang's side and a blade slashed against his throat ---- the Assassin skill, Cut Throat.

In terms of speed, Assassins were the king compared to the rest of the classes. However, this skill actually missed. Sun Xiang's Battle Mage had rolled forward, dodging the blade. Before even getting up, the spear in his hand stabbed backwards.

Attacking behind oneself was possible in Glory. It wasn't difficult to do, but more importantly, the player had no vision behind him, so the player had to completely rely on his own judgement of where the opponent was positioned.

Sun Xiang perfectly predicted Deception's position as if he had an eye on the back of his head.

However, Deception didn't react slowly either. When the spear stabbed towards him, he suddenly disappeared.

Underground Tunneling Technique!

As soon as Deception dug into the ground, he immediately tunneled out. Just as his character broke out through the ground, Sun Xiang's Battle Mage leapt up high into the air and swung his spear. It was a very simple Dragon Tooth, but Deception had no way to dodge it. After the Dragon Tooth hit, Deception was stunned and could no longer move. His Underground Tunneling Technique was interrupted and half his body was stuck underground. Sun Xiang followed up with a Circle Swing and threw Deception out from the earth to the side.

’’Bang!’’ The sound of a gunshot.

Ye Xiu's Lord Grim shot out a Stun Bullet.

However, Sun Xiang clearly hadn't been entirely focused on his battle with Deception. He only had one goal. Whether it was Deception or Loulan Slash, both of them were simply weeds on the side of the road, not worth looking at.

Thus, he immediately knew Ye Xiu had made an attack.

It was a good opportunity to use a Stun Bullet. A normal player would have most likely gotten hit by the bullet mid Circle Swing. However, Sun Xiang was nowhere near a normal player and this sort of opportunity wouldn't be enough.

Sun Xiang forcefully cancelled his Circle Swing and stepped slightly to the side to dodge the bullet, but because he cancelled his Circle Swing, the effects wouldn't be complete. Deception was tossed out from the earth, but he wasn't slammed back into the ground. He quickly Quick Recovered and landed in a crouching position.

Ye Xiu's follow ups arrived. After the Stun Bullet came Anti-Tank Missiles. The three Anti-Tank Missiles covered a huge area.

However, no matter how huge of an area it covered, they were only Anti-Tank Missiles. Against an expert like Sun Xiang, it wouldn't be enough. His Battle Mage leapt up like a fish and squeezed his way out from a crack between the missiles, but a Grenade was already flying towards his face. Ye Xiu had linked together two Gunner skills.

Sun Xiang swung his spear at the grenade and sent it flying away as if it were a baseball.

This was absolutely terrifying.

Grenades could be blocked in this manner, but they would usually explode on contact. Sun Xiang had hit it away, but it hadn't exploded, which meant the moment his spear made contact with the grenade, he decreased his strength. To be able to do this meant his microing had reached an incomprehensible degree.

’’This guy really has some skill......’’ Even Chen Guo had to respect his skill.

’’What's up?’’ Tang Rou had been called over by Chen Guo to watch.

After Chen Guo gave her an explanation, Tang Rou asked: ’’Is that necessary?’’

’’Ha ha ha ha!’’ This time, Ye Xiu laughed out loud. His laugh wasn't as fake as Sun Xiang's. It was real laughter. Then, he continued: ’’You're right. It wasn't necessary at all. Too many excessive movements will leave too many openings.’’

’’Really? You just seem to be watching these openings pass by then!’’ Sun Xiang replied.

’’Sorry, I wasn't talking to you. However, I have to express my thanks. You're extremely valuable as teaching material! Keep up the good work!’’ Ye Xiu honestly admitted.

Sun Xiang was so furious that his face went green. Liu Hao couldn't do anything either. He really did want to tell Sun Xiang that he should just fight. For something like trash talking, a rooke like him, with only two years under his belt, couldn't compare to an experienced veteran like Ye Qiu.

The grenade that Sun Xiang had sent flying exploded who knows where. Lord Grim finally stopped shooting from far away and charged forward to clash with Sun Xiang's Battle Mage.

Liu Hao and the others watched from the side, but didn't interfere. Loulan Slash's group didn't move either. They wouldn't interfere either, but hoped that Ye Xiu would win. After their brief exchange with Excellent Era's pros, their momentum had been completely diminished. Seeing Sun Xiang's brilliant performance, their hearts turned heavier and heavier.

Collapsing Mountain!

Ye Xiu initiated with this skill. Lord Grim leaped into the air and swung downwards. Even though it didn't do much damage as a low-leveled skill, the effects were quite impressive. The momentum from the Collapsing Mountain wouldn't lose to anyone else's.

Sun Xiang stepped once diagonally. He was still being cautious.

Collapsing Mountain didn't have to attack along a straight path. Experts could use their mouse to cause their blade to turn in mid-air and force the path onto a diagonal path. Sun Xiang negated this option with his step forward. Afterwards, he leaped out and stabbed at Lord Grim.

The jump was to dodge Collapsing Mountain's shockwave. Collapsing Mountain could also be considered a small AoE attack. Normal players would usually jump out of its range, but experts would jump over the shockwave and counterattack.

Ye Xiu had predicted this would happen. He had started the Collapsing Mountain very low, so he landed quickly. Before the spear came at him, he had already landed and rolled to the side, while slashing out with a Sword Draw.

Sun Xiang immediately stabbed again with his spear. Two cold glints shot out ---- Double Stab.


Sun Xiang had used Double Stab to block the Sword Draw. Sword Draw was an extremely quick skill. Blocking the attack in this way required exceptional judgement of the sword light's pathing. Sun Xiang had actually been able to hit it with a Double Stab. This wasn't something that could be done purely through quick decision-making or mechanics. It required an understanding of the opponent's attack speed too.

’’You've done your research!’’ Ye Xiu grinned. Sun Xiang must have studied his recordings.

’’Unfortunately, it's an unnecessary activity. You're still good teaching material!’’ Ye Xiu lamented. He wasn't in the pro scene anymore, so he had no competitive relationship with Sun Xiang. If Sun Xiang's efforts in research him weren't superfluous, then what were they?

’’Shut up!’’ Sun Xiang continued with his arrogance and followed up with an attack. Ye Xiu had started with a Collapsing Mountain and then a Sword Draw. Sun Xiang's Double Stab attacked twice. The first stab blocked the Sword Draw. The second stab was still an attack and it instantly became a priority move.

’’The ground!’’ At this moment, Liu Hao suddenly shouted.

Sun Xiang heard the warning and was just about to retreat, when he saw countless streams of water swarm around him. His retreat path had been cut off by the water streams too. He had unexpectedly been captured by the Ninja's Hundred Streams.

’’DESPICABLE!!’’ Sun Xiang was furious. Even though the attack hadn't hurt him, being sneak attacked like this wasn't something he could bear.

’’You aren't the only one playing Glory! How many times have I told you guys this? It looks like you guys still don't understand! It looks like I have no choice. Even though I'm no longer your captain, I'll give you guys a lesson for free! You people over there, where'd your spirit go! This isn't an arena competition. This is a team competition!’’ Ye Xiu shouted. The latter words were for Loulan Slash's group to hear.


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