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Pursuit Of The Truth - Chapter 653


Chapter 653

Chapter 653: A Shout to Stop!

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The battles on the ground were growing more intense at an incredibly fast pace. The sounds of battle were mostly hidden within the fog, but some also traveled outwards, causing those who heard the muffled roars and howls to be able to feel just how terrifying was the situation below.

When the dragon from Hidden Dragon Sect roared and moved, Su Ming lowered his head and looked. A barely noticeable freezing glare shone in his eyes. He saw that the instant the giant dragon roared and moved forward, Evil Spirit Sect finally brought out the nine giant carriages they had taken with them.

Cracking sounds came from the nine carriages in the fog. A large number of Evil Spirit Sect disciples formed seals and chanted under their breaths, and the carriages immediately shattered to reveal what was within them!

They contained... ten giant rocks. Their surfaces were uneven, and they were purple in color, but the shades of it changed between darker and lighter ever so often. At the instant pressure spread out from these rocks, they flew up on their own and, with piercing whistles, charged straight towards that ten thousand feet dragon.

Some subtle changes manifested instantly in the battlefield's atmosphere once those ten giant stones appeared. Su Ming's divine sense also detected some raised voices ringing in the air.

’’Hidden Dragon Sect's true dragon! That is Hidden Dragon Sect's true dragon... They actually had a true dragon descend in this place?! It's said that Hidden Dragon Sect has five true dragons, and each of them possesses incredible power. This one might seem weak, but it has had most of its cultivation base limited. Now that it has appeared, it will only become stronger with each passing moment!’’

’’It's really a true dragon, but those things from Evil Spirit Sect are...’’

’’They're the Grand Sky Stones, the sacred items from Stone Soul Nebula! Evil Spirit Sect must have obtained these stones after occupying Stone Soul Nebula!’’

’’You're right. They're indeed Grand Sky Stones. It's said that these stones are unique to Stone Soul Nebula and possess unfathomable power...’’

In the midst of all the outbursts made by those watching, Su Ming narrowed his eyes. He watched the giant stones charging towards the huge dragon. Once they crashed into each other, loud rumbling sounds reverberated through the air, mingling together with the dragon's roars. The nine giant stones connected together and turned into a colossal giant on the ground!

The giant was made up entirely of purple stones, and looked as if it possessed unlimited power. It was a full thousand feet tall, and it continued clashing with the dragon, keeping Hidden Dragon Sect's true dragon locked in place, unable to escape with just its power alone.

'The Immortal sects... have a lot of history, that's why they had managed to collect so many powerful Enchanted Treasures...'Su Ming looked at the stone golem and dragon fighting against each other, and a hint of longing appeared in his eyes.

He sucked in a deep breath and forced down that strange emotion in his heart, telling himself that he would one day rush into the land of Immortals... and see with his own eyes just how the world of the Immortals looked like!

Su Ming narrowed his eyes and descended into the battlefield before starting his slaughter once more. There was no pattern to his kills, and there was blood from both Immortal sects and Evil Sects on his hands. However, when he chose, he would try as much as possible to not make any side obtain an advantage that would guarantee their victory.

He also withdrew all his Qi, causing all the powerful Immortals in Ascendance to find it difficult to discover him. He moved like a ghost, and wherever he went on the battlefield, rivers of blood would flow.

The aura of death on his left hand's Verdant Abyssal Seal grew thicker, and it was the same for the Curse on his right hand. It had now become much stronger than earlier, especially when he was in the battlefield. As Su Ming's Curse spread out, many people fell under its power, but they did not notice it.

There were... already quite a large number of people like this. When Su Ming moved forward, he continuously spread the Curse's presence, and because of this, the number of cultivators who were affected grew as time passed.

Su Ming's blood boiled, and his killing intent grew at a mad pace, but he continued forcing it down. It resulted in him looking like a silent man most of the time. Since the start of the battle, he had coldly watched the battles unfold beneath him for most of the time, but he was already on the verge of being unable to quell the urge to kill Di Tian.

It was especially so when he had seen Di Tian wiping the corners of his mouth. Still, after some time, he finally managed to force down the killing intent once more. This suppression of his emotions emotions time and again not only didn't result in his killing intent diminishing, but only made stronger each time he did so.

If he did not erupt in the midst of silence, then he would die in the midst of silence!

These words were the perfect description of Su Ming's heart at that moment.

He moved about in the battlefield, making the war become increasingly more chaotic, so much so that almost no one would be able to control it. At that moment, an awe-inspiring voice from Evil Lust Sect reverberated through the entire battlefield, reaching every place.

’’All Evil Sect disciples, I, Bitu, will now temporarily attack! Immediately retreat and return to your own sects!’’

Almost at the same time those words were said, another voice with the similar awe-inspiring quality reverberated in all directions from the Immortal sects.

’’Immortal sect disciples, hear me! Retreat to your own sects!’’

Su Ming did not know the owner of that voice, but the voices from Evil Sect and Immortal sects both pertained the intention to make the battle temporarily stop.

However, the battlefield was already in an extremely chaotic state, and while these shouts of command for the disciples to stop fighting had brought about some effects, they were unable to immediately make the people stop fighting.

It was especially so for Hidden Dragon Sect. They had already lost one of their Great Sect Elders, and there was no way they would stop just like that.

Su Ming stopped moving for a moment, and when he lifted his head, his expression turned dark. If the battle truly stopped, then he would be unable to fulfill his plans. This was something he could not allow. With a cold harrumph, he disappeared into the fog.

The disciples from each sect on both sides gradually grew uncertain. Just as they were about to slowly test the waters and stop fighting, a large amount of screams suddenly came from the battlefield. Those voices instantly made all the disciples who had stopped fighting to be on their guard.

The three Galactic Warrior Immortals that were fighting against the nine Yin Dragons were already extremely exhausted. Two of the nine Yin Dragons had also shattered. Right at that moment, suddenly, the three Galactic Warrior Immortals shuddered, and distortions appeared behind, revealing a shadow. That shadow moved, and the three Warrior Immortals who were becoming weaker with each passing moment crumbled and shattered at the same time.

Once they died, the remaining seven Yin Dragons roared and rushed straight into the Immortal sects'army. Even if the Evil the Evil Spirit Sect members wanted to immediately order them back, they too hesitated due to the screams of pain around them.

Soon after, the nine boys and three Dark Turtles that were fighting with the near hundred Shaman Souls let out a shrill roar, and one of the three Dark Turtles exploded, turning into a large amount of dirt that scattered everywhere. Three of the nine boys who were fighting against the Shaman Souls were immediately torn apart when a shadow flashed past their side.

The death of the Dark Turtle and destruction of the three boys caused a gap to appear in the cage, allowing a large amount of the undying Shaman Souls to be able to rush into the Evil Sect's army.

At that moment, a furious roar swiftly traveled through the air.

’’Who's hiding among us?!’’ After that voice spoke, a long arc from Evil Sect flew swiftly towards the spot where the Dark Turtle had died in the fog.

Soon after, a similarly furious voice shot rang out from the Immortal sects, reverberating through the air. A long arc sliced through space and charged towards the same direction.

Right at the center of these two long arcs was Su Ming. A glint appeared in his eyes, and he spread out his divine sense. It was already stronger than of those in Ascendance, or else he would have been unable to hide himself from the cultivators in that stage.

Once he spread out his divine sense, he messed up the ripples of power around him, causing the two people coming over to be unable to investigate the spot where he was with their divine senses clearly. The cover provided by the fog also caused people to be unable to see well. With this premise, almost at the instant the two people arrived, Su Ming charged towards that person from Evil Sect, who was on his left.

The person who had come was Evil Lust Sect's Bitu. He came charging here with a sullen expression on his face. The area before him in his divine sense was pure chaos, and he could not examine the place. Because of the fog, he could not see clearly either. The only thing he could sense was a wave of killing intent crashing into his face.

With a cold harrumph, he lifted his right hand and seized the air right after he formed a seal on it. Immediately, five black veins appeared on the back of his right hand, then twisted about before turning into a ferocious ghost a ferocious ghost face.

This was the divine ability that belonged to Evil Lust Sect's Bitu - The Art of Five Ghost Incarnations. Once he attained complete mastery for this Art, five ghosts would appear indistinctly when he attacked, causing the power of his divine abilities to increase.

At the instant that killing intent came charging towards Bitu, he had already pushed towards it with his right hand. Su Ming walked out of the rolling fog with one step right before him. His expression was calm and he did not say a single word. His head was clear, and in his mind he saw the battle between Hong Luo and Di Tian all those years ago. That battle had been etched in his mind since that time, but he had not managed to gain a lot of epiphanies from it. However, once his power increased, the epiphanies he had gained during that battle had turned into a serendipity, allowing him to understand even more.

Just like at this moment. Su Ming lifted his left hand, and his palm swiftly crashed into Bitu's right hand. There were no rumbling sounds, no ripples of power. In fact, the fog around them did not even move a single bit. It was as if Su Ming's body had suffered the full brunt of the attack.

Su Ming closed his eyes. At the instant their arms met, his left hand bent slightly, and five purplish-black waves of aura surged into his body. At the instant a destructive power was about to erupt, Su Ming's body seemed to have turned into a transition spot. He lifted his right hand, and five veins appeared on the back of his right hand, and it was those five waves of aura gathering on his right hand after swimming through his body.

Hong Luo had done this in the past!

Once Su Ming used it, five waves of aura that were the exact same as Bitu's immediately spread out from his right hand, and he pushed his palm at the fog

It went straight in the direction of the person from the Immortal sects that had come to this place and was about to show himself.

A violent bang exploded in the fog, and the powerful Ascendance cultivator from the Immortal sects became incredibly sullen. The violent waves of power around him caused his divine sense to be unable to see what was going on clearly, but there was no way he could mistake that strike just now. That was Evil Lust Sect's Art!


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