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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 278


Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Want to be my Master....? You Are Not Worthy! (2)

Huang Yueli was standing closest to the Imperial Tutor, just directly opposite him. She should have been getting the brunt of the oppressive pressure!

The Imperial Tutor clenched his fist tighter and the profound qi he released was increased yet again. Seeing that she still had no response, he gritted his teeth and continued to pour profound qi into the surroundings.

As he began to pour out his profound qi without much regards, without realising it, he had already released a huge amount of qi.

However, Huang Yueli just stood there, other than the expression that revealed impatience, there was little no other reaction. It seemed as if the qi force was just tickling her.

Only when the Crown Prince who was close by started to groan did he recover his senses and retracted all the profound qi.

By now, some noble ladies had already fallen to the ground and the imperial doctors started scrambling all about to treat them.

The Crown Prince touched his chest that still felt as if there was a stone crushing onto it, as he frantically circulated his profound qi to regulate and reduce the oppression. At the corner of his eyes, he happened to see Prince Yu seated by the side leisurely.

Leisurely? That face did not seem to have any semblance of pain on it. Instead, he had on a smile and his scorching gaze was locked onto Bai Ruoli. There was also an indescribable tenderness and affection in those eyes.

’’You....’’ The Crown Prince's expression contorted strangely as he looked on with his widened eyes.

Li Moying heard his voice and turned to look at him.

’’Is Elder Brother feeling uncomfortable? Have this tranquil heart pill and you'll be better in no time.’’

’’I thank you, Second Brother.’’

As soon as the Crown Prince took the pill, he felt a soothing wave that eased the discomfort on his chest.

Oh, it turned out that he had taken a pill, no wonder he was alright and seem didn't to suffer from any injuries at all.

For a a moment there, he thought that this waste was like the third Miss of the Bai Family that was going to flip the skies and defy the heavens...

Sure enough, he thought too much.

Huang Yueli's lips lifted up into a condescending smile, ’’Imperial Tutor, so if you can't receive your disciple, you decided to do it through coercion?’’


He was angry at the tone and disrespectful manner she had now portrayed. He didn't think that he actually couldn't control her even when he attempted using his profound qi to show her his prowess.

’’Bai Ruoli! If you don't want to do this the easy way, then we'll do it the hard way! This old man here was sincere and willing to teach you wholeheartedly! This is your stroke of luck! You don't know what's good for you!’’

Huang Yueli couldn't help but smile deeper. ’’I can't tell what's good for say? Imperial Tutor really knows how to talk! I should that it's you who don't know what's good for you! Do you really think that think that I'm just a little country bumpkin that doesn't know anything? You think you are qualified to be my master...? You are not worthy!’’

His heart jumped as his entire back was soaked in cold sweat.

He really didn't expect that this Bai Ruoli would understand the aspects of things so well.

Sixth grade talents are extremely rare and even in the entire South Sky Region, such talents are only a handful and they are all carefully nurtured by the big major sects.

As a man who has lived over three hundred years and yet he was still unable to breakthrough to the next level, he really was unworthy to have such a talented disciple. He truly had no means to teach such a genius!

He saw a bright future ahead of her and he wanted to make use of her ignorance and tap onto her future grandeur to make a name for himself.

In this way, the future benefits that he'll rip would be many times more than what he has now! She would take care of take care of him after she had carved a name for herself.

After all, to respect one's master was a tradition of the Soaring Heavens Continent .

Who knew where she had heard it from, she had utterly shattered his grand scheme which he could not say out but she even said that he was unworthy!

He was filled with rage.

In the past, Bai Liufeng was so arrogant and did not put him in the eyes as well. No matter what method he used, be it soft tactics or all aggressive methods, Bai Liufeng ultimately still refused him to be his master.

Now that Bai Liufeng is no longer around, to think that his daughter... had matched him well in this case!

Seeing that the Imperial Tutor's expression was getting from bad to worse, the Emperor quickly interjected.

’’Li girl, how could you say such things? The Imperial Tutor is your elder and even if you do not wish to be his disciple, that's fine, there's no need to be so impolite.’’

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