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Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 231


Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Take a shot, the harem is really a terrible place (Part 1)

Imperial Doctor Qin would like to interrupt Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu's conversation, but he couldn't utter any words he wanted to say. So, he only looked at them, while feeling depressed. Because the two of them completely forgot their existence. The inner hall felt like become Xiao Wangfu.

In the end, after Xiao Wangye's domineering announcement ’’No one will dare to make a move on you’’. Imperial Doctor Qin found a chance to speak: ’’Xiao Wangye, Xiao Wangfei, can I say something?’’

’’Ahem, ahem...’’ Lin Chujiu awkwardly coughed and stepped back.

’’Speak,’’ Xiao Tianyao looked at Imperial Doctor Qin, but didn't put him into his eyes.

Imperial Doctor Qin has long been used to Xiao Tianyao's arrogance, so he was unaffected: ’’Xiao Wangye, with the Third Prince's condition, we can't further delay his treatment. I'm afraid divine Doctor Mo will come back sooner.’’ He had worked on this plan for a long time. He wanted the Third Prince to be cured without divine Doctor Mo.

’’Mmm,’’ Xiao Tianyao nodded his head and approved Imperial Doctor Qin's words: ’’Imperial Doctor Qin, do you have any good advice?’’

’’None.’’ If he has a way to cure the Third Prince's disease, will he wait until now? Unfortunately, he has no way. His master also said that he should let Xiao Wangye decide. But, can he get a credit by then?

Xiao Tianyao was not angry. He pointed his finger to the side and said: ’’Since you don't have a way, stand in there.’’

’’Wangye...’’ For many years, he was not treated so low like this. Imperial Doctor Qin's facial expression has changed, but he suddenly felt a powerful pressure on his body. It was different from the Emperor's oppression. His oppression was from the heart. But, with Xiao Tianyao, he couldn't stand firm. So, he had to retreat again and again. He even spilled a bit of blood.

’’Martial God? Xiao Wangye, you are... ...’’ He was actually already a martial god? Why didn't he received any news of this?

’’It was only equal to the pressure of a Martial God.’’ Xiao Tianyao was not planning to take Imperial Doctor Qin's life. But, seeing that he couldn't stand it, he recovered his power.

Imperial Doctor Qin leaned on the wall and gasped for breath: ’’Martial Gods cannot appear on the battlefield, nor interfere in the war of the four countries. I never forget that.’’

The war between the North and the East Country was still not over. If Xiao Tianyao's strength almost reached the Martial God's strength but deliberately suppressing it. He will not be promoted and be recognized as one.

’’Since you know, you better shut up.’’ Xiao Tianyao warned Imperial Doctor Qin. Seeing him shrinking on the side, Xiao Tianyao was very satisfied. He turned his head and looked at Lin Chujiu: ’’I owe Imperial Doctor Qin a favor, we have to pay him back.’’

’’Huh?’’ Lin Chujiu haven't figured out anything, but she was dragged by Xiao Tianyao to the bedside: ’’Take off his top.’’

’’Mmm.’’ Third Prince Xiao Zian was extremely thin due to years of illness. Because of this, Lin Chujiu easily helped Xiao Zian to get up. Lin Chujiu easily untied the knots in front, but she couldn't find the knots inside. With this, Lin Chujiu directly directly cut Xiao Zian's clothes.

This rude behavior made Xiao Tianyao satisfied.

Because it means, Lin Chujiu was unfamiliar with men's clothes.

As soon as Xiao Zian's clothes were removed, his thin and pale body was exposed. Lin Chujiu only looked for a moment and moved away. She didn't show any special feelings.

’’Take out your silver needles and do measures according to benwang's order.’’ Xiao Tianyao said and sat down. And just like a grandfather, he ordered Lin Chujiu to do this and that. For a moment, Lin Chujiu felt like Xiao Tianyao was the doctor, and she was an apprentice.

However, in this unfamiliar field, she was like a grade school student. She really has no way to cure Xiao Zian.

Chapter 231: Take a shot, the harem is really a terrible place (Part 2)

Seeing Lin Chujiu's preparedness, Xiao Tianyao reported a series of acupuncture sites. They were very complicated acupuncture points. So, even with the help of the medical system, Lin Chujiu couldn't find them easily: ’’Can you repeat them slowly?’’

She needed to pin down the needles into those acupuncture points. So, even if she was familiar with the anatomy of the human body, she cannot do it faster than Xiao Tianyao's mouth.

’’Stupid.’’ Xiao Tianyao snorted, but he repeated them again slowly. With this, Lin Chujiu was not only able to keep up but also has time to wipe her sweat.

After a quarter of an hour, 108 needles left Lin Chujiu's hand. They were all inserted on the Third Prince's back. Xiao Zian currently looked like a hedgehog.

’’What's next?’’ Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao and waited for his instructions.

’’The next move, you can't do it, just let it go.’’ it go.’’ Xiao Tianyao got up and waved his hand in front of Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu doesn't know what he did. But, it was obviously a wave of force, but this force was soft. So, Lin Chujiu steadily fell back on the chair. When she looked up, she saw Xiao Tianyao was taking a few shots on Xiao Zian's chest.

Those shots looked soft and weak, but Xiao Zian's face was distorted and full of pain. And also... ...

After being patted by Xiao Tianyao, the silver needles behind Xiao Zian's back shed some black blood.

’’What is this?’’ Why can't science explained this?

’’It was the restriction of a Martial God.’’ Imperial Doctor Qin, who was sent to the corner by Xiao Tianyao, answered Lin Chujiu's question: ’’No wonder, for so many years, no one could find out what the Third Prince's disease. It turned out, it was the special technique to seal the veins by the Martial Gods.’’

After he finished, Imperial Doctor Qin shook his head and sighed: The harem is really a terrible place. They made Third Prince Xiao Zian suffer like this since young.

They even used a martial god's technique, which was banned in the country. Even if he was standing tall, he wouldn't be able to understand it at all.

Lin Chujiu didn't say anything. Right now, she understood why Xiao Tianyao stopped her from entering the palace and insisted on entering with her. Because Xiao Tianyao knew very clearly that she will fail to cure Xiao Zian. Because Xiao Zian has never been sick.

The black blood behind Xiao Zian was getting thicker and thicker. Xiao Tianyao's hand speed was also getting faster and faster. Xiao Tianyao seems Xiao Tianyao seems not inserting force, but his forehead was sweating. So, obviously, it wasn't an easy task.

Without the need for her service, Lin Chujiu has been sitting, while watching Xiao Tianyao. When Xiao Tianyao finished, he said: ’’Pull all the silver needles.’’

’’Mmm,’’ Lin Chujiu get up and pulled out the silver needles on Xiao Zian's back.

The black blood was flowing out with the silver needles, but the needles were not blackened. It can be seen that Xiao Zian was not poisoned.

Lin Chujiu pulled out the silver needles and was about to take a towel to clean the black blood on Xiao Zian's back. But, she heard Xiao Tianyao said: ’’The rest will be handled by Imperial Doctor Qin.’’

Lin Chujiu stopped and threw the towel over Imperial Doctor Qin.

Imperial Doctor Qin looked at Xiao Tianyao. Seeing Xiao Tianyao's forehead was sweating, he silently picked up the towel and wiped Xiao Zian's back. But from time to time, his eyes swept over to the other two people. So, he found out that Xiao Wangfei didn't wipe Xiao Wanye's sweat. Imperial Doctor Qin smile in this injustice.

Xiao Wangye's face was covered with sweat, but Xiao Wangfei didn't wipe it for him. Xiao Wange just sat there waiting...

However, even after Lin Chujiu wiped clean the silver needles. She put them inside the medicine box to disinfect. So, Xiao Tianyao no longer waited for Lin Chujiu to wipe his sweat. He wiped it on his own.

Xiao Tianyao couldn't help but had a headache with Lin Chujiu's stupidity. She was so stupid to the point that she couldn't even use her eyes clearly. Besides him, who else could bear this woman?


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