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Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 183.1


Chapter 183.1

Chapter 183: Training, having her own people (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao took this opportunity to make a deal with the Cui Family so that Lin Chujiu could get some benefits. Lin Chujiu didn't know this. Well actually, she didn't want to know. She knew that Xiao Tianyao will make an issue regarding her injuries. But, she does want to hear anything about it, so she left Xiao Wangfu in a hurry.

Zhuangzi is in the suburbs. The air is refreshing. The environment is good. Behind it, there is a mountain with abundant resources. In particular, Lin Chujiu's place has its own hot spring. Unfortunately, she was injured, so she wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

The people that stayed in Zhuangzi were originally Lin Chujiu's biological mother's people. The people were not confined in there. They only stayed out of loyalty. Lin Chujiu was warmly welcomed on her first day. When the Chief of Zhuangzi learn that Lin Chujiu was injured, he felt worried. He instantly lowered his voice, in fear of making Lin Chujiu uncomfortable.

When Lin Chujiu arrived at Zhuangzi, it was already in the middle of the night. She didn't have the strength to pleased everyone. She simply said two sentences and then went to her room. As for the people that came with her?

Lin Chujiu believes that they can take care of themselves.

Lin Chujiu sleep for a long time, she only woke up the next day afternoon. She didn't know if it was her heart or something, but when she woke, her spirit feels much better. And her wound is not as painful as before.

When the Chief of of Zhuangzi learn that Lin Chunjiu woke up, he came immediately to ask if they could meet the princess. After all, they haven't seen Princess Xiao for years.

Chunxi and Qiuxi wanted to send away the Chief of Zhuangzi, but they suddenly heard Lin Chujiu's voice. Lin Chujiu asked Chunxi and Qiuxi to help her out.

’’Wangfei, Doctor Wu said that you're seriously injured and shouldn't go out from the bed.’’ Chunxi tried to persuade. But, Lin Chujiu looked at them coldly. As if she can see right through them. In fear, Chunxi moved back again and again and felt regret. She also felt that Lin Chujiu know their real purpose.

Yes, Lin Chujiu knows the truth. Xiao Tianyao sent so many guards and maids to her, so that she wouldn't make too much contact with Zhuangzi's people. Also, so Also, so that she wouldn't have her own people.

However, if Lin Chujiu is so obedient, then she wouldn't be called arrogant Lin Chujiu, right?

The sky is vast and the birds can fly freely. The ocean is wide and the fish can leap at will. Now that she is not in Xiao Wangfu, she will never listen or follow Xiao Tianyao's arrangement.

Lin Chujiu meet the Chief of Zhuangzi and the others. Then, she gave everyone a reward. Several officials didn't know that Lin Chujiu will come, so they didn't prepare anything in advance. However, they recently dug out an old ginseng in the mountain, so they give it to her.

Lin Chujiu is a western medical doctor. But, she was also familiar with some precious herbs like ginseng. After seeing the quality of the ginseng, she knew that it is that it is really good. After accepting their gift, Lin Chujiu added some more reward.

After the ceremony, Chunxi and Qiuxi tried to persuade Lin Chujiu to go back to rest. But, they suddenly heard Lin Chujiu said: ’’Is there a twelve or thirteen year old girls in Zhuangzi?’’ Women in this era, marry at the age of fifteen. So, she could only find people around this age to follow her.

If there is no people that could follow her, her injuries will get worse again. Lin Chujiu is not sure whether Chunxi and Qiuxi actually heard her words.

But in actuality, as soon as Lin Chujiu's voice fell, Chunxi and Qiuxi felt bad. They really didn't expect that Lin Chujiu doesn't trust them. And she didn't care about their Wangye's face. She wanted to gather her own people.


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