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Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 101.1


Chapter 101: Feelings and believe in me for once (Part 1)

After checking and sending back the white jade hairpin to Xiao Tianyao. Lin Chujiu went back to sleep. On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao seems acquired insomnia, because he can't fall asleep.

Looking at Lin Chujiu's report once again, Xiao Tianyao cannot help but think that he seems married an extraordinary wife. This woman knows how to hide her talents very well. And if he didn't repeatedly forced her to do something, she probably won't show these talents for all her life.

And speaking about these talents of her, Xiao Tianyao doesn't know whether it is a blessing or misfortune.


Lin Chujiu slept well, so naturally, she was full of spirit the next day. Xiao Tianyao didn't sleep the whole night, but his spirit is not any less compared to Lin Chujiu.

The next morning, Lin Chujiu went to where Xiao Tianyao is to accompany him and to have breakfast. Lin Chujiu sat on the side of Xiao Tianyao, so that when divine Doctor Mo arrive, he can easily perform his acupuncture treatment.

In the eyes of outsiders, Lin Chujiu is taking care all the things that are related to Xiao Tianyao because she is very concerned with him. But, what they don't know is that everything is just merely an act because she has no other choice. And because Xiao Tianyao won't let her run outside.

Lin Chujiu really regretted coming in Jing Tian Courtyard. She thought Xiao Tianyao will act like a Buddha, but who would have thought that she will serve him like a servant.

However, Xiao Tianyao's attitude gradually soften, so she felt a bit comfort. If Xiao Tianyao didn't change a bit, she will surely die from disappointments.

The two of them were sitting quietly and not speaking at all. But because Xiao Tianyao is deliberately controlling his domineering presence, the atmosphere around them becomes warm. Because of that, when Xiao Wangfu's guardsmen occasionally took a peek, they couldn't help but feel envious: Wangye and Wangfei are having a good time ah.

divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer arrived and saw Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu getting along well. Seeing them like that, divine Doctor Mo couldn't help but frown and he felt worried about his daughter again.

Mo Yuer acted like she didn't see anything and just continue to come in. However, her eyes look darker than ever.

’’Wangye, may I ask you to lift your trousers?’’ divine Doctor Mo asked to start his acupuncture treatment.

Lin Chujiu has long been accustomed to serving Xiao Tianyao. So, she squatted in front of him and lifted up his trousers in a very warm and gentle manner. As if Xiao Tianyao is like a fragile crystal.

It's really nice to be treated like a treasure. So at that moment, Xiao Tianyao's cold face become soft. Lin Chujiu looked up and saw Xiao Tianyao's face suddenly becomes gentle. At that moment, her heart skips a beat and her lips involuntarily smile.

He's very, very handsome ah.

Lin Chujiu recover her mind immediately, but she felt her cheeks were burning. Lin Chujiu felt uncomfortable with her current condition, so she wanted to avoid looking Xiao Tianyao. But instead, she got attracted to his deep eyes... ...

Xiao Tianyao is truly handsome. His usual cold face can already attract many ladies, so what more if it turns gentle? Lin Chujiu felt a change in her heartbeat.

What is wrong with my heart?

Lin Chujiu felt uneasy. Her mind is telling her that she fell in love with a bitter man like Xiao Tianyao. While her heart is telling her that he is her husband, so she's qualified to do so.

Lin Chujiu felt her thoughts are getting more and more outrageous. So, she couldn't help but pinch and curse her own self: Right now, staying alive is more important. Love can't feed you.

Well actually, Lin Chujiu admits that Xiao Tianyao is too good for her. And she knows that she shouldn't climb high.

divine Doctor Mo concentrates in his acupuncture treatment to lessen the pain in the process. Xiao Tianyao didn't show any emotion, but his forehead was full of sweat, so obviously, he's still feeling the pain.

In the past, Lin Chujiu doesn't notice anything. But today, she doesn't know why she took a handkerchief and came forward.


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