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Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 100.1


Chapter 100: Expectation and trouble (Part 1)

Even if there will be corrosion, it can't harm Xiao Tianyao's legs. So, what is the use of this?

Lin Chujiu think for a long a time, but she still can't think of a way how this thing will harm Xiao Tianyao. So, she decided to put down this matter.

Her brain is not functioning anymore, so why waste the rest of her brain cells.

After cleaning up her stuff, Lin Chujiu went back to the table to write down the result. However, when she saw the ink brush, she hesitated. The handwriting of original Lin Chujiu is not that beautiful, so what more if it's her ah?

Lin Chujiu never tried writing with an ink brush before, so she really doesn't know if she can write with it. But, if she won't write, what else should she do?

Lin Chujiu felt worried, but in the end, she grinds the ink and laid a paper on the table. Lin Chujiu is not in a hurry, so she tried recalling first how to write down a report. Then, she pointed out the tip of the ink brush and write down the word Mr... ...

Lin Chujiu felt that her opening remark is a bit strange, but... ...

She couldn't think of something else. In the end, the tip of her ink brush just stayed in the same place.

’’Uh ... ... I think I'll practice first.’’ Lin Chujiu who has 囧 facial expression said. She doesn't want to waste the paper, so she just continues to write in it.

The original Lin Chujiu has a foundation skill in writing, so after writing a dozen of Chinese characters. Lin Chujiu's hand writing becomes clear. And although it is not beautiful, it is also not ugly.

The original Lin Chujiu always stayed inside her pavilion, so only a few people saw her hand writing. Xiao Tianyao himself had never seen it. After looking carefully, Lin Chujiu felt that her hand writing is not far worse than the original.

Because of that, Lin Chujiu felt good and carefully make another one. But this time, she makes sure that there was no mistake. After the ink dried, Lin Chujiu folded the paper and put it together with the white jade hairpin and gelatinous gum.

Lin Chujiu went out to her room and said only one thing: ’’You can come in.’’ But as soon as she finished, the door opened up. So, it can be seen how fast is that person moves.

’’Wangfei.’’ The man dressed in black bowed down and cupped his hand in front of Lin Chujiu.

’’The results came out. The white jade hairpin has no problem, but there were several slits from it. Those slits have gelatinous gum. But, those gelatinous gum is not corrosive, unlike the special herb that was soaked in it. I write a report, so just give it to Wangye.’’ Lin Chujiu said and handed her report with the white jade hairpin to the man dressed in black.

The man dressed in black took it, but he didn't leave immediately. Instead, he acted like he wanted to say something, but doesn't know how he will start.

’’What's the matter? Just say it.’’Lin Chujiu asked, but the man dressed in black still didn't dare to say it. He just shook his head and said: ’’No, no, this subordinate will now retire.’’ Originally, he wanted to ask Lin Chujiu to personally give it to Xiao Tianyao. Because he felt like their Wangye wanted to see their Wangfei, but... ...

He doesn't know how he will start talking about such thing!

The man dressed in black felt scared with his own thoughts. He doesn't want Lin Chujiu to see right through him, so he left in a hurry. Lin Chujiu didn't stop him, but he stumbled at the door.

’’Uh ... ...’’ Lin Chujiu's mouth got wide open: Xiao Tianyao likes smart people, so how can there be someone like him as his subordinate?

I can't look at him straight.

Lin Chujiu open her eyes and was ready to close the door. But suddenly, she saw the man dressed in black rush back to her: ’’Wangfei, I'll close it for you.’’

And with a *Bang* sound ... ... the door closed. The man dressed in black left in a hurry again. But, Lin Chujiu who got stunned suddenly laughed out loud.

It's a shame, Xiao Tianyao is very cold and not close to her. But, if they were, it must be very fun if she will tell him this thing tomorrow.


Xiao Tianyao has long been waiting for the news of the man dressed in black. But, when he heard a noise outside the door, his eyes flashed with unknown expectations, but... ...

When he saw the man dressed in black came in alone, the expectation in his eyes immediately vanish. And his face returns to its normal expression.


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