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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 7


’’This.......quickly stop, do not burn my spirit dan hall!’’ An old man, coming out from god knows where, quickly shouted.

The flame in Chen Xiang's hands started to disappear. All the people in the spirit dan hall slowly recovered from their shock. They could all feel the anger within Chen Xiang's flame.

’’Chen Zhenhua, don't tell me, are you afraid of the flames of a 'waste'? Then what does it make you? A bigger waste?’’ Chen Xiang while sneering said.

Chen Zhenhua's complexion became extremely ugly, no one in their right mind will try those flames. The mouth of the governor's daughter stayed open from the shock, she looks at Chen Xiang with surprise. She could feel the power behind those flames. She slightly lowered her head, because she was treating him like dog-shit on the side of the road. Who knows why Chen Xiang decided to hide his strength, instead of showing it off like all the other brats his age.

’’Hall master........This brat.’’ One middle-aged fellow wearing a short white robe came from behind Chen Xiang.

That old man just kept on staring at Chen Xiang, his face had a look of disbelief, shock and joy, all at the same time.

This old man is spirit dan hall's master, he is a very famous alchemist and has scruples with Chen Xiang's grandfather.

’’Little brother, do you want to become my apprentice?’’ the old man asked, which made all the people within spirit dan hall even more shocked.

Hall master was even willing to take him as an apprentice!

Spirit dan hall's master even personally asked him to become his apprentice. Everybody knows that the children of many aristocratic families wanted to be his apprentice. But even if their parents personally came to ask the Spirit dan hall's master, they would be rejected without even a second look.

Everyone froze in their places, Chen Xiang's potential shocked every single one of them. Having no spiritual vein, but still able to release a True Qi flame and not to mention that the spirit dan hall master had seen Chen Xiang is a good seed.

Chen Xiang scratched his head, he said dismissively: ’’Although I would like to, but you and my grandfather are enemies, I cannot take you as my teacher!’’

Then, Chen Xiang turned away casually, his face did not have any expression of pity. No one could believe that Chen Xiang actually refused! They suspected that he might have misunderstood what the spirt dan hall master said. Only after hearing the spirit dan hall masters sigh did they believe that there are some people who would actually refuse to become spirit dan hall master's apprentice.

Everyone agreed that Chen Xiang is a fool, because of a private grudge between his grandfather and the spirit dan hall master, he gave up such a good opportunity.

Chen Zhenhua's heart was filled with jealousy, although Chen Xiang ruthlessly humiliated him just a moment ago, but everyone's gaze was now fixated on Chen Xiang, while completely disregarding him. But now, many people looked at him with a contemptuous expression in their eyes, in the eyes of these people an alchemy master is much more formidable than any other geniuses.

Can refine pills, and even without spiritual vein can become a fierce martial artists!

Of course, not only did Chen Xiang have divine veins, he can also became an alchemist! He can now plant herbs and also release true Qi fire, after completing these two conditions he can start to refine pills, although alchemy need certain experience and high understanding, but he is sure that he will be able to successful refine those pills later.

Chen Xiang already knew that spirit dan hall's master is his grandfather's rival, and his grandfather is usually very good to him, once in a while he will give him some pills, which allowed him to reach the 3rd level of mortal martial realm.

After returning to the Chen family residents, Chen Xiang quickly started to search for his father and told him about what happened at the spirit dan hall.

’’Well done, that old man of the spirit dan hall does not show a good attitude towards my Chen family, he sells those pills to us with exorbitant prices. Since you have True Qi fire, it will not be difficult for you to become alchemist! From now on, I'll fully support you.’’ Chen Tianfu in his heart is very excited. Because his son can release True Qi flame, it can be said his future is immeasurable, even better than martial artists with high-grade spiritual vein,

Chen Xiang retired to his own small courtyard, started planting those spirit herb seedlings. In the evening, he sat cross-legged on his bed. Feeling the rich world spirit Qi all around him, he started using the Tai Chi divine exercise with dragon saliva exercise, quickly absorbing the spirit Qi.

After using the dragon saliva exercise, it will leave behind a special essence on his tongue, so long as he uses this essence to water those spirit herbs, the time it will take them to mature will significantly decrease.

In the morning, Chen Xiang stretched out his tongue, only to find an azure colour dewdrop. This drop is 'Dragon saliva'!

Seeing this Chen Xiang starts rejoicing, he did not expect to be successful in making the 'dragon saliva' in his first try, he quickly put that azure dewdrop into a bucket full of water. The bucket is slightly exhibiting an azure aura.

Chen Xiang with that bucket of water starts watering the seedlings carefully.

Azure spirit grass, Blood element grass, profound bright flower and Spirit leaf grass, theses four spirit herbs, although are only mortal level low-grade herbs, but the time needed for them to mature is three years'.

But after Chen Xiang used the 'dragon saliva' to accelerate growth, it only took a months' time to fully mature!

’’The azure grass which is exhibiting a fierce spirit Qi is the 'Azure spirit grass'. The one which is as red as blood and the size of a fist is the 'Blood element flower'. The one which is white as snow and emitting a bright aura is the 'Profound bright flower'. The grass with a small leaf is the 'Spirit leaf grass'.’’

Chen Tianhu looked at the small courtyard full of spirit herbs with surprise. While staring at those spirit herbs, he could clearly remembered that a month ago they were nothing more than seedlings.

’’Son, about this ability of yours.........refrain from showing it to other, no matter what! Only you and I will ever know about this. One's wealth should not be exposed to the public, it is the same with this special ability of yours.’’ Chen Tianhu said with a serious face, he did not inquired how his son got this type of ability.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, the location of his courtyard is in Chen Tianhu's domain, so nobody would dare to come and go without his permission and therefore Chen Xiang is not worried about people discovering this.

’’Alchemy is not simple, although you have the ability to become an alchemist. But self-teaching is a hard thing to do, especially with alchemy. You should try to build your foundation first, even if you take a wrong step we can go and look for an alchemist when needed.’’ Chen Tianhu said, then removed a bucket sized alchemy furnace from his storage pouch.

[TLN: Alchemy furnace looks something like this]

Chen Tianhu said:’’ Although this alchemy furnace is not that good, but it is the best one which I can afford. Wait for me to ask the elders for some money, we will buy a better one later.’’

For alchemy, an alchemy furnace is the thing that is most essential thing, second only to the herbs. Chen Xiang was quite satisfied with that black furnace, nodding his head and with a laugh he said: ’’Thank you dad, you will be the first to taste my refined pills.’’

Chen Tianhu while laughing quickly left.

Chen Xiang during this month, except for looking after the seedlings, he was asking Su Meiyao about the main points about alchemy. That seductive girl explained all the difficulties regarding alchemy carefully, letting Chen Xiang feel very good.

As Chen Xiang learned about alchemy, he would get many headaches. For example controlling the fire, pouring the True Qi continuously and also at the moment of solidifying pill which require very accurate management of spiritual power.

’’Sister Meiyao, at what time should I start the preparation to refine these pills?’’ Chen Xiang using spiritual power to exchange words with Su Meiyao inside ring, while picking the matured herbs, they are only qualified to be used for alchemy only after some processing.

The steps of processing needs certain skills, but for Chen Xiang that actually doesn't matter, because Su Meiyao has already taught him those things.

Su Meiyao with a sweet voice said:’’ At least it will take you another year and a half.’’

’’What? I only have one more month before having the competition with that Yao family genius.’’ Chen quickly replied.

Bai Youyou coldly said: ’’What an idiot, why do you want to compete with him in alchemy? With your strength you can easily slaughter him.’’

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth were slightly twitching. Slaughter the Yao family genius, then the Yao family and the Chen family will certainly go to war. Even involving his father or even the family elders to step in, it will be very troublesome.

He starts to process the spirit herbs and then puts them inside the furnace, after this each and every step is crucial.

Basic steps of alchemy includes, pouring the True Qi inside the alchemy furnace, baking the spirit herbs inside, each spirit herb will then emit a unique spirit Qi inside the furnace, and then he has to control those various spirit Qi and cohesion the dried up spirit herbs in one place and then solidify it into a pill.

Both of Chen Xiang's hands were placed on the two separate mouths of the furnace and he spur flames inside, while inspecting the internal situation of the furnace with his spiritual power.


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