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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 3


Chen Xiang sat cross legged on the ground while concentrating his spiritual power and waiting for the divine vein transfer.

Both Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's delicate hands are pressing on the Chen Xiang's abdomen, from their beautiful hands a black and a white mist surge out separately, black was Bai Youyou's extreme yin divine vein while white was Su Meiyao's extreme yang divine vein, both with a mystical appearance.

Within Chen Xiang's body appeared a white and a black stream, spreading randomly within his muscles, bones and meridians. As they circulate within his muscles, bones and meridians they slowly strengthens them cycle after cycle, at last the white and the black Qi gathered in his dantian forming a Tai Chi yin yang diagram, which is the yin and yang divine vein!

[ED: The diagram would mostly likely look like this]

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can see that extreme yin and yang divine veins have successfully fused with Chen Xiang, they could not help but get excited, they originally thought that the fusion of extreme yin and extreme yang divine veins will be very difficult, as they were trying to attempt an experiment on Chen Xiang so they didn't even know what will happen, but didn't expect it to be successful.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou slowly retracted their hands, while watching white and black mist starts to rise from Chen Xiang, both of their pair of eyes have a complex and surprised expression as if they have tacitly agreed. According to the knowledge of the sisters, there has never been single person with a yin and yang divine vein simultaneously. At this time they presently know if this brat, so long as he diligently cultivates will one day became an universal peerless master.

Chen Xiang opens his eyes, he has never felt this comfortable and strong in his life.

’’This is a divine vein Ah! Feels so good, I'll later be able to enter True martial realm!’’ Chen Xiang is somewhat excited, on his face there was hint of a strange and evil smile flashing, looking very nasty as compared to his previous simple and honest appearance, this made the heart of two beauty somewhat filled with worry.

In this martial artist world, Mortal martial realm is originally divided into ten state: Refining Qi, Quenching body, Martial body, Opening vein, True Qi, divine sense, True aura, divine power, True form, and finally Complete.

On top of Mortal martial realm, there is True martial realm, it is the dream state of many martial artists, arriving at that state one can have overwhelming force and their lifespan will be extended up to thousand years.

Chen Xiang is currently at Level-3 Martial body realm, and have been unable to enter Level-4 Opening vein realm.

’’True martial realm? This has simply brought disgrace to the divine vein.’’ Bai Youyou coldly said with disdain.

Su Meiyao said with a serious complexion:’’ You have yin and yang divine vein, your outlook must be more open! In this world power never completely stops advancing, there are numerous different worlds, your present location is Chenwu mainland and is only a mortal world on a small piece of land.’’

’’You have to remember the contract, you must help us restore to pinnacle strength! This is not a simple matter!’’

Chen Xiang nodded repeatedly and said:’’ As long as I am alive, I will certainly fulfill the contract and restore the strength of the two sisters.’’

Bai Youyou with satisfaction said: ’’To help us restore strength the quickest way is to rely on pills, moreover that is a very high rank pill! After our strength is restored, the contract will be completed, at that time we will be able to take revenge.’’

Chen Xiang felt a little lost, if the two beauties stayed by his side, that is certainly a happy thing.

Su Meiyao removed one ring from her beautiful hair and threw it towards Chen Xiang, Said: ’’Bleed on it to make it recognize you as its owner, using this is similar to using the storage pouch, incorporate me and elder sister in it, then you can climb up! You cannot stay down here for long time, as this place is frequently visited by demon beasts.’’

Dripping blood on it, Chen Xiang established a contract with the ring immediately, the ring inside space is very small and in Chen Xiang knowledge legendary storage ring should have space as vast as sea.

You can hold living creatures in this storage magical weapons! This allows Chen Xiang to marvel, common storage pouch are very rare, and these are distributed by sects in immortal mountains, let alone storage magic weapon which can hold living creatures.

According to Su Meiyao words, he incorporated the two women into the storage ring. As he put it on his finger, the ring immediately became invisible on his finger, this made Chen Xiang admire secretly.

He ate the pill given by his father, with plenty of stamina, he starts climbing the cliff, leaving the abyss filled with death Qi, which is for him is one arduous challenge.

Climbing the cliff made Chen Xiang even more depressed, because he is not able to look at anything due to Black Death Qi, which evidently increases the difficulty.

After arduous climbing up for one day and night Chen Xiang finally reached the top, accomplishing this he thought it's not that difficult, this is all due to the divine vein, when climbing up he absorbed large amounts of spirit Qi, which entered his body and eliminating the fatigue and made him energetic like dragon and fierce as tiger all the time.

After Chen Xiang climbed up, he embarks on his way towards the Wohu city.

He could not see Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao inside the ring, but he is still able to sense them.

’’Sisters, when will you teach me those divine exercise and devil exercise?’’ Chen Xiang impatiently asked, for those divine and devil exercise he is very curious.

’’Your body is too weak at the moment, and will not be able to withstand the devil exercise.’’ Bai Youyou transmits in an ice cold voice.

Su Meiyao said:’’ You can practice divine exercise anytime, first return home and then you can start practicing there and at that time, I will also teach you alchemy.’’

Chen Xiang in his heart is very delighted and starts to run swiftly.

Southern martial empire, Wohu City is present in its south, with a population of one million, a prosperous and huge city, is also the place where southern martial empire famous martial arts aristocratic Chen family lives!

Chen family has several thousands of years of history, until now their strength is still formidable, with a very rich heritage they are able to survive for several thousands of years which evidently proves their strength.

Chen family is wealthy, in Wohu city inside they are most powerful force, Chen family villa occupies several thousand acres of land, with countless courtyards and numerous gardens which contains mountains like having water, even if someone wants to sneak into Chen family, they will be lost inside.

Tianhu Park, from the characters visible, anyone can guess this mansion belongs to Chen Tianhu, as a Chen family member having a prominent position, owning a huge house for themselves is a normal thing.

’’Dad, I'm back!’’ Chen Xiang returned and rushes towards the library, he knows his father is always there.

Chen Tianhu laughingly said: ’’You smelly brat finally came back, you may know there is a young beauty already waiting for you? Do you still remember Xue family little girl? Your little wife.’’

Chen Xiang brow wrinkled, in his mind appear one jade like attractive little girl, that was when he was only five or six year old.

’’ mean Xue Xianxian?’’Chen Xiang asked, which is a tender girl of Xue family. One day, she came to the Chen family for some time when she was small, at that time Chen Xiang and her both played for all day, both had a very good time and then the things came down to marriage.

Chen Tianhu nodded his head: ’’Right, that little girl is in the villa, just as you went she came, and pleaded me to allow her to see you.’’

Chen Tianhu said with a smile and as he looks out of the window, Chen Xiang followed his father gaze and sees outside one jade like girl walking in the courtyard .

The girl had long hairs like shawl, a white full body robe and adorned with shining golden ornaments. Seeing the girl's attire which was similar to a fairy, Chen Xiang can't help but look in a daze. That girl is only fourteen or fifteen years old, skin as snow, with beautiful appearance, making people cannot help but watch intently.

As the girl sees Chen Xiang through the window, her beautiful face is full of incomparable joy and she shouts tenderly: ’’Xiao Xiang brother!’’

The sound of her voice is gentle and lively, capable of captivating a person's soul. Chen Xiang admits that although this girl is younger, but whether be it the temperament or the appearance, she can stand shoulder to shoulder with the two beauties inside the ring. Let alone this girl has yet to fully developed.

Chen Xiang swallowed saliva, with dry laugh said: ’’ Truly is eighteen changes of a grown woman! Didn't thought that little girl will turn into a little fairy.’’

TLN=(女大十八变) Literally: The eighteen changes of a grown woman. Meaning= All of the changes that a girl goes thorough when turning into a woman.]

This girl is Xue family beloved daughter, Xue Xianxian.

’’This girl is my fiancée?!’’ Chen Xiang cried in his heart excitedly.

If it was before, Chen Xiang may feel his heart constricted because he didn't possessed spiritual vein. But now he has Yin and Yang divine Vein! So long he is given time, achieving pinnacle level on martial arts is not just a fantasy.

Xue Xianxian lightly smiled, little dimples emerged on the her cheeks along with charming blush, making Chen Xiang again absent minded.

Chen Tianhu laughing, patted Chen Xiang on shoulder, said: ’’You two can catch up.’’

Chen Xiang while laughing hastily ran out from the library.

Came to the courtyard, Chen Xiang without any pleasantries, pulled Xue Xianxian soft beautiful hands, and then quickly left the line of sight of his father, as if they are doing some bad things in there own small time.

Chen Xiang with little fairy came to his own house, making many Chen family children envious along the way.

’’Xianxian, how long are you going to stay in Chen family?’’ Chen Xiang while laughing squeezed Xue Xianxian's cute face with dimples.

Xue Xianxian while shying softly said:’’ Xiao Xiang brother, I and my father came to Wohu city to take a look at you, so not going to stay for very long.’’

During childhood, Xue Xianxian got a strange diseases and came to Wohu city for a cure, at that time Xue Xianxian body was weak, looked thin and frail, in both Chen and Xue family she was often bullied, only Chen Xiang took good care of her and often played with her. During that time, it made her really happy, he also encouraged her to be strong so she could battle with the illness and also gave her few precious pills.

These things were engraved in Xue Xianxian mind, even when she knew Chen Xiang doesn't have a spiritual vein and didn't have any future in martial arts, she still decided to marry Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was somewhat at loss, he also like Xue Xianxian very much. When they were children, both families knew Chen Xiang does not have spiritual vein so Chen Xiang also didn't had any playmates. Therefore he and Xue Xianxian were also very happy together.

’’Xiao Xiang brother, my family told me to dissolve marriage, but I disagreed, so they let me and father go see Yao family and meet their alchemy genius.’’ Xue Xianxian sees Chen Xiang complexion immediately changing, with a chuckle said: ’’Rest assured, I would rather die than marry that Yao family brat, and I also heard that he have a very nasty character.’’

Xue Xianxian was fourteen-fifteen year old and has already reach 6th level of mortal martial realm, in the whole south martial empire she is considered genius among geniuses. While the Yao family also has a sixteen year old genius who is able to refine pills. In everyone's eyes they are very definition of a perfect couple.

Chen Xiang is very calm, he now have Yin and Yang divine vein, and two unidentified but formidable woman as his tutors, he has the confidence that in a short amount of time he can catch up with the Yao families young alchemist.

Chen Xiang grinned while touching Xue Xianxian elegant charming cheeks, smilingly said:’’ Xianxian, you go to Yao family and say you already have fiancé, and if he still refuses to accept then tell him to come and challenge me.’’

Seeing Chen Xiang being so confident, made Xue Xianxian very glad. She stood on her toes and kissed Chen Xiang on his lips, while bowing her head said:’’ Xiao Xiang brother, you must become stronger, I am worried about my family, as they will not hesitate to break us apart.’’

Xue Xianxian lightly skimmed through the courtyard like a swallow, her movements are agile and elegant, but also made Chen Xiang distracted like a fool, in his mind the image of Xue Xianxian kissing his lips instantly appeared.

Chen Xiang licked his lips and with a smile said: ’’That little girl has grown up a lot.’’


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