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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 26


Chen Xiang nodded and said: ’’Understood, Youyou sister, when will you teach me devil skills?’’

Bai Youyou looked at him coldly with one eye, said: ’’You have not even completely grasped junior sister's divine exercise of four symbols, madamada da ne.’’

[TLN: I used prince of tennis dialogue :). Ok the actual meaning is 'Still a long way to go'.]

Chen Xiang is currently only able to use Azure dragon divine exercise and Zhu Que divine exercise portion, while White tiger and Black tortoise divine exercise are exceptionally difficult to practice, and also requires some special requirement to practice.

Azure dragon divine exercise inside Azure dragon claw and Azure dragon roar are relatively easy to learn, and Zhu Que profound fire andZhu Que fire wing is also in the same way, although inside this divine exercise of four symbols there are many powerful martial techniques, but they need to advance to certain strength to be able to practice, otherwise Qigong deviation will occur.

[TLN: Qigong deviation is simple imbalance in Qi.]

Late at night, hidden deep below the ground inside the private room, 'peng peng' is being transmitted intermittently. This is caused by Chen Xiang practising martial skill. Just looking at his bare-chest, one can see matchless dark red strong muscles, slightly surging out hot Qi while in a horse stance standing steadily is hitting the iron wall not far away from him. At this time, hot Qi waves are bursting out of his fists, with invisible fist strength striking the iron wall, while the land shook and trembled.

’’Not bad, in just in a day's time, you grasped the Fire king fists, which is Zhu Que divine exercise basic function. However it is more difficult to grasp more, you can now rest up.’’ Su Meiyao is also a little bored and tired, because she was sitting here watching as Chen Xiang practises for the whole day.

Chen Xiang looked at that mature and ample bosom of Su Meiyao, and with a smile said: ’’Meiyao sister, I want to take a shower, would you like to join?’’

Su Meiyao with gentle and enchanting voice, eyes full of charm: ’’I have to call senior sister to go with you. I fear you brat will not be honest at that time.’’

Speaking of Bai Youyou, Chen Xiang's complexion suddenly froze: ’’Forget about it.’’

Su Meiyao, while laughing loudly entered the invisible ring on Chen Xiang's hand. Inside the ring, there is a small room, where daily necessity are present. Inside the ring, the two girl's lives are also very relaxed.

Next day, Chen Xiang woke up and spat out the 'Dragon saliva' present inside his mouth in a small bottle, but he did not immediately go out and pour it on some herbs. He is currently saving and leaving it for the later use.

Chen Xiang wants to look for Chen Luzhong to discuss pill techniques, but did not expect for Chen Luzhong to already depart to purchase the spirit herbs. Moreover he left behind many spirit pills related spirit herbs.

These are already matured spirit herbs, Chen Xiang is also very happy to use these for refining pills, which can also increase his alchemical experience.

One day, two day, after three days passed, Chen Xiang finished all the spirit herbs left by Chen Luzhong. Because most of these spirit herbs were mortal level low-grade, so the pills also were of same level. At this time Chen family also have enough pills to cope for some time.

These days, many of Chen family juniors gathered around Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang will often go to martial art field and exchange pointers with the Chen family children, and also sometimes will give them advice, which is very helpful for them.

’’Xiang Er, can you go for King City's martial art tournament and obtain the first reward spirit level high-grade True elemental dan?’’ Chen Tianhu suddenly came to the martial arts field.

Chen Xiang, after giving it some thought, said: ’’I want to go to other cities to purchase some spirit herbs. At that time along the way if it is convenient I will participate!’’

At this time one of the Chen family children said: ’’Chen Xiang please participate, if we go it will definitely be hopeless, but I heard in the King city's martial art tournament many talented people are going to participate. Some even have 7th level of mortal martial realm strength.’’

One girl while nodding also said: ’’I also heard many people who return from martial arts sect are also going to participate.’’

Chen Xiang heard the information. King city's Martial arts assembly is held once every ten years. The participants must be below the age of twenty, is conducted by the largest city of Southern martial empire, which is King City. King city originally was four cities, but as the cities developed more and more people started to settle in, resulted in the four city to connect and later fuse.

King city is also the royal capital of Southern martial empire. The Yao family and imperial palace is also there. Many of the formidable families of Southern martial empire are also established there, therefore many experts are gathered there.

Chen Tianhu also nodded and said: ’’King city's martial arts tournament also has one more purpose, that is to select some excellent practitioners to enter those martial arts sects. You should already know that whole Southern martial empire is affiliated with those martial arts sects!’’

Martial arts family are required to pay taxes each year as tribute to imperial palace, while Southern martial empire transfers them to martial arts sects. Obviously these martial arts sects are formidable enough to dominate the major families of the whole kingdom.

’’Do not think that these taxes are handed over in vain, you should know these martial arts sects are necessary to maintain our safety. Otherwise this place most likely will easily encounter a group of demon beasts, demons or devils and will be slaughtered.’’ Chen Tianhu looking up the sky with an imposing tone said.

Chen family juniors are suddenly in an uproar. Before these big sects were only legendary, now they did not think they have in this kind of close relations with the mortal world.

Southern martial empire can be considered very big with a population of some dozen hundred millions, but with not many martial practitioners and as for alchemist they are like feathers of the phoenix and horns of unicorn. However with so many number of people, there are bound to be some good martial practitioners, so these martial arts sect will sometimes come here to recruit these practitioners. The fastest and most effective way to select is let the congregation of these formidable and strong youngsters fight and the strongest from them will have the qualifications to enter these martial arts sects.

[TLN: feathers of phoenix and horns of unicorn, Chinese idiom meaning extremely rare]

Chen Xiang arrived in the library with Chen Tianhu. Along the way Chen Xiang noticed that Chen Tianhu must have something important to say, because Chen Tianhu's complexion have been very serious.

Once inside the library, Chen Tianhu right away said: ’’Xiang Er, your granduncle Chen Luzhong have already gone to King city! Our Chen family in the eyes of many people is considered a formidable martial arts aristocratic family, but we are still unable to enter the King city. We cannot regarded as unconditionally strong and prosperous family, so our Chen family next target is King city.’’

Chen Xiang also heard some information, such as Yao family also have some relations with those martial arts sects. Yao family doesn't pay taxes to the imperial palace but rather directly offers it to these sects.

’’Xue family is also migrating to King city now! Because of Xue Xianxian sake, Xue family has climbed up due to relations with one strong martial arts sect! But if we want to strive and open the road, we can only rely on you and your granduncle.’’ Chen Tianhu's hands pressing Chen Xiang's shoulder sincerely said.

Chen Xiang while frowning asks: ’’What do I need to do? Join one martial arts sect?’’

Chen Tianhu shakes his head and said: ’’No, even in this way, we Chen family still cannot get the shelter of those big sects. Now the only way is to get our Chen family fancied by those big sects, and then looks for us on their own initiative! The means to do this is to show your alchemic potential.’’

Chen Xiang gaze as fire, bright aura flashing in his eyes, he is grinning with a smile and said: ’’I know what to do. I will pick some things up and go to King city and meet up with granduncle.’’

Chen Tianhu pats Chen Xiang's shoulder, with a smile said: ’’Xiang Er, your stage is not in this mortal world, but with those martial arts sects' strong practitioners, which is the undoubtedly martial forest world!’’


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