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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 22


Chen Xiang took out his thousand year old Blood spirit grass and said: ’’This is a thousand year old Blood spirit grass!’’

Everyone had long heard that Chen Xiang acquired the thousand year old Blood spirit grass, but now it was presented in front of them and they were inevitably surprised, after all this is one rare world famous herb.

’’Of course, if I only use this for the bet then maybe the Yao family will look down on me. So I will also add one half of Hell spirit grass!’’ In Chen Xiang's hand appeared a half black spirit grass.

Although one half had been eaten by Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, the remaining half was still very precious.

This time several old men desperately jumped on the stage, while Chen Tianhu and several Chen family elders also went on the stage, after all the Hell spirit grass is a legendary spirit herb.

Suddenly the whole field was deadly silent, everyone could see the black Hell spirit grass, but they simply did not believe that every one of those old men who jumped up to verify knows about Hell spirit grass, even the Yao family elder came to see the Hell spirit grass.

’’Yes, this is a Hell spirit grass!’’ Spirit Dan's hall lord exclaimed loudly, his voice containing indescribable jealousy and envy, those pair of old eyes frantically looking at the half black spirit grass in the hands of Chen Xiang.

Authenticated, the field suddenly burst of cries, everyone was talking about Chen Xiang taking out half of a Hell spirit grass and a thousand year old Blood spirit grass as betting stakes, this bet is very large, any ordinary family simply could not afford.

’’What are you going to bet?’’

Chen Xiang looked at Yao Tianhua and the Elder.

Yao Tianhua and the Elders complexion was not looking good, anyone who is proficient in alchemy will know that the Hell spirit grass is a profound-grade spirit herb, spirit-grade spirit herbs are already very rare and profound-grade even more so, so they know its value.

’’Thousand year beast dan, Thousand vein fruit! What do you think?’’ Elder said.

Thousand year beast dan, only after the death of a wild beast with a lifespan more than a thousand year will leave a pill congealed out from its Yuan essence, this beast if used in refining pills provides a big help and the Thousand vein fruit is a profound-grade spirit herb, reportedly the fruit grows only once in one thousand year, moreover there are thousand veins present on it, it is a main ingredient in refining a Building foundation dan.

Yao family's stakes was equally astounding, which surprised everyone, whoever wins will absolutely reap big profits!

’’Good, agreed!’’ Chen Xiang said.

’’Then in regards with the rules, mainly in an alchemy competition whoever has the fastest speed in refining the best pill will win, pill quality can be judged by everybody present.’’ Yao family elder said.

Chen Xiang did not have any opinions, Chen Tianhu patted his shoulders to show his encouragement. Chen Xiang and Yao Tianhu took out their respective alchemic furnace and let some elders examine in order to avoid cheating.

After the examination, they all left the high stage and announced for the competition to start.

Chen Xiang quickly took out the herbs and placed them inside the alchemic furnace, Yao Tianhua is not able to clearly see what herbs Chen Tianhu placed and in his heart he is somewhat unhappy because he does not know what pill Chen Xiang is refining.

Yao Tianhua is confident about his win, because he is a Yao family member and can acquire high-grade material. In his opinion, creating a pill of the same level, absolutely no one can refine better pills than him.

Looking at the glittering golden light from the alchemic furnace of Yao Tianhua, Chen Xiang heart burst with jealousy. His poor alchemic furnace is much inferior and many people when they looked at Chen Xiang's alchemic furnace already considered him to lose.

’’Wanting to do alchemy with that furnace is simply too much of a joke! It is even inferior when compared with the tripod furnace used for cooking soup in our family.’’ One teenager said while laughing, others also burst into laughter after it.

Only some people with some alchemical knowledge know that alchemy cannot be determined by alchemic furnace but the person doing the alchemy. If it is an alchemy grandmaster even without the furnace they can successfully refine pills.

Chen Xiang, while refining a Baptizing marrow dan observes Yao Tianhua as he places the spirit herbs in the furnace. By just observing the herbs he determined Yao Tianhua is refining a mortal level low-grade pill called 'Spirit Yuan dan', which provides boost during cultivation. It can be said it is the most expensive mortal level low-grade pill and refining it is also very difficult. In many alchemy competitions many people refine this pill, it is also a test for alchemists in determining how much they grasp about pills.

This pill Chen Xiang had already long before practised refining, but the cost for refining it is relatively high and was only slightly cheaper than the Baptizing marrow dan, therefore it did not mean anything for Chen Xiang to refine that pill.

Waiting for the outcome was very tedious, everyone was either eating, drinking or chatting while watching the two young alchemists on-stage.

Chen Xiang in order to successfully refine a Baptizing marrow dan, did not casually pursue speed, but was cautiously refining as he went.

It took almost half an hour for Chen Xiang to fully bake all of the spirit herbs into herbal powder and to fill the whole alchemic furnace with colourful herbal spirit Qi. Now he only has to fuse together various herbal spirit Qi, then again fuse together herbal spirit Qi and herbal powder, which was very crucial and the most nerve-racking process, if not controlled properly it will lead to the furnace exploding.

Two hour passed in a blink, currently Chen Xiang's face looked very serious and was sweating profusely, while Yao Tianhua was much more relaxed and idle. He occasionally took a glance at Chen Xiang, seeing Chen Xiang appearing this way satisfied his heart, he could easily guess that Chen Xiang is at the most crucial step, moreover he might easily make a mistake.

’’Done! Five Spirit Yuan dan!’’ Yao Yianhua suddenly shouted, this put everyone in a state of confusion and Chen Xiang had yet to finish. Everyone observed Chen Xiang looking serious, apparently he had encountered some problems.

’’The Yao family genius really deserves his reputation, not only did he refine five Spirit Yuan dan in two hours, but this is also the best mortal level low-grade pill! It seems that Chen family brat is going to lose.’’ One person said.

’’I heard that refining a Spirit Yuan dan is not easy, is that Chen family brat also refining the same pill? If so, it seems he already lost and he is behind in time by a great margin.’’ Another person said.

Everyone started discussing about Chen Xiang's loss, after all Chen Xiang had placed a huge betting stakes.

Yao Tianhua was also waiting for Chen Xiang, he could barely disguise his pleasure as he believes Chen Xiang will lose and that he will soon be able to win that thousand year old Blood spirit grass and Hell spirit grass. With these items, he will certainly be famous in the whole Southern martial empire.

Chen Xiang did not let them wait for long, he took a long and deep breath and said: ’’Well, finally done!’’

Seeing Chen Xiang speak, everyone quieted down, but only to hear Yao Tianhua ridicule: ’’So what? You still lost!’’

Chen Xiang faintly smiled, while wiping sweat on his forehead said: ’’Refined three Baptizing marrow dan, please check!’’

Three Baptizing marrow dan! This made everyone transfixed like a wooden chicken, unbelievable, they suspect they had heard wrong. Chen Xiang actually refined a mortal level middle-grade Baptizing marrow dan, which is a lot more expensive than Spirit Yuan dan!

’’Not possible, he is only sixteen year old, it is impossible for him to refine Baptizing marrow dan!’’ Spirit dan hall's lord while strangely crying rushed to the high-stage, some elders also flew on the stage, Chen Tianhu arrived at Chen Xiang side.

’’Chen Xiang, now is not the time to joke.’’ Yao Tianhua cannot believe that Chen Xiang actually congealed out a Baptizing marrow dan, the majority of everyone present also could not believe it.

Chen Xiang smiled and indifferently said: ’’Please check it!’’


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