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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 21


The middle-aged woman came forward slowly. With her every step, a rising pressure descended upon Chen Xiang. Though he had somewhat been bewildered by her beauty, that bewilderment was now swept away. A cold sweat beaded on his skin. His limbs felt weak. His body felt stiff. It was if he lost all his strength. He could not move. And as the woman's phoenix like eyes landed on him, Chen Xiang felt stripped and bare in front of her. He felt as if she could see right through him;his heart, his desires... his capability (body structure).

Quickly, it dawned on Chen Xiang that the woman was highly formidable and capable. He needed to act fast. He calmed his mind and operated the Tai Chi divine exercise while covering his aura, concealing it within Yin and Yang divine vein. He wanted to follow what Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said and make sure that no one found out about what he had and could do. This had all been done in mere moments.

As the two finally entered the room Chen Xiang was in, the phoenix-eyed woman's eyebrows furrowed and a trace of surprise flashed through her eyes. As she entered, Chen Xiang's countenance was one of calm, looking at her like she was some ordinary woman. The phoenix-eyed woman had always been aware of her own beauty and grace. She knew the power she exuded and how that power accentuated her beauty and her beauty accentuated her power. She was even confidant and prideful about it. Any vigorous and healthy teenager would have easily been ensnared and enamoured within her charm, her allure, or at least been affected by her presence. But after seeing Chen Xiang, a bud of uncertainty of that beauty rooted deep within her heart.

’’Xianxian. Your fiancé, here, is really capable. Much better than that sh**head genius from Yao family!’’ Middle-aged woman's voice was soft. It had a majestic, but commanding tone to it. It could be seen that the woman was accustomed to giving out orders, and expecting those orders to be followed.

Chen Xiang did not waste any time. He cupped his hands in salute and said, ’’Junior Chen Xiang meets Senior... Could it be that this senior is Xue Xianxian's teacher?’’

The woman smiled. Unable to say a word due that charming smile- a smile that could seize the soul, Chen Xiang realized he had become flustered. But after seeing and meeting so many different kinds of people, he was able to keep his mind calm. Chen Xiang was startled at his form of self-control.

’’Yes, you can rest assured and leave your little wife to me!’’ The middle-aged woman's voice was gentle. Unlike before with that commanding tone;it was now filled with tenderness.

Xue Xianxian sighed with relief. She had been worried about how her master and her fiancéwould feel about each other. But still knowing that she and Chen Xiang were to part, an overwhelming and powerful sadness pervaded he heart. Nibbling her lips in distraught, Xue Xianxian took out some herbs wrapped in paper and handed them over.

’’I must go with the teacher, but you must quickly come and look for me!’’ Xue Xianxian mumbled;her head bowed.

Chen Xiang had not expected that their time together would have been so fleeting. So quick! His heart, too, was filled with dismay. He cupped his future wife's face and said, ’’Be happy. We will definitely be together. I will find you again.’’

Xue Xianxian's master harrumphed. ’’Brat! You better have strength above the 9th level of mortal martial realm before you go off and look for those martial arts sects. You say you want to look for Xianxian, then you can first start to look into me. Obtaining much about me should not be difficult. Once that's done and you can find me, and then you will be able see her again.’’

Afterwards, the woman turned to Xue Xianxian. ’’Little girl, let's go. This brat is more formidable than you can imagine. Don't worry about him. It's a waste of thought.

Before the women departed, Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian embraced each other. The phoenix-eyed woman then took Xue Xiaxian away, and Chen Xiang watched them soar through the sky, flying toward the horizon only to disappear in an instant.

When Chen Xiang was sure the middle-aged woman was gone, he said with a low 'humph', ’’Pretending to be profound. Not telling me anything, a nd then having the gall to tell me to go look into her?! Damn it. At least tell me your name!

’’This woman is very strong. She's the Empress of the Heavenly Empire of divine Weapon, and it is known that the divine weapon ofZhu Que, just one of four divine weapons in existence is in in her hands. She receiving your little wife as an apprentice is a good thing.’’ Su Meiyao said suddenly.

Heavenly Empire of divine Weapons? Chen Xiang had never heard of it. Just when he was about to ask more about this, Bai Youyou interrupted the thought. ’’This woman is very formidable, and has a power similar to ours. She is, after, all one of the deans from the eight major right way sects in the Chenwu mainland. It's to be expected. I did not, however, expect that she would actually come here to receive apprentice.’’

Chen Xiang recalled Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had mentioned Chenwu mainland. It was of the many large land masses of the mortal martial world. Inside the Chenwu mainland, there were eight right way martial arts sects, each with its own dean as rulers of the region they occupied. Those sects were at the forefront in strength and were pillars in the mortal martial arts realm.

’’The Heavenly Empire of divine Weapons was originally just a sect but later developed into an empire by only relying upon the refinement formidable weapons! And that woman is their empress.’’ Su Meiyao said.

Knowing Xue Xianxian's teacher was such a formidable figure, Chen Xiang was happy. He felt more at ease. Though with Xue Xianxian gone, Chen Xiang felt somewhat lost, he had told himself that this was good for her. Taking the six sets of herbs that Xue Xianxian had given him, Chen Xiang continued to refine more Baptizing marrow dan.

Three days passed. At this time Chen Xiang had successfully refined the Baptizing marrow dan four times and failed only once. He was satisfied with the result, but today was the day for the banquet of the Chen family patriarch to start. Many families were invited and had someone sent to represent them. Everyone was looking forward to a competition between Chen Xiang and Yao Tianhua.

[TLN: From now on I will using patriarch instead of family elder.]

The Chen family banquet brought together many family members. These people did not come just for the food, but for the competition! The competitive air amongst the junior generation brought them excitement.

The banquet was held in a wide field at night. Several invitees were bustling about. Some sipped wine, others ordered off of the menu. The entire dining experience was rich and vibrant.

Some patriarchs of the various families also came, but many others hadn't as relations between them and the Chen family were poor;terribly so. Instead, they had their representatives come. Only the patriarchs who were still in good standing with the Chen family attended.

Inside the wide field of Chen family villa, numerous members of the junior generation from various martial arts families of the Southern Martial Empire were gathered. Although these fights were going to be grand and intense, most of the attention was gathered on just two;Chen Xiang and Yao Tianhua.

The fact that Chen Xiang could refine the Quenching body dan had spread out. Moreover, tonight was to be a competition in alchemy with Yao Tianhua. Knowing the skills of the two, there was a huge betting pool which caused the attention on this competition to soar even higher.

When the banquet was held for about half of the night, one of the invitees could not sit still and shouted: ’’Patriarch Chen, at what time will the alchemy competition between your son and Yao family start? We have all been waiting for long time. In the end, the competition is much more interesting than anything else.’’

’’Originally I planned to first start with martial arts contest to add some fun and hype up the mood of everyone, but since everybody has waited for so long, let's start now! Let the two young men have a contest!’’ Chen Tianhu voice boomed over the entire field. Suddenly, it became quiet.

In the middle of the wide field, a square high stage was arranged by few old men. As the stage was nearing its completion, Chen Xiang walked in.

He wore black tights, a simple garb for versatile movement. Compared to Chen Xiang, though, Yao Tianhua was eye-catching. His luxurious gown shone with a golden aura. His sword was sheathed at his waist, the hilt gleaming with studded gems. Yao Tianhua was like the son of the heavens. His posture, his dress, his demeanour was of arrogance. Even the expression he wore was overbearing. It made many uncomfortable and even unhappy.

’’Yao Tianhua, do you like these stakes? For such a grand competition, why don't we raise them,’’ Chen Xiang said coolly.

’’No matter what you bet, my Yao family can afford.’’ Yao Tianhua said, his voice flat and cold.

’’Ha-ha-ha, I am just betting on my own behalf, not on behalf of whole Chen family! I had not expected that you, as one young and dignified alchemist, to need to rely on his entire family just to match my bet,’’ Chen Xiang said with a smile.

Yao Tianhua's complexion changed. He knew that without his Yao family's support, he could not match the bet involving a thousand year old Blood spirit grass.

’’Chen family young master, don't speak such nonsense. Tianhua is the representative of the whole Yao family in this competition, so it's no big deal in getting the Yao family's support. You are you, and he is he.’’ Immediately one old man with impatient tone said, he is Yao family elder who came with Yao Tianhua.


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