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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 17


Chen Xiang quickly took a few steps, his hand similar to a dragon claw. It stretched out like lightning, firmly grasping the flying long sword, while a powerful Qi suddenly exploded. Only Chen Xiang's arm shook, blocking the True Qi from the sword. He stood firmly and steadily like as if a mountain was placed there.

Chen Xiang coldly said: ’’I am Chen Xiang, a Chen family member! Who are you? Quickly report your name, otherwise I will deal with you as killers!’’

This made Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang's hearts tremble. Chen Xiang is clearly being provocative towards the Yao family carriage team. It should be known that the Yao family sent many experts to protect the Yao family genius. Just that flying sword was enough to make Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang's gut tremble. If it were them standing in place of Chen Xiang, they certainly would not be able to block the sword.

’’Xiao Xiang brother!’’ During the silence between both sides, a sweet and gentle shout came from the carriage team inside. Suddenly a slender silhouette came flying out with staggering speed. Without good eyesight, one simply would not be able to catch​ the persons' appearance.

But Chen Xiang could see clearly that it was Xue Xianxian. Her ​Qing Gong​ has reached a high degree of proficiency. Even Chen Xiang could not help but gape with surprise. [TLN: Qing gong Chinese martial technique for dodging and movement]

Xue Xianxian was only skimming the ground. In one breath after treading another hundred feet, she arrived in front of Chen Xiang and others, softly laughing and said: ’’Little seven, little eight, you are also here!’’

Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang both snorted, and Xue Ming said: ’’Little girl, you should not call us like that in front of outsiders. How will we be able to show our faces in public?’’

Xue Xianxian​ stuck​ her tongue out then laughed tenderly, revealing two little dimples on her sweet tender cheeks. It was abeautiful and heartrending expression.

Chen Xiang squeezed Xue Xianxian's beautiful face with a laugh and said: ’’How can you be together with your husband's enemies? Just now I was almost killed by that group of fellows.’’

Xue Xianxian furrowed her nose, laughing softly and said: ’’I know Little Xiang brother is very formidable, but that sword was thrown by a Yao family elder.’’

Chen Xiang recalled that the previous True Qi was indeed very frightening, it was at least the 7th level of the mortal martial realm. However, he practiced the five‐element True Qi, so he could easily contest it.

The Yao family's carriage stopped, and several people stepped down from the horse carriage. It seemed like they are waiting for Chen Xiang to step aside.

’’Little brother Xiang, let us go!’’ Xue Xianxian softly said.

’’No! It's not necessary.’’ Chen Xiang looked coldly at that carriage team while remembering the sword that was ruthlessly thrown a moment ago. In his heart, he was angry because if it was an ordinary person they would have died unjustly.

’’Chen family junior, Come salute the Yao family elder!’’ A person waiting near the carriage shouted.

’’I'm not going to salute someone who just tried to kill me, and there is no rule in my Chen family which directs me to salute to a Yao family elder!’’ Chen Xiang replies coldly.

Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang suddenly admired Chen Xiang. He not only dared to contradict the Yao family member, but also does so in the presence of a Yao family elder.

’’Humph, a good for nothing showing his arrogance. We will continue on our way.’’ A voice full of arrogance was heard. It sounded weak, but it spread to Chen Xiang's ear, which showed that this man's strength was good. After all, they are separated by one hundred feet.

Xue Xianxian's eyebrows wrinkled, while softly snorting she held onto Chen Xaing's arm and whispered: ’’Do not mind him!’’

Chen Xiang sneered. He gripped the sword thrown a moment ago tightly, while pouring his True Qi into it he threw the sword toward that distant carriage team. Azure True Qi enveloped the sword. Similar to discharging an azure light, it flew and pierced the middle carriage wheel followed by an explosion, shattering the whole wheel. But since the luxurious carriage has four wheels it remained stable.

[TLN: hahaha, now it's not carriage team, it should be tricycle team :P] pf: i hope this guy does not become a lin feng, he starting to show that arrogance a little.

Xue Ming, Xue Zhilang and Xue Xianxian were dumbfounded! They did not expect Chen Xiang to repeatedly provoke the Yao family members! They felt very shocked regarding the sword thrown by Chen Xiang. That formidable strength was actually comparable with the sword that was formerly thrown by the Yao family elder.

’’Sorry, I returned the sword but nobody received it.’’ Chen Xiang faintly said. His voice transmitted in all four direction was filled with provocation.

’’You're courting death!’’ Yao Tainhua angrily shouted, but did not follow suit. He was apparently being blocked.

The carriage team continued driving as if nothing happened.

’’My father is still inside the carriage! I have to accompany him. I probably will not have opportunity to stay beside him in the future.’’ Xue Xianxian said with some distressed tone. Her beautiful face revealing a somewhat anxious look.

Chen Xiang caressed her hair while softly speaking: ’’Go!’’

Xue Xianxian dashed away. Chen Xiang thoughtfully looked at her departing back, and said: ’’Why would she not have the opportunity to accompany her father in the future?’’

Xue Ming spoke with a furrowed brow: ’’ big brother Chen, have you heard about those martial arts sects inside those immortal mountains? This little girl will probably be fancied by those martial arts sects inside Immortal Mountain, She will perhaps enroll in one of those sect.’’ pf: no waifu dont go, we haven't even seen you bathe.

The number of powerful martial experts in the martial arts sects are as plentiful as the clouds. Many martial artists aspire to go there, but it would be best to go during childhood.

’’If you want to enter those sects, it is best to enter after advancing to 9th level of mortal martial realm, otherwise you would not be able to properly accompany her.’’ Su Meiyao suddenly said.

Chen Xiang really wanted to enter those sects. After all, once there he can experience the strength of much more formidable martial artists. The spirit Qi is also rich there, which can allow him to display the full potential of his Yin and Yang divine vein.

Chen Xiang, with Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang, entered into ​Wohu city​. The Xue family had some shops inside ​Wohu city​, therefore they turned down Chen Xiang's invitation to accompany him to the Chen family villa.

Chen family villa was very lively inside. There are three days till the banquet, Chen Xiang quickly greets his father and returns to his own residence.

’’My current power is at mortal martial realm level‐6. Now I can start to refine mortal level middle‐grade pill!’’ Chen Xiang looked at the two beautiful girls drinking fragrant tea.

Bai Youyou said: ’’Although I am not an alchemist, I know that the material required to refine mortal level grade two ​dan​ is very expensive. If you want to refine it, you also need to spend a large amount of spirit coins.’’

Su Meiyao lightly sips the tea with a smile and said: ’’This is not a problem. Don't you actually have the ​Hell spirit grass​ and thousand year ​Blood spirit grass​? These two spirit herbs, if sold, would be enough for you.’’

Chen Xiang certainly has not forgotten that he had these two precious spirit herbs, He smiled and said: ’’Two sisters, don't you have any treasure with you? Currently I do not have any suitable weapon with me.’’

Su Meiyao sighed and said: ’’My magic storage weapon was taken by the enemy, but fortunately I was able to conceal one storage ring, but it only has some clothes inside, nothing else.’’

Speaking of this matter, Bai Youyou's elegant beautiful face was full of anger, and she crushed the teacup. Chen Xiang could tell that there were lot of good things inside the magical storage weapon.

’’You practice ​divine exercise of four symbols.​ The most suitable weapons for you are the four beast's divine weapons, but these four beast's divine weapons are not so easy to find, because each one is a divine weapon!’’ Su Meiyao words let Chen Xiang feel slightly excited.


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