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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 14


Inside the field, Chen Tianhu arrived at the side of injured Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan, facing them he said: ’’You and me competing for patriarch's position, I did not hope to end it this way! I am a Chen family member, we should unite, if you refuse to accept me as patriarch, you can leave the Chen family with your followers.’’

Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan after both took a glance at each other, looking towards Chen Xiang, they both heaved a heavy sigh.

Chen Haohai firmly held onto Chen Tianhu's arm, with a heavy tone he spoke: ’’I hope you can lead Chen family, I, Chen Haohai, lived as a Chen Family member, and even after death I will be a Chen family ghost! I ,Chen Haohai, am sincerely convinced by the new patriarch!’’

Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan are not fools, they now have insight about how frightening Chen Xiang's potential is, if he has good cultivation, soon he will have very good chances to become a fierce alchemist, if you have good relation now, you can reap benefits later. It is not wise to offend a top-level alchemist, and now Chen Tianhu can let go of all the past enmity, which is good thing for them.

’’Two seniors, for the previous offences please forgive me, for our Chen family to survive in this land for many years, we must not have internal strife.’’ Chen Xiang gave apologies after arriving in front of Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan.

Chen Xiang's statements and actions caused many Chen family children and elders to secretly nod, although at this young age he already defeated formidable elder, he is not proud, but actually is very modest, this kind of subtlety is quite rare among many of the Chen family juniors.

The Chen brothers are also somewhat ashamed.

’’My dear nephew, first go and recuperate! Dragging the injuries for a long time can be bad for future cultivation.’’ Chen Yihan said, while giving some of his healing pills.

For the the elder competition to have such a conclusion, made the elders quite satisfied.

An elder with a clear and resonant voice said: ’’Ladies and Gentlemen, the banquet will take place after ten days, but I also request for everyone to stay more than ten days, by the time many other families will send someone to participate, at that time it will be a good opportunity for you to make friends with other families.’’



Chen Xian returned to his room. While watching his scarred body he could not help but let loose a deep breath, just before fighting with Chen Yihan was very dangerous, this time his mind is also excited, because at the 5th level mortal martial realm he has the strength to defeat 7th level of the mortal martial realm!

After giving his all in the previous fight, he also felt his power level is somewhat increased, he also got a lot of experience in utilising True Qi, no wonder he heard that in order to become a powerful martial artist, you have to go through numerous battles.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to take healing pills, two auras reflected onto his eyes, only to see Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao with a straight face are standing in front of him.

’’You brat, a moment ago you were too rash, what would we do if you died? We have poured lot of efforts into your body!’’ Bai Youyou shouted with a cold expression. Chen Xiang felt a cold chill float down his spine from the scolding.

Su Meiyao after sticking her tongue out, said: ’’After considering, devilish brat you were somewhat courageous, this time we will let you off the hook! Next time you must be cautious! Take off your clothes I will help you apply ointments.’’

During Chen Xiang and Chen Yihan battle, his body was lacerated with many cuts due to icy True Aura, his body is covered with many bloodstains, if not specially treated, it will be harder to heal.

Thus, Chen Xiang is now lying on his bed, enjoying the soft and tender hands of Su Meiyao while she is applying some ointments, which made him feel very comfortable.........

In accordance with the custom, other families are invited to celebrate for the newly elected Chen family patriarch, but it takes some time for other family to arrive, so the celebration is held sometime later.

But at this banquet, everyone's attention is on the expected alchemy competition between Chen Xiang and the Yao family genius! Everyone is discussing this alchemy competition, so at this time many are coming to the banquet, many people are coming to look at the Chen family getting embarrassed, Chen family security is very tight, so Chen Xiang's achievements did not spread.

In the morning, a drop of azure essence was spat out by Chen Xiang, this dewdrop is congealed due to him casting 'Dragon saliva exercise', he wants to grasp more alchemy techniques in the upcoming ten days, he is even trying to refine mortal level middle-grade pill.

At his age to congeal mortal level middle-grade 'Quenching body dan' is enough to be compared with legendary genius alchemist, and even transcend them.

’’Want to refine mortal level middle-grade in this short time? It is somewhat difficult, but I Su Meiyao like to do these kind of challenging things.’’ Su Meiyao's gentle voice transmitted through Chen Xiang's mind.

Chen Xiang while laughing said: ’’Sister Meiyao, then quickly teach me!’’

Su Meiyao with a soft smile said: ’’Don't smile that happily! This come with a price, at present you are quite skilled in refining mortal level low-grade pills, and even have experience in refining middle-grade pill, but your spiritual power is not enough! You need to be in the 6th level mortal martial realm, with divine sense you can control fire accurately, and with good control can congeal pills in an instant!’’

Chen Xiang while nodding his head spoke: ’’Well on the side I will accelerate the mortal level middle-grade spirit herb growth, while elevating my power level, I hope to catch up before the day of the alchemy competition!’’

Su Meiyao said: ’’To practice out divine sense, you need a large amount of True Qi and spiritual power to fuse together, to successfully fuse them into divine sense, there is a certain level of difficulty, but you practice Tai Chi divine exercise, it should be a lot faster, but doing it in ten days is still doubtful!’’

Chen Xiang slightly sighed, he has been too impatient, and this is a big taboo!

’’Well........there is still a way to quickly elevate your power.’’ Su Meiyao with a mysterious smile said.

’’What way?’’ Chen Xiang asked quickly.

Suddenly Bai Youyou transmits with her ice cold voice: ’’Immortal and Devil Pool.’’

At this time Chen Xiang remembered that 'Immortal and devil cliff' below there was a strange pool, when he fell down he was able to breathe there, moreover the pool was also shining, but otherwise he did not find anything special about it.

’’That weird pool below the cliff?’’ Chen Xiang asks with uncertainty.

’’Yes, you should know we were also lead by our personal enemy to that pool’’ Su Meiyao words turned Chen Xiang's heart somewhat curious, for these two peerless martial arts girls turned out to be dropped there.

’’In the end, how is that place mystical?’’ The more Chen Xiang thought about it the more suspicious he got. Because that 'Immortal and devil cliff' perennial is filled with death Qi, but still there was no trace of death Qi near that pool.

After Chen Xiang got to know that 'Immortal and devil pool' is out of the ordinary, immediately mixed the 'Dragon saliva' into water, then poured in various spirit herbs and flowers, following after that he greeted his father, and quietly left the Chen family villa and took a trip to Immortal and Devil cliff.

On the way, he listens to Su Meiyao describing things about 'Immortal and devil cliff'.

’’That place is called Immortal and devil cliff, because under that place immortals and devils are buried, and that pool is transformed from pure energy from immortals' and devils' corpses, someone intentionally created that pool, and the death Qi is also caused due to overflow from the immortals and devils corpses.’’ Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang is horrified, immortals and devils are legendary beings, and he really did not expect them to be there! This also makes him excited, if that pool is pure energy, and if he obtains it.............


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